Cannabis Growing Crash Course

(Everything you need to know before you start to Grow)


All of the videos in this section are geared towards preparing you for your Cannabis Grow!  In the "Intro to Growing" Section, you will learn all the basics and information needed in order to get started.

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A. 7 Tips & Tricks for Newbies

B. CFL vs HPS vs LED

C. Stealth Grow Setup

D. SCROG Nets 101

E. Filtered vs Tap Water

F. Using a Grow Journal

1.  Supplies to Get Started

2.  Autoflower vs Photoperiod

3.  How to pH Water

4.  Proper Air Circulation

5.  Flushing Before Harvest

6.  Over vs Underwatering

7. How to Top & LST

8.  Calibrate your pH Pen

9.  Setting up Your Light Timer

10.  Wiring your Grow Room

11.  Vacation During a Grow

12.  Growing Through Winter

13.  Automated Water System

14.  Staking Large Buds

15.  Support Buds w/String

16.  Grow Room Conditions

17.  Rockwool vs Rapid Rooter

18. Optimize Grow Lights

19.  Protective Grow Glasses

20. Setting up Starter Kit

21. 12 Step Grow Guide

Nutrient Feeding Charts

(Click to Enlarge)



GO Flora Trio

GO Box

Rock Box

Dirty Dozen

Advanced Nutrients Vegetation Schedule

Advanced Nutrients Flower Schedule

Male vs Female Diagram

Telling Male from Female Cannabis Plants (Click to Enlarge)

Topping Diagram pt.1

Aerial View of Different Tops (Click to Enlarge)

Topping Diagram pt.2

Where to Cut for Topping (Click to Enlarge)

Under Watered Plant

Under Watered Cannabis Plant (Click to Enlarge)

Example of Wind Damage

Damage from too strong of a wind (Click to Enlarge)

Wind Damage Close Up

Wind damage close up (Click to Enlarge)

*Once you have completed this series, you are ready to begin your grow!  You can now move on to the Starting from Clone or Starting from Seed Grow Series.  Happy Growing!