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Mother Plant & Cloning Update:  Week 17 overall


Mother Plant & Cloning Update: Week 17 overall

Week 6 Flower for the Limoncello Haze


What up GreenBox Growers,And welcome back for week 17 of the how to grow a mother plant and clone grow series! Now it's getting really exciting as we are nearing the end of the flowering stage we just have a few more weeks here, probably two more before we start that flush so I'm going to start checking on those trichomes this week and they should start getting very milky at this point, maybe a little bit of Amber as well. So get excited for that, and definitely nearing the harvest season here. 

And I will pretty much just be continuing the same nutrients and watering schedule throughout these coming weeks just saw this but can continue to fatten up and get really Frosty and dense over the last few weeks of this grow.  Now before we get started with this week's video on remind you guys that we do also offer one-on-one grow guidance that pairs really well with these videos if you are looking for a little extra help. As well as some Hands-On help from myself as it will actually be me talking with you one-on-one over the phone helping you with your plant. 

Now again all you have to do is visit the link here to check out our patreon page for more details on that service, and now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week

So we are now out here in the garage for day 1 of the week, and you can see the ladies are still good on the water as I just fed them yesterday. But what I wanted to show you guys is how you guys can tell when it is good time to start checking with those trichomes. Because you can tell just by looking at the buds if they are getting close or not to being ready for Harvest, it's not the best way to determine when they are ready to start that flush.  

But what you can see by looking at the buds as there still a decent amount of white hairs that are standing straight up, or those white pistols. And they all haven't curled in or oranged yet. Once you start soon that the majority of those white pistils have curled in, and have change color, that is a good sign that they are almost ready or have gone ready to start their flush and to prepare for Harvest. So right now I can tell it is not really necessary to check just yet with the microscope, but I can check on those trichomes with it if I want just to see their development. 

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But I would say at this stage they are just turning milky probably 50 to 60% milky and no Amber just yet. So still probably another week or two to go before they will be ready to start that flush. But you can see there are some hair starting to Orange and curl in on some of the plants but right now the majority are still standing up. So that was a good sign too because that means we still have some fattening up and growth to do in terms of those buds. 

And they are already pretty massive and it looks like they are going to continue to grow in size. So very stoked on that like I said and no need to water today as they are still good. But just wanted to give you guys some good looks at these massive buds. I mean look at that guy right there in the back that's becoming in Monster. And it looks like it is bigger than the rest but a lot of these are very similar in size as you can see they are just a little bit lower.

 So getting really excited to harvest these as it's going to be a nice of yield, and that's pretty much it for today's update, so I will be back here in 24 hours for day 2 of the week. All right peace growers!

Alright Growers it's another 24 hours later here in the cloning and mother plant grow room, and all of the ladies are ready for their next watering. Said the mother plant is going to be getting her 4th mix of flower nutrients, and then the clubs will be getting their second plane pH watering Since the last nutrient feeding. So let me show you what that nutrient feeding is going to look like here if you are following the foxfarm schedule, so last Nutrients feeding was actually that Sledgehammer flush right here, so now we are on the week 8 of the fox farm Dirty Dozen mix.

So we are going to be doing 3 teaspoons of the Big Bloom and then two of both the grow big and the tiger bloom. And then it's still recommends using the flower kiss, I don't do that at this point because these buds are so far along, I'm not really interested in misting anything on them. And then if you have the kelp me kelp you you can have that end of that does not come with the dirty dozen so I will not be using that. 

 Bembe, Which is really nice, that is the sweet and dandy Bud Sweetener. So not only is it going to help with getting a lot of sugars to the buds to fatten them up but it's also going to make them of course really sweet and give them a really good scent. If you take a nice with of that bembe, it actually has a nice taste to it, kind of like a bourbon taste. Now after that we are going to be doing the Beastie Bloomz, which again is another Bloom booster to help give you some nice size  to those buds. And it's also going to add a little flavor there too.

After that which I will be doing that mix at full strength how long I will be adding one teaspoon per gallon of water of my Cal Mag by Botanicare. I do that every nutrients feeding for all of my plants. and now let me just give you guys some nice looks at all of the buds. So not really ready to be checking out the trichomes just yet because they do have a little bit of a ways to go. so I'm probably going to hold off until next week's update to be doing that.  As yeah we still have a decent amount of fattening up to go which of course is a good thing because that just means more yields and bigger buds. So really important these nutrient feedings throughout this period.

 You don't watch to do them too strong but you do want to make sure you are getting them and because that is going to help a lot with supercharging your buds with bigger yields and amazing smells + taste. And that is also going to help increase the potency a lot so definitely don't want to be skipping out on at the nutrient feedings. So that is it, you will actually notice a lot of the leaves are starting to yellow and that is normal as we start to wrap up the flower phase. 

Plants just start to siphon off nitrogen from those leaves to send that to the buds for extra growth and a little boost of energy. So that is also why it is so important to get those nutrients feeding into the soil because you don't want them to stop growing too soon in the flowering phase. So that is it for your day to update of the week and I will be back here in another 24 hours for your next update. All right peace guys!

What up GreenBox Growers, we are back here 24 hours later for day 3 of the week and plants are doing really well, still no need for watering since that one we just did. But those buds are continuing to grow tremendously, I mean look how big these colas are getting right there. You could see just the outline they look up monstrous right now, and even the ones over here on the smaller plants look just as big. So really stoked on that because I really only did a two to three week veg time on the little clones here so going to get some really good yields for our little bit of time of growing these.

