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NukeHeads Grow Series Conclusion


NukeHeads Grow Series Conclusion

Curing + Smoke Review of Nukeheads Buds


What up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for the most lit cannabis growing Channel! Not today you guys are in for a really exciting video because I'm going to be harvesting as well as drying curing and doing a smoke review for those plants that I did for the NukeHeads grow series. So there are six plants in that tent, three different strains all by NukeHeads Genetics. I had the Pineapple Chunk, then the Grape Ape, and then finally we had the Zkittles. so I will be doing a smoke review for each one of those strains and also I will be showing you guys the harvesting, drying, and curing process.

 Now before I get started with two days video I do want to remind you guys that we are still offering that two-week free trial to our entire video library of step by step grow videos. And you can check that out at the link right here on your screen. All you have to do is hit that subscribe button on the videos on that page, fill out the form and then that will automatically sign you up for that two-week free trial. Which you can cancel at anytime before being charged. All right so now that you guys know what we are doing in two days of video, let's get started with some clips from the harvesting and trimming process.

Alright GreenBox Growers, so we are just about finished with the Harvest here of the NukeHeads plants.  And I am just trimming up the last of the Zkittles plant. So we've got a lot of nice popcorn buds here of the Zkittles plant, As well as a big main color that I'm going to trim for you. And then I'm going to run the popcorn buds through the bowl trimmer right here so you guys can see that process. So let's get started with that!

Alright so I just completed the entire harvesting process for all six of the plants. So you will see that we've got all the big-name colas trimmed and hung up here up either by the frame of the tent or buy some twine that I strung up there. And then down here we have the net tray or the hanging drying racks. And that is for the popcorn buds, you will see we've got them all separated out by there different strains. And then of course we've got the date on here which of course is August 6th so that way I know how many days all of these guys have been in here and then also for the buds up top I've got them listed by strain as well.

 So I've got about 5 rows deep of Bud, four to five rows deep and you can see they are all just really solid massive buds all the way through top to bottom. And most of them are about 12 to 18 in in length with pretty much just solid nug all the way up and down. So definitely over a pound I would say in terms of the yield. We will be doing a weighing at the end of this video. But so yeah that is just pretty much it for the drying process so I will be checking these guys out throughout the next few days. 

The buds that are drying, the popcorn buds that are on the drying rack will probably be done in 2 to 3 days, maybe four. But they dry a lot faster on here just because there is more air and there are smaller Buds. And then up here the, the big buds that are hanging, these guys we will be checking on them each day just to keep an eye out but it's probably just going to be 5 to 7 days before they are ready to harvest, or I'm sorry before they are ready to come down and go into the jars. Now for more details on the trimming as well as drying and curing process, you can check out our intro to Growing section. 

We are very detailed instructions on that but basically for hang drying the buds. You want to bend the branches that they are on every couple of days. And once those branches make a popping or cracking sound when you bend them, that is what how you know when they are ready to go into the jars for curing. So I'm going to let these ladies dry until they are ready to cure, and then I will be back here to show you guys that I'm going into the jars as well as a little smoke review where we test some of the buds. Alright peace Growers!

Alright GreenBox Growers, so we are back here 7 days later after I hung up the buds to dry. And you can see we have the buds from the mother plant and cloning groceries in here. Those are the Lemoncello Haze, and those are just getting up here they were hung about 2 days ago so they are not ready yet to come down. But the rest of the buds from the NukeHeads series are now ready. So I just want to give you guys a quick look at the colas while they were still hanging up here in the tent. And then as well as the popcorn at buds. So what I'm going to do is take the popcorn buds down first and then I'll put them on the trays here by strain. And then I will go upstairs and jar them and I will show you guys that process. So let me get all these buds down and then I will meet you guys upstairs.

So we are upstairs in the bedroom and this is where I will be jarring the buds for the curing process. Now first I wanted to mention so the way to tell when the popcorn buds are ready to come off of the drying that if you have them on one of those hang dry Nets. As you want to feel the buds and want it feels a little bit crispy or a little bit crunchy on the outside. That is when you want to take it down and jar it for the curing process. Now for those buds that are hanging on the branch from the top of the grow tent. 

You want to bend the branches on those and once you start hearing a cracking or popping sound when you bend it, that is when they are ready to come down and cure for that process. So we've got here the Grape Ape, Pineapple Chunk, and Zkittles popcorn Buds and I think my favorite and what looks like him out the best is the Grape Ape. And what I will be doing is putting them in the jars with a Boveda humidity pack And again these are the eight gram 62% packs and I recommend using quart-sized mason jars with these packs. Or with this size package.

So with that setup you can get about an ounce into each jar with each packet. So first off for the popcorn but even though it is good quality, I'm most likely going to just be making concentrate and extracts out of it. So I will be doing probably some bubble hash and rosin with these which I will have videos coming out with soon enough. But anyways here is the first jar I have set up for the popcorn bud. And you will see it says Grape Ape on there, you want to have the straight name of course and then you want the date going into the bud so you can keep track of where you are in terms of the curing process. 

So today is August 13th and then I also marked on their popcorn just so I know that I am going to use these for extracts. So once in the jar and I recommend about an ounce per quart sized mason jar, but once in there you are going to be burping them for about 15 minutes each day for the first two weeks. So by burping for those of you who don't know, that just means taking the lid off and leaving it off for that duration of time and then once you put the lid back on you want to be storing these jars in a cool dark place. So I actually use an empty dresser or an empty drawer in my dresser and that is where I keep my jars for the curing process. So after that first two weeks you are going to do 15 minutes every other day, and that will be for another. So after that first month of the curing process, all you will be doing is burping them once a day or I'm sorry once a week for about 15 minutes. 

And then you do just about that pretty much until you have run out of the bud and have smoked all of it. And you can do that for long-term storage as well. So definitely recommend a humidity pack like these boveda ones though if you are doing long-term and even for short term. Because if you do over dry the buds, they will make sure to rehydrate them and bring them back to good quality. And then of course if you Stop drying them too soon it is going to prevent any mold from happening and then of course what is really cool as it brings out the flavor of the bud a lot more. So I am going to start putting these Grape Ape buds, let me give you a close up first with the popcorn buds.

 I am going to be putting those into their jar first. And then I'll give you guys a little zoomed in shot here. Pretty Frosty and they still smell really good, very dank smell. Not super sweet but again these buds never were on the sweet side and we do have some good size nugs and here just like these right here this one right here. So I'm just going to good focused shot on those. So yeah what I like to do is fill the jar with bud about halfway and then I take my humidity pack and stick it in there. Reason being is you want the humidity pack, you don't want just sitting on the very top or bottom of the jar, you want it to be right in the middle of all of those buds so that it has a chance to do its thing and it is not just working on the top or bottom portion of the jar. 

It's evenly spread throughout all of it so about halfway filled there and then I'm just going to put this in, slide it and leave it kind of standing up in the middle there. And now I'm going to fill the rest of the way. Now also I will be doing a smoke review on these buds pretty soon here but once they are in the jars I'm going to let them cure for 4 to 5 days and then I will be back to test them out for you guys. It is a good idea to let them cure and the jars close to a week before you start smoking them. I mean they will just get better and better with time during that cure process. But if you are eager to get smoking you can do that once they are in the jars for a few days. 

So this is looking like it's going to be a nice ass or a little bit more than an ounce and hear of the Grape Ape popcorn buds. So there you go that is pretty much and I will be wearing these out a little bit later on in this video, I just want to get them Jarred up first for you guys so you can see how this is done. And then I will be taking them out and Wing them, so that is what I will be doing for the rest of the popcorn buds hear that you see and then I'm going to be back here once I have the colas taken down and it is time to clip them off the branch and jar those.

