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How to Fix a Broken Weed Branch!


How to Fix a Broken Weed Branch!

Completely Fix Broken & Torn Weed Branches using only Tape

What’s up cannabis growers, my name is Dylan and welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown! Today is gonna be a quick but very important video as I will be showing you how to easily fix and mend broken cannabis branches. Now it is pretty crazy to imagine, but you can completely break off a branch from you cannabis plant, and still be able to save it using this method I am about to show you! It’s important to know how to fix broken branches as this is something you will most likely run into if you are some one who uses Low Stress Training and other techniques that include bending branches!

So now that you know what I’ll be doing in todays video, lets go check that out! Alright so here is the shot where I accidentally bend a branch too far and it snaps completely off from the branch. You can also use this same method for fixing branches that only tear partially or even ones that just get a cut or some sort of open wound. It is still important to treat those areas, as just like with a person, an open wound can and will lead to infection which will eventually kill your cannabis plant.

Ok, so you can see I am performing some LST on these branches, a lot of which are already hooked down into the soil. You want to always be sure to be very gently and cautious when training your plants as that is the easiest way to avoid any problems. But sometimes a branch is either too weak or you just push it past its limit and it snaps! That is where the mending technique comes into play. So you can see this is a younger and newer branch so it isn't very strong, and all I really did you push it slightly over with one finger and it snapped. It didn't tear completely off, but it is still torn almost all the way through.

So what you’ll want to do is grab some scotch tape, and take a small piece about 4 inches in length. For bigger branches you’ll need more tape, but this guy is so small so just a little piece will do. Now wrap the tape so the middle of it is wrapped around the torn part of the branch, which will allow it to act as a brace and as a form of stitches. You want to make sure the tape is holding the branch pack together so the top is being pushed back onto the part it broke off on. If there is a gap, the branch will not be able to properly heal itself. The healing process takes about a week to 2 depending on the size of the branch, but I always recommend leaving the tape on for at least a month and to check on the branch every day to see how it’s doing.

What happens is the tape holds the branch together as it slowly begins to fuse itself back together, until the branch is one piece again. Once you have finished the wrap, just leave it alone and check back on it the next day. Here we are about a week and a half after adding the tape to the branch, and I am going to remove it to show you how well it has healed. Up close, you can see the branch is doing just fine and is back to growing more in size.

Now unfortunately as I am removing the tape, I pull a little too hard and accidentally re tear off the branch I was trying to fix. This is why I recommend leaving the tape for at least a month so the branch has grown to the point where it is no longer weak. While I did rip the branch off, you can see that where It had fused together got fatter than the rest of the branch. That is because the plant diverts extra nutrients to that area to help heal the plant, which shows the tape worked. You can also see the branch had grown in size since we taped it, meaning it was still getting nutrients form the plant and was healthy even while recovering.

Next time, I just recommend leaving the tape on and not fussing with it as it wont cause any issues just leaving it there. Alright, so there you have everything you need to know about repairing and mending broken branches on your cannabis plant. As you can see from this video, cannabis plants are extremely resilient and can come back from lots of damage and neglect, when using the right methods. It is really important to fuse tops back onto your plant as well because if you loose that top, that is also going to be a loss in yields, so I always recommend saving branches that snap!

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Happy Growing!

Dylan @ GreenBox Grown