 Now there aren't really any leaves that will be needed to trim  any further at this point So for now it's just one to be watering and maintaining some healthy conditions in the grow room such as temperature and humidity. So let me just give you guys some close ups, and they actually are looking a little further along in terms of maturity that I thought previously, so I think day 1 of this coming week is when I'm going to start checking those trichomes to see how close we are to being ready for a flush. 

So I'm thinking next week might be the last week of vegetation I'm sorry the last week of flower Before we start that flush. But using that Trichome Scope it's really the only way I will be able to tell that. So that is it for today's update and I will be back here in 24 hours for day for the week. All right peace guys!

Alright Growers we are back here 24 hours later for day 4 of week 17 and actually all the ladies are ready for their next watering. So that's going to be the first plane P H watering for the mother plant right here. And then for the clowns that is going to be there third plane th watering. So the next watering is going to be there nutrients feeding. Now just checked much trichomes actually with the scope and a sprosty as these guys are looking And as far as long as they are looking, there's actually still a few more weeks to go before we start that flush.  

Trichomes are starting to turn milky, there's no Amber going on just yet. But definitely a lot of clear and probably only about 25-30% Milky. So they are going to finish up a couple weeks time, it's not going to take too much longer but it's not like we are there just yet. So buds are still developing and getting bigger by the day and you can see just how fat these colas are over here.  So very excited to get these guys harvested, again the smell is tremendous and a very lemony smell what you would expect from Limoncello. So that is it for today's update I'm going to do that watering now, and then I will be back here in 24 hours, right peace guys!

What are throwers we are back here for day 5 of the week, now the plants are not yet ready for their next to watering, probably by tomorrow they will be though. But what I did want to show you guys is how Frosty they're finishing up. Now I left the purple lights on today just to give you a little bit of a different look let me get my camera to focus. Let me get a better shot just to show you how Frosty these are getting, and you will also notice pretty much I would say the majority of white hairs have curled in now and have slightly Oranged. 

So what I'm going to be doing is day one of this coming week I will be checking those trichomes to see where we are at. I don't think we will be ready for flush I'm thinking we will have another week to go but these ladies are really finishing up quickly now that we are ending the flowering process so I just want to keep an eye on those trichomes so they don't overdevelop. Again looking for around 5 to 10% Amber and then that is when I will begin to flush. 

Last time I checked these a few days ago there were still a good amount of Milky or I'm sorry clear not yet milky trichomes. so we want them to all be at least milky with some amber. So a little bit of a ways to go but you can see they are just still fattening up on the daily. And these are just solid nugs all the way up and down and there are just tons of colas on each plant. 

I mean like at least 10 per plant. So really really excited to get these ladies chopped down soon in the coming weeks because not only are they extremely Frosty like I keep saying but there is plenty to go around. So I have a feeling I will be smoking on this limoncello haze or I will have this in my little line up of strings for a while to come. 

So very stoked on that. And let me see if I can give you guys a good focused look on the monster in the back here. It'll just take a second, there you go you can see it is really Frosty all the way through and it just has mass to it. So really really happy on how these ladies are pumping out in terms of bud development.  And that is pretty much it for today's update but I will be back in 24 hours for day 6 of the week. All right peace guys!

What up GreenBox Growers, we are actually back here a few days later as I had to head out of town for a little bit there. But not to worry I gave the ladies a nice watering right before I left and they're doing just as well now that I am back.  So today is going to be the last day of this week or the mother plant and cloning groceries. And actually the ladies are ready for their next watering so before I get to that I want to mention that I did check the trichomes last night when I got in and it looks like we're going to be a few days away before we are going to be ready to start the flush.

 So today the Clones are getting their nutrients feeding and that's probably going to be there last nutrient feeding up the grow as I'm thinking probably Day 2 or 3 of this coming week is when I will be starting there flush. So today the Clones will be getting their fifth mix of the flower nutrients and the mother plant is getting her second plane pH watering. Now for that fifth mix, that's going to be week 9 On the fox farm Dirty Dozen schedule here. And I'm going to be doing that at full strength as well as with that one teaspoon of Cal Mag for a gallon of water.

 So let me just show you guys up close with the buds, you can see the leaves are pretty much non-existent at this point. It's pretty much just the bud that is left and we are getting these really dense and Frosty colas everywhere. And yeah like I said, very close to being  in that window to start the flush. When I checked today or last night I'm sorry, it was about 4% Amber trichomes, so I just want them to bump up a little further because I want to be in that 5 to 10% range. And that should just take a few days here after this water in, and then we will be ready to go. So that's it for this week's update, and I will be back shortly with next week's update where we will probably be starting that flush. Alright peace guys!

 All right GreenBox Growers, so there you have it we are now in the flushing phase of this grow series. That also concludes week 14 for the NukeHeads Grow Series, so for the next week to two weeks I'm going to be flushing these plants with plain pH water, and the next video in this series is actually going to cover that entire process as well as the harvesting process and I'm going to give you guys a brief overview since the flushing is pretty repetitive. 

 It's going to be the same steps every time you water so I will cover those details. And we also have more detailed info on how to flush your plans under the intro to Growing section. And then also as I was mentioning in the videos, we do have another video in there to show you how to check and determine your trichomes for when they will be ready for Harvest. So if you are looking up for more details on both of those subjects Just check the intro to Growing section. Now I will be back shortly with that next video which will cover the entire flushing process as well as the beginning of harvest and the drying process. As always thank you guys for watching, I hope you enjoyed this week's video and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown