Here are all the supplies you will need for Harvesting & Curing your Cannabis Buds!  We also offer various products which speed up the harvesting process.

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Titanium Trimmers 3"

Price: $5.71

Fiskar Trimmers

Price: $12.79

Comfort Grip Snips

Price: $18.45

Easy Harvest Kit

Price: $288.94

Trimmer/Scissor Sharpener

Price: $12.04

Scissor Cleaner

Price: $15.33

Basic Trim Bin

Price: $15.12

Trim Bin w/Sifter

Price: $43.61

Advanced Trim Bin w/Sifter

Price: $48.78



Integra Boost 8g 62%

Price: $0.68

Boveda 8g 62%

Price: $1.18

Boveda 67g 62%

Price: $4.15

Boveda Humidipaks

Price: $14.25

Cotton Twine 220ft

Price: $2.46

Twine For Hang Drying


Price: $2.63

Quart Mason Jar

Price: $1.52

Half Gallon Mason Jar

Price: $2.76

True Liberty Chicken Bags

Price: $12.66

Small CVault Container

Price: $18.99

Medium CVault Container



Price: $21.99

Large CVault Container

Price: $24.99

Sml Trim Gloves (100 pack)

Price: $9.99

Md Trim Gloves (100 pack)

Price: $9.99

Lrg Trim Gloves (100 pack)

Price: $9.99



Growers Edge Scope

Price: $14.60

Carson LED Scope

Price: $14.72

Grow Crew Video Scope

Price: $97.21

Wifi Enabled Scope

Price: $45.98

Computer Enabled Scope

Price: $21.99

Pen Style Scope

Price: $39.99

SpinPro Bowl Trimmer

Price: $167.03

Clear Top Bowl Trimmer

Price: $285.70

TrimPro Unplugged

Price: $495.00



Hydrofarm Dry Rack

Price: $16.88

Med Hang Drying Rack

Price: $25.72

Lrg Hang Drying Rack

Price: $39.29

Secret Jardin Dry Room

Price: $61.62

Mammoth Dark Dryer

Price: $102.96

Mammoth Dry Tent

Price: $308.85

SmartPhone Trichome Scope

Price: $32.99

Drying Tent

Price: $63.99