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So I just finished jarring up all of the popcorn buds for curing and now I'm going to do the main buds that are still on the branch. So I just wanted to show you guys really quick before I do that some little close ups on them. Right over here are the Grape Ape Buds, and these are again looking the best in my opinion. The most Frosty and densest buds in the group. And also the most plentiful. But then right here we have the pineapple chunk, and then right here we have the Zkittles.  So same idea, you are going to be burping them with the same steps as I was explaining for the popcorn buds, the only difference is when clipping them off of the branch which is something you want to do when putting them in the jar. 

You just want to make sure that you clip a ride up to the nug or the base of the nug. Because you don't really want to leave an extra stem and there are extra bit of the stem. So that there is some hanging off, you just want to clip it right at the base of that nug and then put it right in the jar with that humidity pack. And again you want to do about an ounce per mason jar if you are using the quart sized jar. So now I'm going to put these in all of the jars with these humidity packs and get them wait out. And then I will be back here to show you guys the final weight with all of the budget together.

Alright GreenBox Growers, everything is finished being trimmed up and all of the popcorn buds as well as the main buds from the colas are in the jars. So I weighed everything out and I do have the individual weights listed on the jars, but you will see we have about 15 jars total of solid Bud here and it weighed out to just over a pound. So it was just over 16 and a half ounces. So very stoked on that and you can see in my opinion The Grape Ape is what came out in the best quality. So very excited to test that out. 

But the Skittles and the Pineapple Chunk definitely came in a close second. So give you guys A nice little pic of that Frosty nug right there of the great ape. And so now what I am going to do is put these in a cool dark drawer where I keep them for storage and I am going to be burping them for the next two weeks for 15 minutes every day Like I was telling you guys. But I will be back here in probably like 4 days after I do some curing to do that smoke review. So I will see you guys back here then.

All right folks oh now it is time for that smoke review you have all been waiting for, so we are going to be reviewing the Grape Ape, the pineapple chunk and then of course the Skittles. And we've got our clean little Stratus bong right here. And we are also going to be giving you guys some background info on their genetics, how they grew, we've got the Leafly page right here for each string. And we will just be laying off some details on them while we are smoking. So we are going to start with the Grape Ape today, and these are all the jars that I just harvested and these are the bud. Not the popcorn buds. So these are going to be the nice stuff. So Claire if you want to grind some up just a little bit as well be taking some snaps from our bong in a second. And then while she is doing that I will give you guys some info on The Grape Ape strain. 

So first off this is a strain that was first propagated by Barney's Farm, and it is a mostly Indica strain. So it is Indica dominant of course, and I am sure we will notice those effects and just a second here. It is a cross between the Mendocino purps skunk as well as Afghani and it is named because of its grape-like smell. I can definitely tell you guys that from smelling it and just from the growing process, I would definitely say I could tell there is a hint of grape in there. Yeah and even  if you look at some of the buds they're pretty purple. So yeah there's a lot of purple We've noticed that, I had definitely had two different phenotypes when growing this. And both of them ended up having purple in it. 

One more than the other. And what was interesting as one of them it was believed that start turning purple first while the other one didn't really get any purple in the leaves at all. So with the Grape Apes on the leafly page, for it's a fax it is mainly a relaxed sleepy and happy type of high which is pretty much normal for an Indica dominant strain. For medical it says it is great for relieving stress and helping with insomnia as well as pain. And then it also has depression and lack of appetite on there as well. Now to compare, so now here's the info that they have on here. So again this train came from NukeHeads genetics. But again it was started by Barney's farm. So on the grow info here on Leafly it says it is a really easy strain to grow and I definitely agree with that.

For height it has about 30 in to 78 in and for the two phenotypes that I grew they both got really tall so that again would work accordingly. You can start off with the first one, free deal that says about 3 to 6 ounces per square foot, I had two plants that I would say gave me about together a quarter pound of this total yield. And those each were taking up about I would say about two square feet each maybe three. So that is pretty accurate in terms of that as well. For flowering time 7 to 9 weeks, I would say these ones were a little on the shorter side compared to that and then it says less than 100% for the stretch. 

