When starting from both clones & seeds, use these supplies to get your plants off to a healthy and strong start!  You can also watch our "Starting from Clone or Seed" video, to get a detailed explanation of how to start your cannabis clones & seeds.



Rapid Rooters 50 Pack

Price: $13.76

Smart Float Plus 55 Pack

Price: $15.08

Root Riot Cubes 50 Pack

Price: $16.77

Grodan Rockwool Cubes

Price: $7.67

Grodan A-Ok Plugs

Price: $12.78

Grodan Stonewool Blocks

Price: $8.85

Coco Seed/Clone Starters

Price: $0.40

EZ Clone Coco Collars

Price: $0.40

Jump Start Pellets

Price: $4.98

Rootech Cloning Gel

Price: $3.49

Clonex Rooting Gel

Price: $5.86

Dyna-Gro Root Gel

Price: $15.33


Humidity Domes & Heat Mats

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Mondi Propagation Tray

Price: $1.49

Super Sprouter Thick Tray

Price: $2.45

Premium Propagation Tray

Price: $3.93

4in Humidity Dome

Price: $4.39

7in Humidity Dome

Price: $6.15

Super Sprouter 7in Dome

Price: $4.89

Plant Shipping Module

Price: $12.92

Mondi Plug Tray Insert

Price: $1.56

Super Sprouter Tray Cell

Price: $1.54

Windowsill Heat Mat

Price: $17.78

Seedling Heat Mat

Price: $19.82

Large Seedling Heat Mat

Price: $41.84


Cloning Supplies

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Grow Crew Cloning Kit

Price: $39.91

Premium Propagation Kit

Price: $59.93

Ultimate Cloning Package

Price: $60.38

Disposable Scalpel

Price: $2.00

Sterile Scalpel 10 Pack

Price: $14.13

35 Hard Cloning Collars

Price: $13.39

OxyClone 20 Site System

Price: $50.15

Turbo Mini Clone System

Price: $125.97

Klone Machine Turbo

Price: $209.67

 Botanicare Power Cloner

Price: $589.67

LED Growth Chamber

Price: $685.67

Pyramid Propagation

Price: $706.60

Seed Starting Kit

Price: $68.59

Clone Starting Kit

Price: $89.04