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Week 14

Week 14 of the Mother Plant & Cloning Grow Series


Week 14 of the Mother Plant & Cloning Grow Series

Week 3 of Flower for the Mother Plant & Clones


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the how to clone and grow a mother plant grow series! Now today kicks off week 14 of the overall grow and that is week 3 of flower for these plants. And as you will see pretty soon here the buds are developing really well on both but the mother plant and all of her clothes Now that we have that third grow light in there and the transitional phase is now behind us. So we are right in the thick of that flowering phase and I am going to be covering the watering and nutrient schedule for this week as well as how to keep those ideal conditions for your plants while they are in the flowering phase, so that you can maximize those Bud yields, as well as quality.

Now before we get started with this week's videos I just want to give you guys a quick reminder that if you are looking for some added help to go along with these grow videos, I do offer my one-on-one grow guidance where I myself will personally help you over the phone each day and you have unlimited access to my help with that service. So if you are interested check out more info at this link right here on our patreon page, and now that you guys know what we are doing in today's video let's get started with day 1 of the week!

Here we are back out in the garage for day 1 of the week and you can see the plants are doing really well, I'm going to focus mainly on the Clones today just because of how well that bud growth and development has been going this far. Especially now that I added that third LED in here, and again that is this Mars Hydro 300w, just a cheap little trying to use LED. But anyways, what is really cool about the development of the buds and the clones, and this is going on with the mother plant too, but anyways the buds are developing you can see all the way from like the top right here, and they are developing all the way down two pretty much the main trunk. 

So these buds are not only going to be really fat and dense, but they are going to be long and growing all the way down the length of the branch so they are going to connect all the way down. So we will probably have to do a little more defoliation, as you will see I will probably be removing a couple of leaves here and there. But pretty much for the most part it is pretty much been all taken care of with those first two to foliations. Now the mother plant I don't really anticipate having to take any more branches off or leaves I mean, just because you can see how to send out she is and she is not really growing much in terms of vegetative growth anymore. It is pretty much all focused on those pretty little buds that she's got going.

 So again this is the start of week 3 of flower, the very first day of week 3 and you can see already we've got nice development not only at the tops of the bud sites but you will see a going all the way down just like on those clones, and I think that is just partially due to how we've been growing them as well as top quality genetics with these lemoncello Haze plants from Amsterdam marijuana seeds. So the plants were ready for a watering today in the mother plant got her first I'm sorry the mother plant got her third plane pH water in, and the Clones got their first plane pH watering since that last nutrients feeding.

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 So that is pretty much it for today's update you can see from the top of the canopy, all those little bud sites are filling out nicely, and I will be back here in 24 hours for a day 2 of the week. Alright peace guys!

 Alright folks we are back for day 2 of the week and nothing really new to report except for extra Bud growth, and no need to water today as they are still good on that. But let me just give you guys some nice close-ups of the buds they are developing really well, and you can see they are actually fattening up quite quickly here. So these colas here are filling out pretty much from top to bottom as I keep mentioning, but you can see pistols are really starting to develop quite rapidly. It's almost like they are twice as big today compared to yesterday. 

So the lollipopping is holding up really well down below the canopy here as you can see, the trunk is really fat and nice looking. And then here we are with the Clones, same thing getting a lot of development on those main tops as well as the side koalas, you can see here these side colas are looking really nice. And then of course the main one is nice and filled out already, starting from top to bottom and it is just going to continue to do that. So you will see now the buds they are starting to I mean they're still flowering at their respective bud sites.  But now they're starting to get A little larger and they are starting to connect to the bud sites that are nearby. So eventually they should all connect on each branch, for me one big Cola.

 So that is what we have to look forward to hear. Again the bloom Beast light, all three dials are at 100% And then I've got both dials on forever the Mars Hydro reflector. So that is really it, let me give you guys a little bit of a zoomed out look at the plant, but that is really it for todays update So I will be back in 24 hours for day 3 of the week.   All right peace guys!

Alright Growers we are back here for days three of the week and I actually just finished watering both the clones and the mother plant. So the mother plant got her second mix of flower nutrients, and again that was from the fox farm Dirty Dozen and then the Clones got their second plane pH watering since their last nutrient feeding. So I split two gallons between all five of the Clones and then I gave the mother plant about a gallon and a half of that nutrient mix. So that was the second flour mix, so week 6 of The Fox Farm nutrients schedule and I did that at full strength. And then I added one teaspoon of this Cal Mag per gallon of water.

 so that's what she got, now let me just show you guys the buds on all of the plants as they are really taking off and tremendous growth is happening really on a daily basis. I mean if you can see like I was shown you guys yesterday all the way up and down the notes, that bud growth is larger and more. And really I mean these are going to be solid nugs all the way  up and down the branches all of the branches really. So did a little bit of defoliation today and probably took about 10 to 15% of the fan leaves off total combine for all of these plants. Just taking off a leaves that were laying on top of sites and kind of covering them up.

Mother plant didn't really need anything to be removed from her today, but you can see Bud growth is still going really well, especially on these tall ones these big main colas and we've got about let's see one, two, three, four, the big one five, six, I mean there's really probably 10 of them. But six really big ones and then I mean overall there are probably 20 main colas that are really going to develop all the way up and down.

 So again you can see that development is going really well.  Let me give you guys a good close-up of the big guy in the back or the big lady as I should say. And she's even got a few little bugs coming up from below there so that's really it for today's update and again that is day 3 of the week. And I will be back here for day for shortly, alright peace guys!