So I would say these guys stretched a pretty good amount during that flowering phase but nothing crazy. Now for the flavors that says grape, sweet as well as earthy and yeah that pretty much, let me see if there's a little bit more Up here, yeah that is pretty much it. So now that you have taken a hit what would you say. I left you some green there, so you can definitely add to the greens. I love this train personally I love Indica dominant strains just because that's what I find the best for me. And I find it really dance really sticky and smells good and it is pretty smooth. So I overall love Grape Ape and I actually got it in that lot of concentrates as well. Yeah definitely, really smooth I can tell right away and instant right here at the top of my head I can feel that just like that warm fuzzy feeling. So definitely a strong indica.

Again really purple in the buds, really tight in Frosty Buds and you can see here I don't have a close up but I will in a second are on the screen. You can see the ash is starting to turn white or a grayish color which is a sign that it was properly flushed. So to compare it, so for the growing that they have on Leafly or the info about it and how it grows I would say it is pretty accurate. And same with the flavors. I don't have as much of a sweet taste in this one's I would say but they do have that grape smell. But definitely the earthy taste. And yeah now that I have had a second for that to kind of settle and I can feel it kind of just spreading to the rest of my head and kind of right behind my eyes. It is a very relaxed feeling and definitely an Indica standard. Yeah it definitely is a body for me so.

 What about for The Taste what would you say, I would say the Grape and the earthy I think sweet might come from the smell more is why they're saying that. Because it does smell pretty sweet to me. But overall I feel like in my eyes in the back Of my eyes like you said and then I feel it more than my body then I do my head but I mean that is why I like Indica for that reason. It does do that as well. So overall it is great and I mean I love Grape Ape. I think it is great Buds and very strong so that is the other thing I was really stoked when I saw a NukeHeads was carrying the strain because you don't see it on a lot of seed bank site so whenever I see it available I definitely pick it up right away and I was stoked on how these guys turned out. And it was a breeze growing them not difficult at all. So that pretty much concluded the review there for the Grape Ape.

So now we are going to move on to the Pineapple Chunk here. And again this is the buds not the popcorn buds. So yeah we're just going to empty out the grinder into these leftover glass jars we've got here from the dispensary some pretty cool jars here. And then yeah let me get the Pineapple Chunk info so this is actually another Barney's Farm strain which is pretty cool, got the genetics are the seeds from NukeHeads as well. so yeah Indica dominant or an Indica hybrid that produces a heavy full body effect in a fast-paced had Buzz. So we are about to find out about that and it combines a cheese and skunk number 1 crossed with the  Barney's pineapple. And you can almost smell its lineage through some of the Tangy skunk, or the cheese as well as that sweet pineapple smell. So let's see, you are definitely smell in this one.

So yeah a lot higher pitched it's not as earthy or like this one you can smell the sweetness for sure. Yeah that smells nice almost like a Jack Herer smell in my opinion. So effects super happy relaxed and uplifting. It also has focused and euphoric on there as the lower two. And then it doesn't have any info on there from growing but my experience from growing The Strain it was actually very similar to The Grape Ape.  It grew pretty tall and leggy it had really dense and big cola's. One thing that was different though just the way the buds finished, they were not as purple and the hairs didn't curl and tighten up as much so it was still kind of dense bud but not as dense and frosty as the great babe I would say. 

Still smells really good it is still a really good deal there but it was easy to grow. But I would say it was more of a moderate to intermediate to moderate strain to grow not super easy to grow. Good year older as I was just saying, I think I was saying a hosted about five or six jars so about 6 oz of this I would have to double check on that. But the parent strains are pineapple, cheese and then skunk number 1. And then four flavors of course it has pineapple cheese and sweet. So I actually haven't tried the strangest yet so let's see how this is. Nice thank you for packing that.

Even my hands and my fingers are sticky from the pineapple chalk and it is funny because it is not as visible but when you actually hold the Bud from The Pineapple Chunk, it is pretty Frosty. So you are very sweet taste as well not just the smell and you can really taste on the exhale there and it's almost like it's in my nose with the smell as well. It is a lot like that similar smell as the Jack Herer I've noticed, just a very bubble gum smell almost type of scent. Smooth hit, I do feel the body High pretty quickly though not as strong on the head though as the grape ape was. But still very strong. 

