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WK 6 Flower OG Kush SCROG Grow


WK 6 Flower OG Kush SCROG Grow

Buds are getting extremely Frosty & Dense!


Okay GreenBox Growers, we are now back here for the 14th week of the OG Kush screen of green grow series! Now this means this is also day 1 of week 6 of flower, so we are now over the halfway point and we still have about 20 days left of flower to go so maybe 20 days give or take I see you here or there. So we do or we are getting towards the end of the flowering phase but we do have some time to go which is good because that means the buds still will put on some significant size. 

Now as you will see in this week's video in the Closeouts, the buds are getting extremely dense and frosty, they look very high quality and are going to be very potent. So I'm very excited about that, can't wait to get these ladies harvested so we can smoke them and test them out. All right so this week is going to be a very simple one, we are just going to continue with lowering the lights as well as than normal nutrient and watering feeding schedule. So now that you know what we are doing and this week's episode, let's get started with day one! 

Okay so here we are at the town with the OG Kush ladies, and as always you guys can see the buds are looking really good, but what you guys can't see from the video is how good these ladies smell! Now the carbon filter in the inline fan have only been off for about 3 minutes now and already this whole room is filled up with the smell of these plants. It is a very sweet kind of piney type of smell and I really like it. And again we still have a good 20 days to go and flowers so it is just going to get stronger each day. So I'm very happy about that!

 So for today's update we are going to keep the lights at the distance they are currently at, we will probably adjust them by an inch on tomorrow's update. Also for leaves we are not going to be defoliating, but any leaves that look crispy or might be dying oh, just give them a little tug and if they come right off that is good. If they don't then just let them be and you can leave them alone until they look a little further along in the dying process.

 For the soil it is looking decently dry so today we are going to do one of our small waterings, just a half gallon of water here mixed up with 1.5 teaspoons of the grape Bud sweetener by Botanicare. Now other than that we are just going to shake up the CO2 canisters and that is really up for today's update. You can see down below here the trunks are looking really good, the lollipopping and defoliation is holding in or holding up really nicely. We got a lot of it's really thick or Branch system is really nice it is all really thick and healthy, so that is a great.

 Because that means they will be able to support nice and heavy buds. You can also see the buds that are below the lowest layer of the scrog are still getting some really good development so very happy with that. And above the scrog obviously, development is just going off and going insane! So let me give you guys a nice look there of what is going on. 

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You can check out the lights as we are getting pretty close, but again we are aiming for that 10 to 12 in range. And then that is when we will probably stop with lowering the lights. So I'm going to go ahead and do that small watering, try and pull off some of those Dead Leaves and then that will be it for today's update and I will see you guys back here in 24 hours! 

How is it going Growers, we're not back here for the second day of week 14 and the buds are just continuing to mature perfectly! The one thing that is really noticeable from day-to-day is how Frosty or dense with trichomes these buds are getting. And then also they are definitely thickening up and filling out a decent amount every 24 hours.

So buds, the trichomes are I'm sorry the pistols are starting to Orange and Amber as well as curl inwards, so that is a good sign of maturity. We do have some time to go as you can tell because there are still a lot of white pistils left. But we are still seeing some signs of maturity and that we are progressing nicely throughout the flowering phase. 

So putting on weight really well, these nugs are these Buds. And again developing all the way down to that bottom layer of the scrog net. So for today we are going to lower the lights one and a piece as we are getting pretty close to the lowest destination or the lowest distance that we want to be at. So we are probably only going to lower a few more times after this one but we will play that by ear. We will be shaking up the CO2 canisters again, both of them. And the plants are ready for their next watering so that is going to be the second plain watering since our last nutrient feeding and I have two gallons mixed up here with a total of 1 tbsp of the grape sweet. 

Or again 3 teaspoons is the equivalent of 1 tbsp. So we are not going to be doing defoliation anymore as I've been mentioning but what we are doing is pulling off leaves as they start to die off. So you will see them kind of crisp up, And if you give it a little bit of a gentle tug and it comes right off they are kind of lifeless and they don't really give you any tug because they are pretty much already dead and falling from the plants. So if you pull them and they come right off that is good if it is still attached just leave it be. Okay so that's pretty much it for day two of the week, I'm going to go ahead and do that watering as well as give you guys some close-ups on how Frosty and dense these buds are getting. And then I will see you guys back here in 24 hours for day 3 of the week.

All right Growers we are back here for the next day and I am pretty stoked I just got my new Jungle boys t-shirt in the mail! Very stoked on that, but anyways it is day 3 of the week here and the ladies are ready for their next watering. Today is their in between smaller watering so I have actually upped it two 3/4 of a gallon and I've got a full teaspoon of the grape sweet mixed into there. Now we will be splitting that into all four of the plants as usual and we will be shaking our CO2 canisters by TNB Naturals of course.

 I am not going to be lowering the lights to day, but tomorrow I will be lowering each light by 1 inch. Again it is probably just going to be a couple more times that we do that because we are getting pretty close to that final distance from the plants that we want to be at. Now down below here you can see we have our nice Branch systems and structures going on, nice and sturdy so they can hold up as nice large Colas that we have developing up top here. You will also notice that we have a lot of these crispy curled leaves on the floor of the tent down below. 

Reason being for that is I've just been pulling us off one by one and then what I do is once I finish that like to just vacuum them all up. It is a lot easier than trying to put them all into a baggie while you are kind of hunched over reaching around in your grow tent. So be sure to vacuum that up if you do this route or this method, you don't want to just leave the leaves down below that will cause some issues. But it is important to kind of check out below the canopy and pull out any dead or dying leaves. 

It is really easy on these ones because the second you touch then you'll see it will come right off of the plant. They have already detached basically and they are not being used for anything in the plant or on the plants, so it is better that they are not in the grow room. All right guys so I'm going to go ahead and do that watering as well as shaking of the CO2 canisters and I will give you guys some nice close-ups on how these buds have developed over the last 24 hours. And then I will see you back here for tomorrow shot which again will be day 4 of the week! Alright, peace growers!

Alright folks so we are now back for the fourth day of this week, and the plants are now ready for their next full watering. So this is going to be one gallon or I'm sorry to gallons mixed up with a full tablespoon of the grape sweet in there. And that will be mixed or split between all four of the plants. We of course are going to be shaking up our CO2 canisters and then I actually already lowered lights one in a piece. 

So they are now about I would say it's now about a foot from the tops of the very tallest buds here in the canopy. Getting pretty close and it seems to be helping because these nugs are all getting extremely Frosty at this point and pretty much on like a Top Shelf Dispensary grade level. So I will give you a better close up once we get to this Montage shot of the watering, but you can already tell how Frosty these ladies are looking.

 So I'm going to go ahead and do that watering, it's our third plane watering since the last nutrient feeding and I'm going to shake up the CO2 canisters. And then of course we will have already lowered the LED lights one in a piece. Again these are the electric sky 300 watt lights by the green Sunshine Company. All right I will see you guys back in here in 24 hours for day 5 of the week! 

We are now back here for the fifth day of the week and progress and development with the buds is going really well! So today is going to be a simple one, we are keeping the light height the same as it is for now. We are going to be shaking up the CO2 canisters as always, and then we are going to be doing one of our small plane waterings. So just half a gallon mixed up here with one teaspoon of the grape sweet by Botanicare as always. 

And that is just going to be split between all four of the plants. Now besides I just want to remind you guys to make sure you're keeping your temperature and humidity on point as always I said that is especially important during this flowering phase here. Especially now that we are wrapping up and kind of getting towards the end of the phase. So that's pretty much it for today's update, I'm going to go ahead and get that watering done as well as the shaking of the CO2 canisters and then I will see you guys back here in 24 hours for day 6 of the week! 

What up GreenBox Growers, so we are back here for day 6 of the week and this is an extremely important update. So first off we are doing a watering today, it is our next nutrient feed and this is the week 8 Mix from the fox farm Dirty Dozen schedule. We are doing it at full strength of course and we are going to also be doing 1.5 teaspoons of cal-mag per gallon of water as well as 1.5 teaspoons of the grape sweet per gallon of water. Again we have two gallons of water mixed up here because it is a full watering and we are going to be splitting that between all four of the plants. 

Of course we will be shaking up the CO2 canisters, both the front and the back right. and now we will be leaving the lights at the same height as they are already at for now, but we are going to be removing fan leaves as normal, any that have crisped up or died. Now you will see in the video coming up here at the shop coming up here how Frosty the buds are, and as a reminder again these are in 8 week flowering strain, the OG Kush, that means it takes eight weeks to finish the flowering phase. This is the end of week six. So we have two more weeks to go, so what that means is tomorrow I will be using my trichome scope right here oh, and I will be showing you guys the results.

 But we are going to be checking on those trichomes to see how close we are to being ready for Harvest as well as the flushing phase. So if tomorrow we see that we are in that range for starting the flush. That means day 1 of this coming week which will be week 7 of flower, we are going to start our 2-week flush. Which of course means we are only two weeks away from Harvest. So now I'm going to go ahead and do our nutrient feeding which might be the last one of the grow, and then I'll shake up our CO2 canisters and then I will see you guys back here in 24 hours for the last day of the week. Where we will be checking on this trichomes! All right peace! 

What is up GreenBox Growers, we are now back here for the last day of the week and I could not be more ecstatic of how these buds are turning out. Like I keep saying, they are just absolutely top shelf, impeccably Frosty and insanely dense all the way down to below that second layer of this scrog net! So we will be giving you guys a nice close-ups in the Montage shot coming up here, but first let me just go over what we are doing today, because it is a very important step in this overall grow. 

The first off we are going to keep the lights exactly where they are for the rest of the series, we are not going to be lowering them any further. We are right at that perfect distance so no need to get any closer. Besides that we are going to hold off on the defoliation for now on as well and we will pull off any leaves that are starting to come off on their own or have crisped up and would only cause issues to the plant.

 But no need to clip anything off from this point on. Besides that we are going to be shaking our CO2 canisters and now that we are at the end of the flowering stage, there is no need to refill them because the plants do not need as high of a level of CO2 in the atmosphere now that they are finishing up or wrapping up the flowering phase. We just refilled the CO2 canisters a little less than a week ago I believe so we still have 10 days to go. Maybe a little less maybe a little more just depending on how long this pack last.

 But no need to refill it for the rest of this series. Today we are doing a watering and it is our small in between watering so I have one gallon mixed up here to split between all four of the ladies. And that has a half a tablespoon of the grape sweet mixed into it. Now for the important part we are going to be checking on the trichomes today to see if the latest are ready to start the flushing process. As you know, today is the last day of week 6 of flower and this is an week flowering strain so I like to flush for 2 weeks or around 14 days so we are right around that step or the timing where it will be perfect to start the flushing phase. Because that will give us just two weeks total to finish that out.

 And then the buds, according to Growers choice, it says it is about a 56-day flowering strain. So that is why we are going to check the trichomes, just to double-check. The reason I am thinking besides the fact that we just finished week 6 and we've just got two weeks to go for flower. The other reason I think it is time is because of the way the buds are looking now. This isn't always the perfect ideal way to tell but almost sixty to seventy percent of all hairs have curled in and orange. And now the buds have just pretty much been thickening out so that is a good sign that they are getting close or are pretty much there and are ready for the flushing stage. 

