We recommend at least 600 watts of lighting for every 2 Adult Cannabis Plants when Grown Indoors, and at least 300 watts of lighting for every 2 plants when grown outdoors in a GreenHouse.  The more Wattage you provide per plant, the higher your per plant yields!  Timers for your lights are always a great option, as they sometimes have to be on until the early hours of the morning.


Seedling Lights



Sun Blaster T5 2ft Strip

Price: $26.39

Sun Blaze 24W T5

Price: $22.74

Large 45w Seedling Light

Price: $29.99

Sun Blaster 3ft T5

Price: $28.15

Sun Blaster 4ft T5

Price: $30.79

Sun Blaster Nano Tech T5

Price: $379.99


LED Grow Lights

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Agro LED 60w Veg Rail

Price: $99.94

Kind LED Veg Light Bars

Price: $116.95

Kind LED Flower Light Bars

Price: $116.95

Sun Blaze T5 LED 24

Price: $144.09

AgroLED Sun 28 T5 LED

Price: $163.57

Kind LED X40 Bar


Price: $169.95

Fluence RAY44 Slim LED

Price: $267.50

Unit Farm UFO 200 LED

Price: $316.99

Lush Lighting Herbal Vador

Price: $374.00


The Green Sunshine Company

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Electric Sky 180w WideBand LED


Sale Price: $420.00

Electric Sky 300w WideBand LED


Sale Price: $695.00

NextLight Mini LED

Price: $535.50

LumiGrow Pro Series

Price: $549.00

Johnson 400w CX LED

Price: $549.00

MarsHydro 300W LED

Price: $69.99

MarsHydro 600W LED

Price: $139.98

MarsHydro 1600w LED

Price: $680.99

300w Spider Farmer Dimmable

Price: $85.99

600w Spider Farmer Dimmable

Price: $178.99

100w CANAGROW Cree Cob LED

Price: $140.00

200w CANAGROW Cree Cob LED

Price: $290.00

400w CANAGROW Cree Cob LED

Price: $565.00

480w Mars Reflector

Price: $182.99

720w Mars Reflector

Price: $284.99

960w Mars Reflector

Price: $336.99

MarsHydro Mars II 700w LED

Price: $259.99

MarsHydro Mars II 900w LED

Price: $321.99

MarsHydro Mars II 1200W LED

Price: $372.59


Price: $70.99


Price: $114.99


Price: $146.99


Price: $259.99


Price: $329.99

Viparspectra 450W LED

Price: $139.00

Viparspectra 900W LED

Price: $299.00

Viparspectra 1200W LED

Price: $399.00

Viparspectra Dimmable 450w

Price: $189.00

Viparspectra Dimmable 700w

Price: $329.00

Viparspectra Dimmable 1200w

Price: $499.00

AgroLED Dio-Watt 720

Price: $637.27

Lush Lighting Vegetator

Price: $650.00

Unit Farm UFO 600

Price: $661.99

600w Platinum LED


Sale Price: $659.00

900w Platinum LED

Price: $949.00

1200w Platinum LED


Sale Price: $1,517.58

Kind LED L450w

Sale Price: $745.00

Kind LED XL750w

Sale Price: $1,245.00

Kind LED 1000w

Sale Price: $1,695.00


400w Wing Package

Sale Price: $169.54

Quantum Digilux 400w

Sale Price: $262.80

Platinum 400w HP Pack

Sale Price: $189.95

Magnetic 600w HPS Package

Price: $148.32

Digital 600w HPS Package

Price: $298.17

Ultimate 600w HPS Package

Price: $524.31

Quantum 1000W HPS

Price: $268.82

Adjust-A-Wing 1000w HPS

Price: $396.08

Ultimate Light 1000W HPS

Price: $577.18


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Titan Controls Dual Timer

Price: $15.82

8 Outlet Timer

Price: $20.60

Fixed Cycle Timer

Price: $59.93

Light Hangers 1/8 inch

Price: $12.79

Light Hangers White

Price: $12.79

Light Hangers 1/4 inch

Price: $14.55

Digital Light Timer


Sale Price: $12.99

Wifi Enabled Light Timer


Sale Price: $29.99

Adjustable Light Hangers

Price: $7.99


Light Meters

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Digital LUX Light Meter

Sale Price: $19.28

Footcandles Light Meter

Price: $37.76

HydroFarm PAR Meter

Sale Price: $148.55



GroVision Pro LED

Price: $16.84


Price: $23.80

Method 7 LED Plus

Price: $78.95

Method 7 Sunlight Shades

Price: $110.00

Method 7 HPS/Sun

Price: $148.99

Method 7 HPS+

Price: $168.95

Bungee Cord Light Hangers


Price: $11.95