I definitely taste the cheese, yeah, well I didn't actually get the cheese but I did get the sweet and a little bit I think more like a bubble gum smell. I definitely feel it like in my eyes in my head more. But I think it is a great strain and I think that the I think that it's a great strain and I think that the smells great and I think I got the Cheese smell which is funny because I've never thought of cheese. But I think it is overall a great strain and more of a head-high for me so a little different but I would say I think it's a great strain yeah. I have no complaints.

 So yeah it's not giving me dry mouth or anything so I always hate when I get dry mouth from a strain. Yeah cottonmouth sucks. What was I going to say, now that I've had a second for it to settle in with the strands well I'm starting to feel it behind the eyes like they were saying. But really throughout my whole body I just feel really really strong body high. And like I was saying when you first look at it, the buds don't look as seem as dense as the Grape Ape but I mean it does a lot and it does have a lot of frost on it. And yeah that's what I was going to say because,  as nuggy ,As the grape ape did I think I'm going to use more of the larfy stuff to make concentrate. So I will be making like bubble hash or maybe pressing some rosin as well.

So it still has all of the good flavors on the smells and it is super Frosty like Claire was saying, it's just that it's not got as much of the bag appeal type nugs that you like to smoke. So might be just using some of this for Concentrate, there is definitely like the nug up top here and a lot of the other stuff here it does look really nice. But again just for the Larfy stuff I think I will be processing that. And then so now that is the pineapple chunk, and so now we are going to do the third which is Zkittles again with a z.

So on another Indica dominant mix and this is actually with Grape Ape mixed with grapefruit. So this is actually a product of partially these genetics. Oh and then it is  crossed with another undisclosed strain so there is a third one. But as I said is undisclosed. So this is Brad by 3rd gen family and Terp Hogz. it was an award winning combination and it took first place in the 2016 Emerald Cup and first place Indica at the 2015 Cannabis Cup in SF as well as Michigan. Known for its chunky colas which explode into a spectrum of light green Hughes and emit sweet tropical blend of fruity flavors. So let's see where the jar is right here Skittles. It is definitely not as dense or as moist, it is definitely not as dense or as sticky as the other two from grinding it up. 

So it is a little bit on the dryer side or more of the earthy or side I guess you would say. I still smell it's really sweet. Oh I see what you mean yeah. When I felt it into the grinder it wasn't that immediate Dent sticky feeling it's a little bit more flowery. This will probably be another concentrate Bud that I use. So you guys will see some videos in the near future of me processing these guys into different extracts but yeah. I'm sure it will taste like the rainbow though. Oh yeah very Skittley. It is just a different nug type. I think a lot of people used to seeing like those small tight hugs and it's still good it's just different. A little bit Larfy, it is just Airy and little bit loose.

That we will see how it smokes, so anyways for the effects we've got relaxed happy, Euphoric, uplifted as well as sleepy. and then for medical it is great for stress and depression and pain, lack of appetite or insomnia. So they do have info on the growing so let's see how that compares to what my experience was. Oh actually they do not have the info but actually this one grew almost identically to the Pineapple Chunk. It was super leggy and tall and there were long colas but they weren't as dance like I was saying kind of like the but it's turned out in the end.

 Grow really fast, the buds develop really quickly I noticed and then it was kind of like it took awhile for the trichomes to mature carefully. Which wasn't a bad thing it's just what I noticed. And then these actually had a decent amount of purple leaves and is actually like the leaves that were most explosive it might turn purple I noticed. So that was kind of interesting. But with the buds hear it turned out to just be all green with some straight orange hairs and that's it. It's kind of like a light green color. And then it is pretty Frosty, not as Frosty as these 2 guys but still looks pretty good. And then now we are going to see how it smokes, it smells really good and I just smelt it and it is really sweet and the flavors on here are Sweet Berry and grape. I mean I would want that in a candle, yea!

