Grow Series Intro!

This Grow Series has been sponsored by NukeHeads Genetics as they have provided us with seeds from their best strains available! The NukeHeads Team also hooked us up with their Flower Power Nutrient Package so this series will be all about the NukeHeads Lineup. Half of the Plants in this grow series will be run on the Fox Farm Dirty Dozen Nutrient Line so we can compare the results.

  • Grape Ape/Zkittles/Pineapple Chunk Seeds by: NukeHeads Genetics

  • Grow Duration: 7 Weeks of Vegetation & 8 Weeks of Flower

  • Supplies used in Grow:

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Seedling Phase + Intro

Week 1 Vegetation

Week 2 Vegetation

Week 3 of Veg

Week 4 of Veg

Week 5 of Veg

Week 6: Defoliation

Week 7: Last of Veg

Week 1 Flower (Week 8)

Week 2 Flower (WK 9)

Week 3 Flower (WK 10)

Week 4 Flower (WK 11)

Week 5 Flower (WK 12)

Week 6 Flower (WK 13)

Week 7 Flower (Flush)


End of Flush + Harvest

Harvest/Cure + Smoke Review