Here you will find our Hand Selected Glass pieces for smoking both Flower & Extracts.  All of these water pipes are Top Quality and will provide an excellent smoking experience, every use!



Horny Demon Spoon

Price: $29.95

Multi-Color Spoon

Price: $29.00

Neon Pink Spoon

Price: $24.00

Burgundy Sherlock

Price: $29.95

Wave Dragon Sherlock

Price: $29.95

Blue Sherlock

Price: $29.95

Spring Pastel Chillum

Price: $19.95

Multi-Colored Steamroller

Price: $29.95

Green Dragon Steamroller

Price: $29.00

All-American Bubbler

Price: $29.95

Bloody Mary Bubbler

Price: $29.95

Green Envy Bubbler

Price: $29.95

Pink and White Bubbler

Price: $29.95

Green Dinosaur Water Pipe

Price: $79.95

Sea Serpent Water Pipe

Price: $89.95

Marley Natural Bubbler

Price: $162.00

Marley Natural Spoon

Price: $68.00

Marley Joint Holder

Price: $30.00


Bongs & Rigs

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Snoop Pounds Rocketship

Price: $199.99

Snoop Pounds Dab Rig

Price: $219.99

Snoop Pounds Battleship

Price: $279.99

Julian Water Pipe

Price: $139.95

Bubbles Water Pipe

Price: $149.95

The Boys Water Pipe

Price: $159.95

Cheech & Chong Bong

Price: $74.90

Kitty Love Water Pipe

Price: $149.95

Snoop Pounds Mothership

Price: $259.99