Alright Growers we are back here for day 4 of the week and just wanted to give you guys a close up on all of the buds because they are really getting extra big in no time at all here. So the ladies are still good are watering and I don't need to feed him anything to day, but you can see I did do a little bit of deflation the other day, and that seems to have helped a lot. And you can see how the leaves on the Clones here and up top on the mother plant, how they are pointing up kind of like they are giving a sun salutation to the grow light. So that just means they are really happy, temporary little bit warm which can be causing that as well, but is mainly due to the really good conditions and Bud growth that is going on.

 so let me give you some good close up here, you can see not only are they growing up top like on this guy, but they are filling out all of the way down below the canopy and then some. So really stoked on these plants and probably going to pull maybe an ounce or more per plants are really stoked on that. And then for the mother plant at least a couple ounces as she is really filling out not only on all the main colas but a lot of side branches are filling out nicely as well. So let me give you guys an aerial views of those canopies just so you can see what it looks like looking down on them.

Now during the flowering phase it is really good if you are someone like during the veg phase you just go  a few days here and there I'm not checking the plants, that is okay during veg but during the flowering stage you are really going to watch check on them every day just so you can make sure and catch things early on to make sure that everything is going well. So something does start to go wrong in here, you want to catch that as early on as possible so you can Rectify it and make sure that that doesn't spread any further.

 Because like I was saying once you are in the flowering phase there isn't really any recovering time or periods, to recover from any damage so once it happens and flower you're kind of stuck with that damage or loss of yield. So definitely check on your plans on a daily basis, I check on mine obviously multiple times a day but at least once a day is highly recommended. So that is really it for today's update, let me give you guys a little bit Of a zoomed-out shot here you can see all of the plants together. But yeah that is pretty much it for today's update so I will be back here in 24 hours for day 5 of the week, all right piece guys!

Alright Growers welcome back for day 5 of the week, the buds are continuing to grow really well in there filling out really nicely in the Clones as well as the mother plant we're ready for their next watering today. So the for the mother plant, that was her first plane a pH water since her last nutrients feeding, and then for the Clones it was their third played pH watering since the last nutrient feeding. So nothing too much to update you guys with today, just a lot of good bud growth as you guys can see, they are really starting to fatten up and connect up and down those branches. So these guys are actually grown at a really great rate of speed. I'm actually really surprised as they seem to be actually catching out to my other grow tent right now.

 But I am really stoked on this growth either way, so it is going really good and let me just give you guys some good close-ups on the pistols here. So let me get this to focus, but yeah you guys Can see there are lots of different Tops on all of these plants and they are all filling out really well. So there's going to be some really good yields here coming up quickly. So that is it for a day 5 of the week, and I will be back in 24 hours. Alright peace guys!

 What up Growers, we are back here for day 6 of the week and nothing really new to report to you guys other than the new Bud growth of going on, and it is really becoming consistent at this point in that each day I am seeing a tremendous difference in the size of these buds. So you can see they're still really feeling out and developing the shape that they are going to take form into, but you can see all of the pistols are extremely happy right now. They are all vibrantly white and standing straight up with no Burns or curls or anything like that.

 You can see they are just filling up nicely below the main top all the way down and to all of those side branches as well.  So you can see just how good the development is I will give you guys some good shots up close and now in terms of taking care of the plants, not too much could you doing right now other than monitoring the conditions and the environment in the grow room. You do not want that to be changing and you want it to stay right in those ideal  temperature and humidity ranges. So make sure that you are really focusing on handling that and making sure that it doesn't get too hot or too cold in here.

 Because really those things are what's going to affect your overall yield and outcome and quality of the bud at the end of the day. So making sure that those are good and in the proper ranges will make sure that you get the best results and largest yields possible. So there are some good close-ups, that nug is going to be a really big one as well I mean all of these branches on here are going to be massive colas. And even these little clones here, honestly I think they are going to be 2, 2 oz per plant at this point. Before I was thinking more like 1 to 1 and 1/2 but I think I understated how well they are going to do. So that is it for today again this is day 6 of the week and I will be back here in 24 hours for Dave 7. Alright peace guys!

 We are now back here for the last day of the week, and honestly all I can say right now is wow I mean he's buds like I keep saying  are changing tremendously from day to day. And this is week 3 of flower I believe we are just finishing up here, and already getting this amazing growth. So probably another 3 more weeks of budding before I start that Flushing period. But let me just give you guys some good closer to the buds are filling up nicely all the way up and down those branches as I keep saying. Now these I've counted, they've all got about like I'd say at least 12 main polas including that big middle one and then including all the ones surrounding it right there. So it's going to be a nice yield, hopefully 2 ounces per plant maybe even more. I keep under estimating these guys so that is for sure. 

And then of course the mother plans going to get a lot more like more like 3 to 4 oz so today was a watering day. The mother plant got her second plain pH watering since that last nutrient feeding. And then the Clones got their third mix of flower nutrients. So that was the week 7 mix on the fox farm Dirty Dozen plus one teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon of water. And again I use the Botanicare calmag right there and for that week 7 mix I did that at full strength. So that is really it for this week and today shot, buds are doing really well.

 So a quick look, these plants are actually one week further into flower than the mother plant and her clones so just a quick idea on the kind of development we will see them get over the course of next week. So these guys are looking really good and these ladies are following right behind, doing just as well and maybe even a little bit better. So there you guys have the day 7 update for week 14, alright peace guys!

All right growers, that concludes week 14 on the how to grow a mother plant and clone grow series.  And we are definitely around the mid stage of the bloom phase, so the buds are doing tremendously as you guys have seen over the course of this week and they are just really taking off in terms of development. So we've got about 3 more weeks or right outside of 3 weeks before we start flushing these plants, so get ready for some really good development over the next couple weeks here. And as always thank you guys for watching two days video, hope you enjoyed, and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown