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Week 9 of the Low Stress Training Autoflower Grow Series


Week 9 of the Low Stress Training Autoflower Grow Series

Almost time to Harvest the Blue Amnesia Buds


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most lit cannabis grow Channel on YouTube! Not today is that the official start a week 9 for my low stress training Autoflower grow serious. So I will be continuing with flushing those blue Amnesia plants and I will continue also with the nutrients schedule for the tangerine dream's and hopefully they will be ready for flushing as well pretty soon here. So before I get started with today's video I want to remind you guys that if you are trying to start your own cannabis grow at home for the first time or you have already started and are struggling and need some help. I do offer one-on-one grow guidance where I'll hope you each day over the phone and kind of guide you along with what to do to your plants, so you get the best results.

 If you are interested I'm currently offering a free trial to this service as well, so just check out my contact info Down Below in the description, and feel free to hit me up for info on how to sign up for that. No I don't want to forget to remind you guys to check out our merch on the website under MERCH and SMOKE, and now that you know what we are doing and today's video Let's Get start with day 1 of the week! 

Alrighty Growers we are out here in the garage for day 1 of the week, and you can see the buds on those Tangerine Dream plants are still fattening up really well each day. The buds on the blue Amnesia plants are not really growing in size anymore, they are kind of fattening up a little bit, but most growth is pretty much finished at this point. And the trichomes are pretty much just maturing as time goes on. Again I am still flushing these Buds and that's going to be another week and a half and that is really just to clean out the buds and to get all of those nutrients and minerals out of there or whatever it is that is Left Behind from the nutrients you use. And that way you have a cleaner better-tasting smoke in the end. Now here is a good shot on the Tangerine Dream plants and I'm going to bring in light so you guys can see better.

 But let's see if we can get it to focus, right so you can see in there still growing in size and the hairs are still all white and standing up. They are starting to curl up towards the buds here and there, but not too much so just going to let them keep growing, and you can see they are starting to grow towards each other and connect almost, but they are definitely growing in size and getting larger. So yesterday was a plane pH watering and obviously a continuing for the flush, of these guys, so I'm going to wait a few more days or at least until tomorrow before I water them again and in the meantime just keeping temperature in that range of 67 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. And then the humidity around 50 to 55%. All right guys I will see you in 24 hours for your next update.

What up Growers we are back 24 hours later for day 2 of the week, and I just checked the soil and the plants are ready for their next watering so that's going to be another plain pH water at 6.3, and I've got that mixed up right here so I'm just about to give that to them. And that is the second plane pH watering since the last nutrient feeding for the Tangerine Dream plants, and of course I think this is the third watering since the beginning of the flush for the Blue Amnesias. So not going To show you guys the watering cuz you of course I've seen this several times before, but I am giving them over a gallon of water each per plant not like a gallon and a quarter but more like a gallon and 1/8 Maybe.

 So really a good amount of water and getting around 30 to 35% runoff out of all of them, and you can see what the blue Amnesia buds they aren't going to get much bigger, but they are just kind of finishing up with their trichome development and letting them finish up to those perfect levels. Now these buds on the Tangerine Dream are so fattening up as you can see, looking really good of course and nice and Frosty. And those trichomes are really packing on, but they are mainly milky right now still some cloudy like a little bit 1% 2% Amber but not much more than that. And the same goes for the Tangerine Dream in the back here.

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All right guy so I actually wanted to show you the Blue Amnesia Buds in the back here as I haven't given you a close look on those lately. And those are really looking really good, so let me give you guys a quick close up! And let's see if I can give you a good shot so you can see his nice orange hairs and bulbous like buds that are curling in. You can see up close how Frosty it is really getting and I mean let's see here, all right so here are some good shots of the bud So you can see it's kind of a weird angle but this is really the easiest way to get that for y'all. And that one right there is really looking nice so very excited to smoke these in the very near future. So yeah I just wanted to show you guys that and that is it for today's update, so I will be back in another 24 hours for day 3 of the week!

 All right guys here we are another 24 hours later for day 3 of week 9, and you can see I left the purple lights on today just so you can get a different look at the buds since I haven't done a shot with these on and awhile. So buds are still developing really nicely and fattening up on the Tangerine Dreams, and I am still continuing with flushing on the Blue Amnesia plant. Now the blue amnesia's are a little bit ahead so I'm thinking I might shorten that flush. Buy a few days and just go for a 10-day flush opposed to a 14-day flush. But we will finish out this week just since this was the start of flush and then we will go from there and decide what to do. 

No I'm going to give you guys a quick close up on the buds, and then I'm also going to give you guys a nice look at the Tangerine Dream trichomes as I haven't given you an update on those in a minute. So here is the first of all the Tangerine Dream main Cola here in the front plant, looking really good and filling out. you can see those hairs are curling and more and more and turning more orange which is a sign of getting closer to maturity, or full maturity that is. You can see all of the other side colas are doing really well also and are almost the same size as this guy up here. 

And then the Tangerine Dream in the back is looking good as well, fattening up well I guess you could say as big as the one in the front it has some more white hair standing up at this point though. So a sign that it does have a little bit further to go in terms of flower. But like I said I will probably be doing another nutrients eating or two for the tangerine dream's quick look at the Blue Amnesia in the front. As always the All Star Of the group! And down below those buds are looking really big and Frosty and are even getting pretty fat, but at this point it's just about flushing and not really getting more growth going on. And same with the blue Amnesia in the back so let me give you a good shot of that.

 Really nice looking buds nice and dance with those really fat curly hair is going in. And you can see they're just going to be really nice tight nugs and I can't wait for the Harvest video of the series cuz that is going to be real nice. Alright so now let me give you guys I look at these trichomes on the Tangerine dreams right here. Alright guys so I've got my scope right here my macro lens that I will be clipping on to my iPhone. And now that we have our trichome vision on, let's take a look at this mean Tangerine Dream Bud right here in the front. and this is obviously the slow mo clip so you guys can get a better idea of how they look because in regular speed pretty tricky to see. 

From what I can see just filming right now in regular speed it looks like lots of white and milky but not really any clear trichomes left. And I'm not really seeing any amber yet, but when it's in slo-mo I'll be able to have a better look and a better idea. But there is some good shots for you guys, alright in there we are that is the bud we were just looking at with a try comes under the scope. Pretty much all milky looking and hopefully are going to start turning Amber and at that point is when I will begin the flush. So that is it for today's video on the low stress training Autoflower series, but I will be back of course in 24 hours for your next update. Alright peace guys!

Alright guys we are back for day 4 of the week, and the plants are ready for their next plane pH watering. Of course that is a flushing for the blue amnesia's, but that just means plain pH water at 6.3 for all for plants. And I will be really soaking all of them with just over a gallon as usual, I will not be showing you guys the watering as usual again as you've already seen me do that plenty of times and it's just going to be the same routine. But what I will do today is give you guys some close-ups on those buds so you can see how they are developing. So again this is that Tangerine Dream that's been developing in the front here on that main Cola and I'll show you all the way down on those top so you can see how they are developing underneath as well. 

Everything is looking really nice and sunny at those orange hairs going and curling in towards the bud. And getting bigger and frosty so these are getting pretty close almost ready for their flesh to start and again here is that blue Amnesia in the front for you guys to see.  But yeah that's part of the girls kind of slow because all we are doing is Flushing the plants or watering them at this point, nothing too much else going on especially with the ones that are pretty much finishing up the flowering stage. So it's kind of just a waiting game at this point, and yeah I'll be back in another 24 hours later of course for your next update. And in the meantime just make sure your temperature and your humidity or staying on point because you don't want any drastic changes happening in the tent!

Alright guys we are back for day 5 of week 9 and the Tangerine Dream here in the back right is getting a lot of nice Bud development as of the last few days here. So just wanted to give you guys a close up on that and I just wanted these guys I think it was yesterday, with their plane pH watering so they are all still really good in terms of that. And no need to water today. But yeah let me show you guys the development we are having over here with the Tangerine Dream in the back right. So you can see those white hairs are mostly curled in at this point and have oranged, but they still have a couple white ones up top there but you can see it's getting real Frosty. And like this main Cola right here it is getting really dense and is fattening up way nicely on the underside of the canopy here. So really excited for this growth, this recent growth and sometimes you'll notice with Bud growth. And here's the Tangerine Dream in the front. 

Sometimes you'll notice with Bud growth that it kind of comes in spurts, so maybe you'll notice your buds aren't growing very much for a few days or a few weeks, and then all the sudden you'll have a couple days of massive bud growth. And that is just depending on the Strain and the genetics, some are consistent and grow a lot or just grow a consistent amount each day. And I would say that the blue Amnesia is definitely grew like that because it was a noticeable amount each day, and then with this Tangerine Dream strain it definitely seems like it comes and goes and kind of spurts. So here is your guys day 5 update, no need to water like I was saying, next watering will be a nutrient feeding but I will give you an update on that when it is time. 

I almost forgot to mention that we are getting pretty close here with harvesting the blue Amnesia plants. We have been flushing for about a week now and I may go another half week to a full week I'm not really sure. Because they are coming out really nicely and are just about at that sweet spot for harvesting. So I'll be finishing for sure this week with the flush and then I will be reevaluating the blue amnesia's, so maybe harvesting at next week's video. Or I guess I will be back in another 24 hours per day 6 of the week, peace!

What up peeps we are back for day 6 of the week, and the plants are ready for their next watering so it's going to be the continued flush for the blue Amnesia is here and then the Tangerine dreams are ready for their nutrients feeding.  This will actually be the last nutrients feeding for the grow, and then I will start flushing the Tangerine dream's as well. So in today's video I'm not going to show you guys the nutrients feeding just because you guys have seen me do it so many times before, but I will show you the mix I am using. And then we will check out the trichomes on the Tangerine Dream plants, so I can show you how they look or what signified to me that they are ready to start their flush just about.

Alright so first let's check out the feeding schedule I will be using for today, I will be following the week 10 mix on the fox farm Dirty Dozen schedule, so you'll see I've got three teaspoons of the Big Bloom, 2 teaspoons of the tiger bloom, three of the bembe and then .25 of the Cha Ching. So it's a pretty simple one, and then I pH at 6.3 of course, and I will be doing this one at full strength since the last one, and don't forget about that cal-mag with 1 teaspoon per gallon of water as that is really important also. So there is the feeding schedule, pH it at 6.3 and then it's just going to be playing pH watering from now on since I'm just flushing these blue and he's your plants up here and back here.

All right guy so I've got the macro lens on my iPhone so now let's get a close-up on this trichomes, on the Tangie dream in the front. Again this is the main Cola or main Bud up top in the middle or that main cola if you will, let's see if I can get a steady shot it's kind of hard with the fans going. But you will notice almost all of the hair is have curled in and turned orange, so that is one sign that is getting close to full maturity, and then of course just looking at this trichomes to see that they are all milky and then some are starting to get Amber. It looks like we are getting that because I am seeing that in the steadier shot here.  It's a little bit lighter on that Amber side it's not quite the 5% that I like, but these buds have been in flour for a long time for autoflowers, so I'm going to wrap this one up and get her flushed pretty soon. So I will be doing that final nutrient feeding today, And then next week is when I will do that Sledgehammer flush to kick off that two-week or one-and-a-half weak flush for the Tangerine Dream Autos. So there is that big bud in the front there and then in the back there is that guy is well.

What up Growers so we are back here for the last day of week 9, and the plants are looking amazing as always! So at this point they grow series I'm pretty much just going to be flushing the plants, since we did the last nutrients feeding there for the Tangerine Dream as I mentioned. And it's just going to be flashing these guys for the next week or week and a half for the Tangerine Dream and I'll be doing it a few days in the next week for the blue amnesia's and then I'll be harvesting them. But yeah that is pretty much going to be it for this gross Series so the bud will develop a little bit further for the remainder of this video series, but it's mainly like I keep saying just going to be me flushing the nutrients out of there, so we get a nice healthy bud to smoke. And it's also going to taste a lot better, so that is you know the importance of flushing when you are in soil or some sort of Coco choir like medium. You want to flush it because that gets them nutrients out of the plant and there is actually a build up in there overtime just because you know you are constantly feeding it those different supplements. So flushing that out makes it so you don't have to smoke Does nutrients and it  makes for a much tastier bud! So I am thrilled with how this blue Amnesia is coming out, it is just super Frosty and smells amazing, they all smell really Citrusy, especially this Tangerine dream's because it's got those Tangi genetics in it.

This guy back here I swear, I had had my hands on it was just kind of touching the buds and smelling them up close and afterwards I was like I was just peeling an orange or something, it was a strong fruity smell and I love it when it smells like that! So really stoked like I am staying on the progress of these Buds and how they are coming out over all. Very excited to start harvesting them next week as well. Next week will be the last week for the blue amnesia's and then the week after that will be the final week of the grow for the Tangerine Dream, and then I will have some videos on the harvesting as well as the curing and drying process. And here's just a good close-up for you guys on the main Cola there of that Tangerine Dream. And then let's see I'll try and get one more good close-up to see if you guys can see those trichomes and just how dense they are, it's a shield of Frost! Nice aerial view for you guys, alright peace guys!

Alright GreenBox Growers that concludes week 9 of the low stress training Autoflower grow series. And like I was saying I will be back for week 10 where I will be starting the flush for these Tangerine Dream plants, and I will be finishing up the flush for the blue amnesia's and harvesting them in this coming week.  all right guys so as always if you enjoyed the video, please smash that thumbs-up button and don't forget to comment below with your feedback. Also feel free to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel and a turn on the notifications for updates on my latest grows. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown



Week 9 of the Screen of Green Grow (Final Topping & Lollipopping)


Week 9 of the Screen of Green Grow (Final Topping & Lollipopping)

SCROG Week 1 of Flower:  Lollipopping & final Topping

What’s up cannabis growers, My name is Dylan and welcome back to the Screen of Green Grow Series by GreenBox Grown.  This is the beginning of week 9 which means we are officially in Flower now.  In this video I will cover the changes you will need to make to your grow set up for the flower phase and I will explain the ideal environmental conditions.  At this point in time I will continue with training branches through the SCROG and I will let you know when this will no longer need to be done.  Finally, I will be covering the watering schedule for the week and I will also be Lollipopping the lower parts of all four of my blue dream plants.  I will explain more on what that means later on in the video.  Remember to visit the videos section at to jump ahead in this grow series, and now lets get started with day 1 of week 9.

In this shot I want to explain the changes you’ll want to make in order to start flowering your cannabis plants.  If you are growing auto flower plants, you do not need to change the lighting schedule but you will want to make all other changes I recommend.  For regular plants, the first step you’ll want to take is changing the amount of light they get each day.  For veg they get 18+ hours each day and for flower you will want to give them 12 hours of light and 12 hours of complete darkness.  Any light interruptions during the dark period can cause issues and lower yields.  The cool thing about regular seeds is you can keep them in veg for as long as you want and then switch the lighting schedule to force them into flower.  

Alright, so now that we are in flower, we will be using the flower nutrient mixes and for the first few weeks I will be still using the foliar spray as it is ok during pre flower.  You’ll see I have this tarp over my greenhouse and that is what I use for blacking it out at night to make sure no light gets in once the lights go off  .  You’ll want to keep temperature right at 75 degrees F still but you’ll want to lower humidity into the 40-45% range.  Once you have made all these changes to your grow room you are officially in flower!

This shot is to give you all a good look at the tops poking through the Screen and how it is really starting to fill out.  From this lower view you can see there aren’t really any that are tall enough to be trained so I will leave them be for the moment.

Today I will be lollipopping all four of my cannabis plants, and what lollipopping refers to is trimming all foliage away from the lower third of the cannabis plant so all that is left are the main branches that made it through the scrog as well as the foliage up top.  To do this all you need is a clean pair of trimmers and you are good to go.  You want to first determine which branches you will take down and my rule of thumb is anything more than 5 inches away from growing through the SCROG gets the chop.  Now i will start and remember to take away all foliage from the branches you are keeping and only do it for the bottom third of the plant.

Here I am right after finishing the lollipopping and you can see what is left and what I took down.  Be sure to get all the foliage out of the grow room and thrown away as you don’t want it decomposing in the grow space.  You can see up top I left everything alone, and that is because we want all the bud growth and energy to be focused above the SCROG where all the light is.  This will create larger yields and denser, tighter buds!

Now I will be flushing these plants with the siege hammer flush from fox farm.  This is what is recommended on the feeding schedule right before the first week of flower nutrients, and I will be mixing 2 tsp per gallon of water.  Be sure to really soak your plants and to get 15% runoff so you really flush them out!  Don’t forget to pH your mix and I also add coco wet as I am in a coco coir mix.

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Next day and I want to give you a look at the plants and how they are growing since the lollipopping.  They don’t seem to be exhibiting any signs of s tress or shock and are still growing just fine.  It is also good to trim below like this because it allows for much more airflow between the plants, and that helps prevent mold and other issues from forming.  

Now the plants are ready for another feeding so I will be giving them the week 5 nutrients mix, which is the first mix of flower on the fox farm dirty dozen schedule.  I’ll be adding 1/2 a tsp of coco wet, and 1 tsp of cal mag per gallon of water as well and then after mixing everything together I pH it.  At this point I am using a full gallon and a half for these plants and am getting some runoff out of the bottom.  I am also still misting both above and under the SCROG so I can get a really good coat all around.

This is day 6 of the week and I want to show you how the plants are starting to exhibit signs of flower.  First of all, you can see all the tops are starting to turn a light yellowish color right at the  centers.  Also, if you get up close like so, you can see they are starting to produce the first couple of pistils that will eventually grow into large buds!  

For the very last day of week 9 I will just be providing a plain pHd watering and spray for the plants.  remember to give a good soaking for each plant, especially now that we are in flower.  If you under water during this stage, it will lead to smaller buds.

That concludes week 9 of the Screen of Green Series by GreenBox Grown which is also the first week of flower for the grow.  Next week, I will show you the early stages of buds forming on my plant sand will explain how to look at the trichomes and tell when they are ready for harvest.  If you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up and feel free to comment below with your feedback.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel and to turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows!  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…


Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown


Week 9 of the Indoor Grow Series is now available  (Week 4 of Flower)


Week 9 of the Indoor Grow Series is now available (Week 4 of Flower)

Check out Week 4 of Flower for the Indoor Grow Series!

Hello and welcome back for Week 9 of the Indoor Grow Series by GreenBox Grown.  Now that we are at the beginning of the 4th week of flower, you should be seeing a substantially sized bud growing on all of your branches.  There will still be white hairs standing straight up, but some may be curling inwards already.  You should also notice the buds are starting to consume the leaves as they fatten up and grow!  This week I will be doing a sledge hammer flush on these plants, and I will also so you how to use plant stakes and string to hold up branches that are falling over due to the weight of the growing buds!

Alright so here is a good look at the buds without the purple LED on, just so you can get an idea of what they really look like.  You can see the buds are still mostly made up of white pistils, but there is a lot more size to them and you can see the trichomes growing as well.  Since the soil is dry an inch deep, I will be giving the plants a plain pHd watering.  Even though we are not experiencing much vegetative growth, these plants still need plenty of water to help with fattening up those buds up above!  Make sure to get some drainage out of the bottom, and any leaves that are dying and curling up like this can be pulled off and disposed of outside your grow space.  This just happens because they are not getting any light due to being directly under the thick canopy.

Now lets take a look at the buds under neath the Purple LED light.  Unfortunately you aren't in this grow room, as the smell is very citrusy and becoming really potent!  As the flowering stage goes on you can see the buds start to over take the branches and the leaves tend to almost disappear into them!  Some of these main tops are already connecting their buds from the top all the way down which is a sign of a large yield! 

Now it is time for the sledge hammer flush, but first let me give you guys a quick look at the buds.  You can see here, some of the branches are starting to fall over, which is due to one of 2 reasons.  First, buds are getting so heavy the branch cannot hold their weight and is falling over.  Second, there isn't enough lighting and there fore the branches are growing weak and falling over because of their own weight.  In this case I believe it is due to the weight of the buds and there for will be using stakes and string later on in this video to help stabilize the branches.  If it is due to a lack of lighting, just add another light of the same strength and you'll be good to go.

Now I am going to mix the Sledge hammer flush by Fox Farm and will be doing 2 tsp per gallon plus half a tsp of coco wet per gallon.  Then stir and pH andyou are good to water.  I’m giving each plant a little over half a gallon for this watering so they can really get the left over notes flush out.  This flush is done in the middle of flower just to prevent too much of a build up in the soil and plant, so that when harvest is near and it is time to do the final flush, it wont take forever and a day to complete the process.

Ok, this falling over has gotten severe enough, so I will be speaking the buds back upright in this shot.  All you will need to to this is some stakes like these which you can get at a gardening sore or on the greenbox grown supply store.  When Staking the branches, be very gentle with the buds as you don't want to harm or damage any of them.  Try to have the stake only touch the plant in places where there isn't bud growing if possible.  If you cant that’s ok just be very gentle.

This shot shows how they look after adding the stakes, and you can see I reached my goal which was to have all the branches standing back up s the buds are right under the lights!  It’s also a good idea to take advantage of this opportunity to space your tops out, which is something I like to do.  When staking them just make sure to leave an even amount of space so the buds can grow big and fat.

Here we are a day after adding the stakes, and everything is looking back to normal.  The buds are still filling out and growing in size which is what we want in the end anyways.  You can also se I tied strings to the top of a lot of these branches and pulled them up by the frame of the tent.  This was to help stand them straight up in order to absorb the most amount of light possible.  This seems to be helping and the buds are getting noticeably bigger by the day.

The soil is dry and the plants are ready for their nutrient feeding of the week.  I will be following the week 8 mix of the fox farm dirty dozen feeding chart and will be adding 1 tsp of cal mag plus half a tsp of coco wet.  After mixing everything together, I will pH to 5.8 and water.  Really try and get at least 20% runoff out of the bottom for these feeding, to help the plants grow their buds.  Once you have gotten the proper amount of runoff you are all finished.  That also concludes the end of Week 9 of the Indoor Grow Series.  Now that you have finished this video you are ready to move on to week 10.  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…


Dylan @ GreenBox Grown