 So what we are going to do now is go ahead and do the watering, and I will show you some close-ups on the bed. And then we are going to check the trichomes. And what we will be looking for, and we will be using a trichome scope so we can see that up close. But what we are looking for is we want all of them of course to be milky or cloudy, and then we want about 5 to 10%, somewhere in that range of them to be Amber. So 5 to 10% Amber trichomes, the rest milky and if we are in that range then that means starting tomorrow, we will start the flushing process. 

Which again is a 10 or I'm sorry a two-week or 14-day step. Alright guy said there you have today's update, we are going to go ahead and get started with that watering and then the checking of the trichomes. And then I will see you back here for next week's update! All right peace! 

All right so there you guys have your first look at the trichomes and their development on these OG kush buds! Now we did see some Amber on some of the truck comes but that was mainly on the sugar leaves and not on the actual buds themselves. And if you remember back to previous videos, sugar leaves will show the trichomes growing on sugar leaves will show maturity a lot faster than the ones on the buds. 

So be sure to rely on your bud trichomes not your sugar leave try comes for when you determine whether or not the bud is ready for Harvest or for flush. So we are just at about the 1% or 2% range for Amber and terms of trichomes actually on the buds. So we are not ready to start over flush, but what we will do is continue with our nutrient schedule for another week's time so we are not finished with that yet actually.

 And then after we do our next nutrient feeding, what I will do is come back here, do another check on the trichomes with the scope. And then we will go from there to see if they are ready for Harvest. What I am thinking is the 8 weeks for the flowering strain was actually not including the flushing., the eight weeks recommended by the seed breeder Growers Choice seeds that is. So what I am thinking is we will end up doing 8 regular weeks of flower and then our two weeks of flush.

 And that is just great because the buds are going to fill out and fatten up even further and get even frostier and more potent. So that officially concludes this week's video, very stoked on how the buds are showing and developing even though they are not ready just yet. And we will be back shortly for next week's update. 

All right GreenBox Growers, so that officially concludes week 14 overall for the OG Kush Screen of Green Grow series! Now that also means we are concluding week 6 of flower and are now officially beginning the 7th week of flower next week, so like I was just saying I am anticipating that we will have week 7 and then probably week 8 and then we will begin our flush. 

So get excited we are very close to harvesting these amazing looking Buds and from the shots you guys just saw of the trichomes as well as the buds as a whole you can just tell they are very top shelf quality or just very top shelf in quality, smell is amazing which obviously you can't see from the videos but what you can see is how dense and how large the buds are getting! 

So the yields are going to be an incredible and I really just can't say enough about how excited I am to get these buds harvested! All right folks I will be back shortly with the next update in this grow series, which again is week 7 of flower, but before I go again I just want to thank you guys for watching this week's video, I really hope you enjoyed it and until next to…

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown


Behind the Scenes at GreenBox Grown


Behind the Scenes at GreenBox Grown

Weekly Update #1: Hash under a Scope

What up Cannabis Growers and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown!Not today I'm actually going to be doing something a little different in this video, as I decided I'm going to start doing a weekly update for you guys where I cover all of the new stuff going on here at GreenBox Grown. Such as new possible products we had sent to us, new grows we may be starting in the near future, then of course an update on the current plants that we've got to get growing here.

That way you guys know everything that is going on here and you can stay up-to-date on what we are doing. Also now that we are doing this video, I want to ask you as always to comment down below with any suggestions or topics for videos you would like to see me do in the near future. So I will be posting a new one of these updates every 7 days and it is also going to be a little bit of a behind-the-scenes shot and look into what is going on here at GreenBox Grown! Now in today's video, a couple of the highlights we will be covering include the new OG Kush seedlings I recently started. So I will be giving you guys an update on those as well as the plans we have for them in the near future here.

Also I recently set up a new grow space and I also have been hanging up a lot of Art and decorations and here, so I'm going to give you guys a little tour and overview of the new setup that we have here. As well as the different pieces hanging up in the room. Now before I get started with today's video I just wanted to let you guys know that if you are looking for more detailed videos that go into step-by-step help and show you guys tips and tricks that will let you grow cannabis just like the quality of what we got going on here. 

Feel free to check out our premium video section that has all of that kind of content there, and if you are interested in signing up for those videos they do come with a two-week free trial which gives you access to the entire video library. And you can sign up for that at the link right here on your screen, and there will be more details on how to sign up for that two-week free trial. Alright Growers so now that you know what we are doing and today's video, let's get started with checking out those OG Kush Seedlings!

Alright growers so here we are at the entry to my new grow room and like I was saying this room is now exclusively just for growing cannabis in. So I Consolidated all of my different Grow rooms into here and I will be doing all of my filming as well as processing of extracts, cannabis growing and all of that, is all going to be filmed and taking place in here. So let me close the door behind me and then I will give you guys a quick little tour of the setup. So first right here on the left we've got the nice 4 by 4 tent setup and that is actually where the OG Kush seedlings are going to be moving into once they are a little larger. But I will give you guys some more details on that set up in just a second.

 Next we have the closet over here so we have our stealth grow space in here, and I've got the Gorilla Glue grow right now, the stealth Gorilla Glue grow in here in this two-by-four tent. And then right next to it I've got my clone and seedling tent set-up, and that is where those OG Kush plants are growing right now. I have a second 2X4 Tent that is turned off right now because they are sleeping But I actually have some more of the Gorilla Glue is growing in there and again those are autoflowers. 

And I also turn off the lights while filming because it does get pretty hot in here without the fans in this tent specifically. So those are the three different grow tents plus the 4th which is the cloning and seedling tent.  And now let me show you guys some of the artwork that I have been hanging up, and there will be more to come. First behind the filming desk here, I've got my nice 3 piece of the Cannabis fan leaves. over here, this one is my favorite piece actually. I've got the THC molecule symbol in Gold, over here next to the 4 by 4 we have the nice vintage zigzag sign that I hung up yesterday actually.

 So I really like that, next we've got the different strains labeled up on here with a nice pic of this bud shot. I am not sure what strain this is, it doesn't say but all of the other screens on here look absolutely beautiful, all strains that I really enjoy as well so that is why I got this poster. And then finally right now we've got Elon hanging up on the wall there, he likes to watch over my different grows so pretty stoked on the set up. I've got my nutrients and clean up stuff set up right here as well as one of my carbon filters. But yeah let's go check out those OG Kush seedlings now. So again they're over here in the seedling and cloning tent of course.

Just planted them into the Solo cups with the fox farm soil, so it has been about 24 hours of them being in here and we are going to start seeing some really good vegetative growth out of them now that they have some room to grow their roots in.  So once they are in the vegetative stage and they are large enough, we are going to be moving them over into this 4 by 4 tent here. So for the setup you can see we are using those 3-gallon airpot equivalence, we've got the 4 x 4 tent with two of the electric sky 300 watt LEDs. 

Then the nice 6 inch carbon filter fan setup by iPower, and then I'm actually really stoked on this because I got hooked up by TNB Naturals recently with some of their products. So big shout out to them, but they sent over two of these CO2 canisters as well as a bunch of refillable packets for them. So I will be hanging these up and using them during this grow series. And I will actually be doing a weekly update showing how the plants are doing with these canisters. So you can follow along and see how they affect the growth. 

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And those videos will be free actually for the weekly update. Now I also got hooked up by Growers Labs, Growerlabs sorry, with their double-layered SCROG net so it is adjustable for different tent sizes. So I will have that in here once the plants are growing up nice and large, but yeah that is going to be the setup and here, I will be using the fox farm Dirty Dozen nutrient lineup. And I also picked up a bottle, let's see how it's right back here behind the reefertalizer. got a bottle of the Botanicare grape from their sweet line. So that will help at the end of flower with sweetening up those buds.

Alright so next up let's check it out the Gorilla Glue Grow, Again the stealth grow or from our stealth grow series. These guys are about a week and a half Away from starting their flush, and then nugs are just getting absolutely beautiful. Nice and frosty, big and dense as you can see and they have filled out all the way down as well as with a bunch of nice side colas. So there's this nice big one in the middle and then we probably got about 6 medium sized colas around the sides and then I would say another four of the smaller ones in there. Which will still give us some nice yields. Now in the setup I have been using CO2 through the exhale bag right here and I can definitely say I've seen a noticeable difference in the size of the buds than what I usually get with the auto.

So I definitely recommend checking that product out and you can see in the second plant just how massive those colas are getting all the way around. I am running to LEDs now, I've got the 600 watt Meihzi with a both switches and then I've got the 300 watt Mars Hydro. Now I do have about 5 more Gorilla Glue Autos growing in here but like I was saying lights are off for now so I can't really show you, but those are looking really nice also and some of them actually got larger than the buds in that tent and taller than those plants. So I've got two more lights that were recently sent into US, I've got the cannagrow I think this is the 215 watt cob light with the adjustable dial.

 And then we have the spider farmer by Meizhi and this is another one of their 600 W LEDs with two dials. One for veg one for flower of course and so you can dial those up and use them throughout the whole grow. Those dials make it really convenient because with the switches it's obviously full power Once you turn that on right away. But with the dials you can adjust it for growth through seedling all the way to the end of flower. And so what that's going to be used in is for these two new grow series we are doing. There are going to be the Noob series or first-time grower series.

So my brother Cody and my girlfriend declare will be doing their own grows, they are first-time Growers and have never grown their own plants before. My brother Cody has helped out a little bit, but just a little bit here and there so he doesn't really know too much about what he is doing. Cody he will be using this tent over here, he is going to be growing two of his agent orange seeds that he recently picked up. And then Claire has some Chemdawg that she is going to be growing in here. So they will be using the spider farmer as well as the Canna grow lights, so we then can review those in those series.

And those videos will be free so I can show you guys the kinds of results that first time or Growers are getting with our videos. Now let's see what else, I picked up actually this isn't something that was sent to me, I picked this up on my own. But this is actually a trichome scope, it is a digital microscope that hooks up wirelessly to your smartphone so you can actually record what you are looking at with this baby while you’re smart phone is hooked up to it and you are holding it up to the plant. So really cool for video footage afterwards if you want to review it because sometimes it is hard to see in live action.

So today I'm going to do a little demonstration for you guys with the microscope, I'm going to show you guys some close-ups on the trichomes on the Gorilla Glue plants right here. And then recently, there's going to be a video coming out about it on how to make bubble hash. But I made a lot of bubble hash using my Zkittles Plants, and that is is what's left of it. So I want to give you guys some close-ups of that right now and then I am also going to use that trichome scope to give you guys some close-ups of really zoomed in micro close up so you guys can see what the house looks like at that level.

 Because we should be able to see a lot of those trichome heads individually at that level. So right here we've got the blonde hash that I separated into this jar, and then everything else, the darker stuff is in here. And like I was saying a free videos coming out soon on how to make bubble hash, We use the bubble dude, the bubble bag dude product and it is some very cool stuff and works really well. And this is from the Zkittles.  So now what we are going to do is use the truck comes go here to take a look at the trichomes on the Gorilla Glue Buds. And then we are going to take a close-up look at the bubble hash that I recently made. Alright I'm going to switch over and get this thing hooked up and then we will be back for that.

Alright folks so we've got the tri come scope linked up with my smartphone which is actually over there so I can watch the screen and see what I am picking up on the video, and it is now recording so let's get some close-ups of the trichomes that are on the Gorilla Glue plants. So you really want to be really steady so I am actually using a table or chair that is right here to stabilize my arm. And so now I'm going to come in at the 50 x which is the lowest setting for the scope. The most zoomed out setting. And let's see if I can get you guys so we will have to start assuming in a little bit there to give you guys a better focus. Here we go where you're starting to see the trichomes a little better more focused on the zoomed out shot. 

And you can see at this point they are mostly milky. And there's a good little shot and close up on one of the pistols that have already oranged, so you can see what that looks like. Those are the hairs right on it, on that pistol.  Sorry so yeah there we go got a good little shop for you guys. okay let's come back in and see if we can focus on a good section and there's some of those hairs.  Bam! Nice look at those try comes right there at 1,000 x is that is the max Zoom. Let me see if I can get a better angle here. So you can see they're mostly milky, not really any amber over here. 

And this is on the bud, I can see a little Amber in there maybe like a couple but not quite there. I'd like to see more Amber, up close let's see. That's of course a pistol and orange pistol up close. You can see those trichomes right there. Some of the hairs on the plant, but yeah those are getting pretty big and they look a little bit on the clear side not very milky. So we do have a little bit of a ways to go, so that's why I'm saying probably one more nutrients feeding and then we will be done or almost ready for flush I mean. Alright I'm going to zoom out, pretty little shot right there. And yeah there is your shot with the trichome scope.

Alright so now we're going to take a look at the bubble hash that I recently made and again here are some close ups on the dark and the light blond. And then I've got the trichome scope which I've got on it stand now as that will help me position it and hold it more steady. Alright let me just set this picture up for you guys. Alright so first we are going to take a look at the dark stuff right here, so let me give you guys a look at the blonde stuff while I take a look at this. So we are going to start with a zoomed all the way out so we are at that 50 X level and you guys can see it right there pretty close. And this is the dark ash again. All right so I'm going to start assuming her in.

So yeah you guys can kind of see I mean these are kind of more compressed so you can't see as well but you can't see the individual trichome heads. but remember this darker, there are some right there and then the darker bubble hash obviously it is going to have more plant material in it so that is what you are seeing in terms of the darker stuff. Let's see here, you guys going to see a lot of little trichome heads compressed some not some more. Those are like the lighter colored ones. So bam there is your guyses up close View of bubble hash, and I got a little bit stuck on the lense let me get that off of there for you guys. But there it is zoomed out, let's see let me try and get in on one of these lighter pieces.

But yeah you can see what the lighter-colored stuff it is easier to tell that it is those trichome heads, and then once you zoom all the way you kind of lose it. Alright so let me switch it out I'm going to do the blond hash now and will get a better look at those trichomes. Here we are at 50x. All right let's see oh yeah, bam there is a real close up right there real nice looking. Let me see if I can get a better one though zoomed out a little, yeah so you guys can see right there just lots of trichome heads stuck together. 

And that really is what hash is, I mean most to extracts since it is bubble they aren't going to be melted together because there's no heat used. Oh yes look at that, you can see is just a bunch of trichomes just mashed together. And you can see it looks like they are all stringy almost, where did that white piece go. Let's see, yes this is the more powdery substance. Or hash, I should say. Can't really get it to focus though, yeah so you can see that I mean look at that it's just a bunch of trichomes right there. On the floor.

 That is pretty cool! Let's see if I can get one more good shot for you guys and then we will call it a day. Yeah look at that, and then of course they also bound together with other resins from the plant and oils. As well as very little I mean this is pretty much no plant material in this quality. The blonder but yeah nice look for you guys. There you go, doesn't get much better than that. I lied, it does! Wow, alright I'm going to go smoke some of this hash now it is all getting my mouth watering just looking at it under the microscope. All right so that completes two days video and weekly update and I will see you guys back here and seven days for the next one. Peace!

Alright GreenBox Growers, so that officially concludes this weekly update I will be back with another one in just 7 days. Now in the meantime as I was saying earlier, feel free to comment below with topics or ideas for future videos you guys want to see us do. And as always thank you for watching this week's video, I hope you enjoyed it, and until next time…  

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown