Grow Tent Automation Package

This Grow Tent Automation Package is ideal for a grower who wants the ability to leave their grow for several days at a time.

 With this setup, you can monitor & control temperature, humidity, airflow, lights and you can even watch the plants through the Wifi Enabled Camera.  

All of these tools are compatible and useable from your Smartphone or device.  This kit is also great for keeping an eye on your plants while at work or out of the house!



*Seeds or Clones Not Included (Must be purchased separately).

*Control Your Grow Tent while Away*

Ideal Grow Tent:
Works with all Starter Kits & Grow Tents.

                                  Price: $324.88

Uses: Monitor your plants while at work with the Wifi Enabled Camera & completely control your entire grow tent right from your Smartphone!

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Package includes all of the following:

  • SensorPush Bluetooth Enabled Humidity/Temperature Reader x1
  • SensorPush Wifi Enabling Router x1 
  • Amcrest Wifi Enabled Grow Room Camera x1
  • Automated Watering System for up to 10 plants x1
  • Belkin Wemo Wifi Enabled Power Switches x3
  • Hydrofarm 5 Gallon Bucket for Water Reservoir x1