We recommend using 2 gallon Smart Pots when growing Autoflowers, as they do not grow for a long enough period of time to need a larger container.  The 5 gallon Smart Pots are recommended if you are looking to grow a medium to large sized plant.  When it comes to your growing medium, we recommend a 50/50 mix of coco coir & Fox Farms Ocean Forest.

Ocean Forest 12 Quart


Ocean Forest 1.5 cu. ft.


ROS Soilless Mix 1.5 cu. ft.


2 Gallon Smart Pot

(For Autoflowers)


5 Gallon Smart Pot

(For Regular Sized Plants)


7 Gallon Smart Pot

(For Larger Sized Plants)


2 Gal Smart Pot 5 Pack


5 Gal Smart Pot 5 Pack


7 Gal Smart Pot 5 Pack