Here you will be able to find all supplies needed for growing cannabis in Deep Water Culture as well as other hydroponic setups.  This will include your standard Net Pots, Airstones, and clay pebbles.  You will also find our composting and compost tea brewing supplies in this section, including amendments, tea bags, and more!

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Sml Round Air Stone

Price: $1.60

Med Round Air Stone

Price: $2.40

Lrg Round Air Stone

Price: $4.08

Air Stone Disc

Price: $7.13

Air Diffuser Ring 8in

Price: $14.67

Air Diffuser Ring 12in

Price: $19.96

Active Air Pump 1 outlet

Price: $8.53

Eco Plus Air Pump 2 outlet

Price: $11.13

Eco Plus Air Pump 4 outlet

Price: $25.90

Active Aqua 6 outlets

Price: $39.16

Active Aqua 8 outlets

Price: $47.96

Active Aqua 12 outlets

Price: $82.71



Root Spa 5 Gal Setup

Price: $29.91

Waterfarm Lrg Plant Setup

Price: $51.43

Solo Current Culture Setup

Price: $85.46

Root Spa 4 Bucket Setup

Price: $97.23

Root Spa 8 Bucket System

Price: $159.93

SuperPonic 8 Plant System

Price: $224.95


Composting & Compost Tea Supplies

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Mini Composter

Price: $22.95

Tumbler Composter


Price: $79.00

High End Composter



Price: $229.99

Worm Compost Bin (SM)

Price: $68.95

Worm Compost Bin (MED)

Price: $89.95

Worm Compost Bin (LRG)

Price: $109.95

Tank's Green Compost

Price: $7.99

Espoma Organic Compost

Price: $12.55

Wiggle Worm Castings

Price: $13.45

500 Compost Worms

Price: $20.95

1000 Compost Worms

Price: $30.95

2000 Compost Worms


Price: $38.95

WOW Compost Tea Brewer

Price: $66.96

3-Gal Compost Tea Brewer


Price: $69.95

5-Gal Compost Tea Brewer



Price: $115.00

Heavy Harvest Tea Bag

Price: $18.23

Lab Compost Tea Bag (MED)

Price: $24.00

Lab Compost Tea Bag (LRG)

Price: $36.00

Blackstrap Molasses

Price: $11.49

Earth Juice Molasses

Price: $8.49

RAW Cane Molasses

Price: $22.66

Xtreme Gardening Mykos

Price: $15.71

Xtreme Gardening Azos

Price: $16.50

Xtreme Garden Mykos WP

Price: $20.82

Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer

Price: $12.32

Organic Seaweed Fertilizer

Price: $14.44

Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer

Price: $14.87