We recommend at least 600 watts of lighting for every 2 Cannabis Plants when Grown Indoors, and at least 300 watts of lighting for every 2 plants when grown outdoors in a GreenHouse.  The more Wattage you provide per plant, the higher your per plant yields!  Timers for your lights are always a great option, as they sometimes have to be on until the early hours of the morning.

Small 12w Seedling Light


Sale Price: $12.77

Medium 24w Seedling Light


Sale Price: $19.97

Large 45w Seedling Light

Price: $29.99

520w Dimmable COB

Price: $199.99

525w Dimmable COB

Price: $249.99

850w Dimmable COB

Price: $379.99

900w Dimmable COB

Price: $369.99

1280w Dimmable COB

Price: $539.99

1660w Dimmable COB

Price: $659.99

MarsHydro 300W LED

Price: $69.99

MarsHydro 600W LED

Price: $139.98

MarsHydro 1600w LED

Price: $680.99

480w Mars Reflector

Price: $182.99

720w Mars Reflector

Price: $284.99

960w Mars Reflector

Price: $336.99

MarsHydro Mars II 700w LED

Price: $259.99

MarsHydro Mars II 900w LED

Price: $321.99

MarsHydro Mars II 1200W LED

Price: $372.59

Viparspectra 450W LED

Price: $139.00

Viparspectra 900W LED

Price: $299.00

Viparspectra 1200W LED

Price: $399.00

Viparspectra Dimmable 450w

Price: $189.00

Viparspectra Dimmable 700w

Price: $329.00

Viparspectra Dimmable 1200w

Price: $499.00

600w Platinum LED


Sale Price: $659.00

900w Platinum LED

Price: $949.00

1200w Platinum LED


Sale Price: $1,517.58

Kind LED 450w


Sale Price: $563.13

Kind LED 750w


Sale Price: 799.34

Kind LED 1000w


Sale Price: $1,207.21

400W HPS Light Setup


Sale Price: $144.99

600W HPS Light Setup


Sale Price: $174.99

1000W HPS Light Setup


Sale Price: $189.95

Digital Light Timer


Sale Price: $12.99

Wifi Enabled Light Timer


Sale Price: $29.99

Adjustable Light Hangers

Price: $7.99

Dr.Meter PAR Meter


Sale Price: $31.99

EnnoLogic PAR Meter


Sale Price: $48.95

HydroFarm PAR Meter


Sale Price: $123.76

UV400 Grow Shades

Price: $13.99

Cultivator Shades

Price: $13.99

MarsHydro Shades

Price: $19.99

Operator LED Shades

Price: $78.98

Black Dog Grow Shades

Price: $79.00

Coup HPS Plus Shades

Price: $149.00

Bungee Cord Light Hangers


Price: $11.95