In these grow videos I will teach you how to properly grow a Mother Plant so it is healthy and primed for taking cuttings from.  I will also show you how the correct way of taking clones from a Mother Plant and how you should handle them afterwards so they grow up to be Big & Strong!

  • Limoncello Haze Seeds by: Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS)

  • Grow Duration: Mother Plant 11 Week/Clones 4 Week Veg Period + 8 Weeks of Flower

  • Supplies Used in Grow:

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Grow Mother Plant Intro

Week 1of Vegetation

Week 2 Start of LST

Week 3 Veg

Week 4 Veg

Week 5 Veg

Cloning Mother Plant

Clones Rooted

Clones to Veg Tent

Week 9 of Veg

Week 10 of Veg

Week 11 (Last of Veg)

Week 1 of Flower

Week 2 of Flower

Week 3 of Flower

Week 4 of Flower

Week 5 of Flower

Week 6 of Flower


Final Flush/Harvest

Cure/Smoke Review