Our selection of standalone Greenhouses & Grow Tents come in various sizes and levels of quality.  The small Greenhouses and Grow Tents offer enough space for 2 regular plants or 4 auto flower plants.  The medium sized grow spaces offer plenty of space for 4 regular plants or 6 auto flower plants.  We also offer large sized grow spaces which feature enough room for 8 regular plants and 12 auto flowers.

24X24 Mini Indoor Tent


Sale Price: $55.60

30X18 Mini Indoor Tent


Sale Price: $49.99

 4ft Tall Mini Indoor Tent

Price: $48.99

Small iPower Indoor Tent


Sale Price: $63.99

Medium iPower Indoor Tent

Price: $71.11

Large iPower Indoor Tent


Sale Price: $156.99

Small Vivosun Indoor Tent


Sale Price: $104.99

Med Vivosun Indoor Tent

Price: $146.95

Large Vivosun Indoor Tent

Price: $215.95

Small Apollo Indoor Tent

Price: $106.78

Medium Apollo Indoor Tent

Price: $141.99

Large Apollo Indoor Tent

Price: $195.03

GrowRoom Liner 10X10FT

Price: $13.59

GrowRoom Liner 10X25FT

Price: $19.99

GrowRoom Liner 10X100FT

Price: $75.11

Short Mini GreenHouse


Sale Price: $26.58

Mini GreenHouse

Price: $24.69

Quality Mini GreenHouse


Sale Price: $35.99

Small Walk-In Greenhouse


Sale Price: $55.00

Med Walk-In Greenhouse


Sale Price: $44.99

Large Walk-In Greenhouse

Price: $99.99

Small Shelterlogic Tent

Price: $140.99

Medium Shelterlogic Tent

Price: $504.67

Large Shelterlogic Tent

Price: $865.08

Small Hardshell GreenHouse


Medium Hardshell GreenHouse


Large Hardshell Greenhouse