Whether you're growing in a Greenhouse or an Indoor Tent, you always want to maintain an average temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit with a slight breeze.  Fans and mini heaters are perfect ways to create this atmosphere.  Controlling the odor of your grow is important when it comes to being discreet, which is why we provide various filters and odor neutralizers.

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Ona Pro Spray

Price: $7.60

Ona Block Gel

Price: $8.55

Ona Pro Mist

Price: $10.27

Ona Mist Dispenser

Price: $18.67

Odor Neutralizer Kit

Price: $68.34

Odor Eliminator Kit

Price: $130.64

Black Lightproof Ducting

Price: $12.46

Silver/Silver Ducting

Price: $12.46

Silver/Black Ducting

Price: $16.80

4in Carbon Filter System


Sale Price: $96.61

6in Carbon Filter System

Price: $139.99

8in Carbon Filter System

Price: $120.61

6" Carbon Filter Combo

Price: $126.80

6" Carbon Filter Combo

Price: $167.98

Hyper Fan Carbon Filter

Price: $207.17



Hurricane 6" Clip Fan

Price: $17.08

Active Air 8" Fan

Price: $25.67

Air King Clip Fan

Sale Price: $29.82

Wall Mount Fan

Price: $32.78

Air King Pedestal Fan

Price: $51.23

Active Air Pedestal Fan

Price: $58.43

Small Air Conditioner

Price: $116.35

Med Air Conditioner

Price: $149.00

Large Air Conditioner

Price: $181.48

Small Space Heater

Price: $51.72

Medium Space Heater

Price: $62.64

Large Space Heater

Price: $100.00



ExHale 365 CO2 Bag

Price: $24.62

ExHale CO2 Bag

Price: $24.62

Green Pad CO2 Generator

Price: $25.67

MyCO2 Mushroom Bag

Price: $29.95

Green Pad Large Pad

Price: $29.96

TNB Naturals CO2 Canister

Price: $34.51

Small Humidifier

Price: $19.99

Medium Humidifier

Price: $39.99

Large Humidifier

Price: $59.99

Small Dehumidifier

Price: $35.99

Medium Dehumidifier

Price: $79.99

Large Dehumidifier

Price: $105.99