In this section you will find we only carry the highest quality of both Flower and Concentrate Vaporizers, that are available today!  Some of our popular brands include PAX, Firefly, Dr. Dabber, Volcano and more!



G Pen Elite

Price: $119.99


Price: $199.99

DaVinci IQ

Price: $274.95



Atmos Concentrate Vape

Price: $59.95

G-Pen Wax Vaporizer

Price: $39.95

Cloud Pen 2.0 Vape

Price: $79.99

Dr. Dabber Aurora

Price: $99.95

Puffco+ Vaporizer

Price: $99.99

KandyPens Wax Vape

Price: $129.95


Portable Vaporizers

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Magic Flight Launch Box

Price: $119.95

Dr. Dabber Boost

Price: $149.99


Price: $168.95

The Crafty Vaporizer

Price: $279.00

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Price: $329.99

The Mighty Vaporizer

Price: $348.90


Desktop Vaporizers

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Da Buddha Vaporizer

Price: $189.99

Arizer Extreme Q Vape

Price: $199.00

The Plenty Vaporizer

Price: $249.00

VapirRise 2.0 Vape

Price: $249.99

Silver Surfer Vape

Price: $269.99

Volcano Desktop Vape

Price: $479.00