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This series covers all of the supplies you need and basics you want to know before you start growing cannabis at home. 


How to start your Cannabis Grow from any type of Clone.

How to start your Cannabis Grow from Autoflower, Feminized and Regular Seeds.


This series is perfect for the beginner grower and anyone looking to easily grow a couple indoor plants to perfection.


If you want to harvest tons of cannabis per plant, photoperiods are the way to go!  They take longer to finish, but produce tons of potent cannabis.

If you are looking for a quick harvest, Autoflowers are perfect for you!  Autos are harvested after just 9-10 weeks of growing, and produce extremely high quality buds.

Begin this series once your plants are ready for harvest.

Visit this section whenever you have any issues with your plants.


Learn how to make various Cannabis Extracts like Rosin, Dry Sift and More!

Hear the stories of those who Grow for Medicinal Purposes!


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