Easy Harvest Package

This Easy Harvest Package is great for any grower looking to take the hard work out of harvest their Cannabis Crop!  

Whether you're chopping down pounds of bud or just want a faster method for trimming, this package has you covered!  This kit is also great for increasing the quality of your yields and their potency.

The Bowl Trimmer is very effective for speed trimming the smaller buds & when combined with the drying rack, it produces a nice and evenly dried bud.  

The Trim bin is great for catching your Kief and Sugar Leaves.  It will also separate them for you for easier use!

*Harvest Pounds at a Time with this Kit*

Ideal Use:  This pack is great for larger harvests & is very helpful in speeding up the overall process!  It will also greatly increase the quality of your Cannabis.

Price: $288.94

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Package includes all of the following:

  • 16" iPower Power Bowl Trimmer x1
  • 8 Layer Cannabis Bud Drying Rack x1
  • Harvest More Trim Bin with Kief Catch x1
  • Purple Nitrile Trimming Gloves 100 count x1
  • Fiskar Trimmers x1
  • Wide Mouth Quart Mason Jars 12 count x1
  • MicroBrite Trichome Scope x1
  • Boveda 62% Humidity Packs 8g x20
  • Pack of Razor Blades for Scraping Scissor Hash x1
  • NoPro Cotton Twine for Hanging Buds x1