So what is interesting is they do have the negative effects of the strain on Leafly here and the top one is dry mouth and dry eyes so we will see. And then it says dizzy, headache and paranoia. But I've never really gotten that from smoking weed so.  But yeah, for lineage it is Grape Ape mixed with grapefruit mixed with one other strain that they keep secret. For Zkittles I always thought this was a strange created by the cookies fam or by Berner, but I guess it was not. But that's where I first heard about it I believe. Got the lighter under there, those nice save.

Yes I always thought Skittles was from the cookies family or by Berner but I guess it is not because it says it comes from Terp Hogz, and third gen family. But that's where I first heard about Skittles is through the cookies in San Francisco. Yeah it tastes really good I definitely get that grape smell more than the Grape Ape. That's super sweet smell just like it taste super sweet. I definitely taste the sweetness in this one. Yeah very sweet like high notes, it does have a little bit of a lemony smell to be honest or lemony taste to be honest. But yeah it is a smooth hit, definitely we are getting some gray Ashy white colors so that is good as it means it's properly flushed. 

I would say this one again is another head high as I can feel it right behind my eyes as well as on the top right here so it is very cerebral, but then also I can feel like up in my upper body type area so. Yeah I can feel it in my eyes, not so much in my body but I do feel it obviously and I think it is definitely a quick head high and it is a good strain I like it and it tastes nice. Is not harsh or anything that smells really good too. Yeah it does so that's always nice, but smooth hit and yeah I really like it. And again another easy strain I would say beginners definitely try growing this rain is it was easy to grow, did not have any issues as long as you kept temperature and humidity on point. And so far definitely liking the results. So I would say that concludes our taste test. And now clear how would you rate these or what would you say is your first second and third favorites.

I mean Grape Ape is my favorite I've been a big fan of that for a long time now so I can always say that and I think it grew really well too. It's not just the strain but I think that yielded the most dense nugs that we have. And so I would go with that and then I would say the Pineapple Chunk because I am starting to feel the dry mouth from the Skittles already and I hate that because I get migraines and that's not what I want to happen. So that is why I would go with the Pineapple Chunk a second and then Skittles as third. Which is interesting because I have had Skittles and concentrates as well and in flour but I have felt the same thing. But I think it is the smell and the taste of it is why I like it the most. 

That's really the only really biggest thing I can say about that. So I don't really like the effects from it but I do like the taste and smell and the other two I like the effects and the taste on the smell. Yeah so I would definitely have to agree with the Grape Ape being my favorite as well, super good bag appeal.  Super dense nugs and really Frosty, lot of purple in them to which is always nice. But I would have to switch it up I think my second favorite would be the Skittles just because it does feel a lot stronger in terms of the body high than the pineapple chunk. And then the head high is there as well so I really like that affect and really it was closed between these two, the Pineapple Chunk was a close third because it was really strong as well. I really like the taste and the smell for this one, and I am excited to see all these ones turn out once we do the extract with them. So yeah that is pretty much it for the smoke and taste test!

Alright GreenBox Growers, that concludes today's video of the curing as well as my smoke review video for those buds that I grew in the NukeHeads grow series.  Now I want to hear what you guys personally thought of the buds and how they turned out from this video. I know you didn't get to test them or smoke them or smell them or anything like that but just from the visuals of what you saw in today's video, feel free to comment down below just giving me your rating of what these buds look like and how you thought they turned out. I personally am obviously really stoked on all 3 strains.

I chose obviously the Grape Ape as my favorite but I also really enjoyed the Pineapple Chunk as well as the Skittles at buds. So kind of torn between all 3 but I do believe I will be making some extra racks out of those Skittles and some of the pineapple chunk of buds because some of them did come out a little bit Larfy and not super dense. But with the grape apes those buds all came out really fire. so those will be some really good smoking bud and I probably won't be processing them into extracts because of that. I was always if you guys enjoyed the video feel free to smash that thumbs up button and don't forget to comment below with your feedback or with some ideas for future videos you would like to see me do. Now I'd like to thank you guys for watching today's video I really hope you enjoyed it as always and until next time…

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown