Grow Series Intro

(Germination & Seedling Phase)


This Grow Series is sponsored by TNB Naturals and will be featuring their CO2 Canisters. These videos cover a 4 plant OG Kush Grow using the Screen of Green(SCROG) Growing Method.

  • OG Kush Genetics by: Growers Choice Seeds

  • Duration of Grow Series: 8 Week Vegetation Period + 8 Week Flowering Period

  • Supplies used in This Grow:

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Week 1 Vegetation

Week 2 Vegetation

Week 3 Vegetation

Week 4 Vegetation

Week 5 Vegetation

Week 6 Vegetation


Week 7 Vegetation

Week 8 Vegetation


Week 1 Flower

Week 2 Flower

Week 3 Flower

Week 4 Flower

Week 5 Flower

Week 6 Flower


Week 7 Flower

Flushing Phase