Here are all the supplies you will need for Harvesting & Curing your Cannabis Buds!  We also offer various products which speed up the harvesting process.

Easy Harvest Kit

Price: $288.94

Titanium Trimmers


Sale Price: $11.85

Trichome Mircroscope


Sale Price: $11.69

Cotton Twine 220ft

Price: $2.46

Boveda Humidipaks

Price: $14.25

Trimming Gloves



Sale Price: $9.01

Bud Bowl Trimmer


Sale Price: $132.09

Bud Hanging Dryer

Price: $23.39

Quart Mason Jars

Price: $22.80

SmartPhone Trichome Scope

Price: $32.99

Drying Tent

Price: $63.99