Grow Series Intro

(Germination & Seedling Phase)


This is another very exciting Grow Series as it is sponsored by TNB Naturals and will be featuring their CO2 Canisters. In this series I will be growing 4 OG Kush Plants from Growers Choice Seeds, and they will be in my 4X4 grow tent under 2 300w Electric Sky LEDs. I will be utilizing Low Stress Training along with a SCROG Net and will be growing in 5 gallon Air Roots pots with Fox Farm Ocean Forest. I am using the Fox Farm Dirty Dozen for nutrients and am adding a bottle of Grape Sweet and Cal Mag to the lineup, both by Botanicare. As mentioned, I will be utilizing 2 of the TNB Natural CO2 Canisters so I am excited to see how affects both Vegetative and Flowering Growth!

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Week 1 Vegetation

Week 2 Vegetation

Week 3 Vegetation

Week 4 Vegetation

Week 5 Vegetation

Week 6 Vegetation


Week 7 Vegetation

Week 8 Vegetation


Week 1 Flower

Week 2 Flower

Week 3 Flower