This Series Covers an Autoflower Grow where Low Stress Training is used to increase yields by at least 4x!!!  Using LST allows the plants to grow several more Tops where main Colas will form.  This grow includes 4 Autoflower Plants in 2 Gallon Smart Pots.  2 of the plants are Tangerine Dream from Growers Choice Seeds, and the other 2 seeds are Blue Amnesia from The Ministry of Cannabis. 

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Part 1: Germination

Part 2: Seedling Stage

Part 3: Final Transplant

Week 1 of LST

Week 2 of LST

Week 3 of LST

Week 4 No More LST

Week 5 Buds Filling Out

Week 6 More Bud Growth

Week 7 Close to Flush

Week 8 Start of Flush

Week 9 Flush Continued

Final Week before Harvest

Harvest & Dry Weight

Smoking Cured Bud