1.  Supplies & Setup 

2.  Selecting Greenhouse Size

3.  Autoflower vs Photoperiod

4.  Greenhouse Air Circulation

5.  How to pH your Water

6.  Over vs Underwatering

7.  Wiring your Greenhouse

8.  Vacation During a Grow

9.  Growing Through Winter

10.  Setup for Indoor Grow

11.  Automated Water System

12.  Staking Cannabis Plants

13.  When to Harvest

13.  Stringing Cannabis Buds

14. How to Calibrate a pH Pen

Under Watered Plant

Under Watered Cannabis Plant (Click to Enlarge)

Example of Wind Damage

Damage from too strong of a wind (Click to Enlarge)

Wind Damage Close Up

Wind damage close up (Click to Enlarge)

*Once you have completed this series, you are ready to begin your grow!  You can now move on to the Starting from Clone or Starting from Seed Grow Series.  Happy Growing!