Intro to the Indoor Grow Section


On this page you will find all of our different Indoor Grow Videos all focused on Photoperiod Cannabis Plants.  Once you have selected a series to follow, simply click the icon and start with video #1 on the next page!

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In this video series I am growing Gorilla Glue Autoflowers in a hidden Grow Room setup in my Bedroom Closet.  A stealth grow is great for those who want to grow cannabis but have to do so in secret.  You can use any sort of Closet, Cabinet or even an Armoire!


I'm only using Seeds from NukeHeads in this series and am comparing the Fox Farm Dirty Dozen Nutrients to the NukeHeads Flower Power Package!

A Basic Indoor Grow started from Clone with 2 plants including Low Stress Training, all done in our Small Grow Setup.