When starting from both clones & seeds, use these supplies to get your plants off to a healthy and strong start!  You can also watch our "Starting from Clone or Seed" video, to get a detailed explanation of how to start your cannabis clones & seeds.

Seed Starting Kit

Price: $68.59

Clone Starting Kit

Price: $89.04

Rockwool Cubes 2"x2"

Price: $11.99

Rapid Rooter Plugs


Sale Price: $14.94

Seedling Light

Price: $29.99

Humidity Dome

Price: $12.95

Seedling Tray


Price: $13.87

Germination Heat Mat


Sale Price: $14.95

Strain Labels

Price: $4.32

Spray Bottle

Price: $9.71

CloneX Rooting Gel


Sale Price: $15.95

Solo Cups

Price: $7.79

Seedling Cells

Price: $6.70