This section includes everything from weather proof extension cords to Digital Scales.  We also carry a full line of Wifi enabled Tools which allow you to automate and control your Grow Room Wirelessly and from a Remote Location.

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Modular Trellis Net

Price: $5.25

HydroFarm Trellis Net

Price: $8.55

Large HydroFarm Trellis

Price: $12.83

HydroFarm Plant Tie

Price: $2.97

Velcro Plant Ties

Price: $3.29

Garden Soft Tie

Price: $3.62

Natural Bamboo Stakes

Price: $1.93

Green Bamboo Stakes

Price: $2.89

Super Steel Stakes

Price: $14.20


Red Plant Labels (100 Pack)

Price: $2.93

T-Marker Labels

Price: $3.29

Multi-Color Label Pack

Price: $26.60

Mondi Thermo-Hygrometer

Price: $16.93

Temp/Humidity Gauge

Price: $19.12

Digital Hygro-Thermometer

Price: $29.06

Graduated Measuring Cup

Price: $2.14

Sure Shot Measuring Cup

Price: $3.18

RAW Measuring Spoons

Price: $3.82

Standard Spray Bottle

Price: $3.44

360° Spray Bottle

Price: $3.87

HydroFarm Watering Can

Price: $15.92

Digital Pocket Scale

Price: $11.36

Digital Scale w/Tray

Price: $24.22

Lrg Digital Scale w/Tray

Price: $25.49



Grow Tent Automation Kit

Price: $324.88

Basic Grow Camera

Price: $29.99

Advanced Grow Camera


Sale Price: $99.99

Wireless Temp/Humidity Reader

Price: $49.99

Wifi Gateway for Remote Data Access

Price: $99.95

Wifi Light/Fan/Heater Controller

Price: $34.97


Price: $20.00

50 Smell Proof Bags (1oz)

Price: $17.99

50 Smell Proof Bags (1/4oz)

Price: $12.99

Automated Watering System

Price: $95.99

Mylar Reflective Film

Price: $27.95

Adjustable Light Hangers

Price: $5.99

Outlet Splitter

Price: $10.56

Extension Cord 25ft

Price: $11.99

Extension Cord 100ft

Price: $30.12