In this section you will find plenty of useful diagrams outlining how to perform different plant training techniques, as well as images showing symptoms and signs of certain plant issues. Be sure to click the image to enlarge and for more details on what is going on. Enjoy! 

Clear Trichomes

Trichomes look glassy and clear. Early Stage Development.

Milky Trichomes

Trichome Heads are turning milky or cloudy. Getting close to full maturity!

Amber Trichomes

Trichomes are amber, indicating they have reached full maturity.

Male vs Female Plant

Telling Male from Female Cannabis Plants (Click to Enlarge)

Topping Diagram pt.1

Aerial View of Different Tops (Click to Enlarge)

Topping Diagram pt.2

Where to Cut for Topping (Click to Enlarge)

Late Stage Male Plant

Pollen Sacs develop at nodes instead of Pistils.

Young Female Growth

Notice Pistils forming from nodes instead of Pollen Sacs.

Mature Female Growth

Growth from nodes has developed into new, young tops.

Under Watered Plant

Under Watered Cannabis Plant (Click to Enlarge)

Heavily Under watered Plant

Leaves are Droopy, Lifeless, and feel like paper.

Cal Mag Deficiency Early Stage

Leaves look Rusty with spots forming.

Cal Mag Deficiency Late Stage

Leaves are yellowing with larger rust spots.

Light Stress Example #1

Tallest leaves slightly yellowed while lower leaves are green.

Light Stress Example #2

Leaf Fingers show stripes of yellow and lime green.

SCROG Net Early Growth

Tops are just starting to grow through the SCROG net.

SCROG Net Late Growth

SCROG Net is full of Vegetative Growth.

SCROG Net ready to Bloom

All tops are at same height for maximum development.

Example of Wind Damage

Damage from too strong of a wind (Click to Enlarge)

Wind Damage Close Up

Wind damage close up (Click to Enlarge)