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Week 11 Overall

Week 11 of the OG Kush SCROG Grow Series


Week 11 of the OG Kush SCROG Grow Series

Week 3 of Flower + Adding Grape Bud Sweetener


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for another exciting update to be OG Kush Screen of Green Grow series! Now today kicks off week 11 of the overall grow or also week 3 of flower, and now we are pretty much officially in the thick of the flowering phase. So we are getting some really tremendous bud Development Everyday and I am very excited, and I am very excite the results that we are getting! So for the rest of this grow pretty much what we are going to be doing is lowering those lights a little bit each day or slowly over the course of each week and then we are also like I've been talking about, going to continue with doing a little bit of defoliation here and there. 

One big change that we are going to make starting this week is we are going to begin adding that grape bud sweetener to every watering now instead of just the nutrients feeding. So we will go into more details about them today's update and that pretty much covers the intro for this week's episode. So now that you know what we are doing in today's video, let's get started with day one of the week!

 Alright so like I was saying, we are here for the first day of week 11 again day 1 of week 3 of flower. And a bud growth is just tremendous as I was explaining in the intro. Like I was saying, pistols or just continuing to fill out really nicely at all of the bud sites and it is not just happening at the very top nodes. It is going down all the way to below the canopy to those lowest nodes. So let me just show you guys that down below here, and you can see those lollipoppings are holding up really nicely, and we are about three weeks out almost so it is doing really well.

 Today plants are ready for their next watering and that is going to be the first plant watering since the last nutrients feeding, there's going to be two gallon split between all four of the plants and as I was mentioning or touching on in the intro as we are going to start adding be Bud sweetener. Or the grape Bud sweetener to every watering, and it is going to be at 1.5 teaspoons per gallon of water. So since I have two gallons going here I just added three teaspoons, we're one tablespoon of the grape sweetener. Now also today we are going to be shaking up those TNB Naturals CO2 canisters, and then also I will be lowering the lights another inch each.

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 So that is just going to bring them a little bit closer because the plants are reacting really well to the last lowering, it has been about 2 or 3 days now so it is definitely time to lower again. We want to be really aggressive with that because that is what is really going to help us maximize those yields at this point. We have done everything else that we can and this is really what is in our control from here on out to maximize yields. Is too you know a jesting this height, and again we don't want to do it too quickly as I have always said, because if you do it will stress the plants out, so that is why we are waiting a few days, letting the plants adjust to the new height.

And then going from there. Now before I go I want to show you guys I have hooked up my new AC Infinity ducting fan. You might have noticed that I took out the humidity and temperature reader and the reason for that is I've got this cool little setup mounted on the wall right here. First of all what it is going to do is control the speed of my inline fan be right there. What that is for is if you guys have noticed for using a carbon filter, when you turn that on and close the tent you'll notice the walls kind of suck in. 

And it kind of minimizes the amount of area you have to grow in. The reason the walls second is because there is a negative pressure and the air is being pulled out faster than it is being pulled in through the vents. So adding this ducting fan to blow air in Faster we'll hopefully lower that negative pressure making it to the walls go back out. Now what is also cool is we have thermostat that reads the temperature and humidity in here. And then it plugs into my little wall mount right there so I can get the readings, and you should be able to see it yeah that is it right there with the black wire and the silver tip. 

That is what is reading the temperature and humidity, and I just have it set up right at the top of the canopy because that is where you want to measure from, because that is where the biggest buds are going to be developing. So you can see we have temperature, humidity on there and then of course I can control the fan speed and settings from here. So that is a new little thing that I have set up to help with preventing that negative pressure so the walls don't so I can as tightly. Or I guess so that pretty much concludes today's update, so I am going to go ahead and do that plane watering with the grape sweetener mixed in. And then I will see you back here in 24 hours for day 2 of week 11, all right peace!

All right GreenBox Growers, so we are back here for another exciting update with the OG Kush plants! Not today is day 2 of week 11 and as you can see the flower growth is just continuing to excel each and every day, and for today's update it is going to be a pretty simple one. We are going to be doing a watering today but it is going to be the small watering that we do in between the larger ones just to hold the plants over until then. So today I've got to spray bottles worth of water mixed up in this water bottle here and then I added one teaspoon of the grape sweet by Botanicare. So like I said just the many watering that we do in between the big ones, just to kind of supplement the plants and tide them over so they don't get to dried out. 

And like I had mentioned yesterday, we are adding the grape sweet to every watering now just to really get that flavor and smell going. Besides that we are going to be shaking up the CO2 canisters and not today but probably tomorrow or the day after, I will be lowering the lights another inch. You really want to get down to probably the 12, around the 12 to 10 range from the tops where you really want the distance to be around 10 to 12 in from the tops of the buds as we get towards the middle late stage of the flowering stage. And again that is just for maximum density as well as development, and that is also so we always get the best results possible. Now with defoliation like I've been saying there isn't just going to be one defoliation that we do. 

Instead it is just going to be a little bit here and there as we go along, so the goal is, you want your plants to be like these ones in the front here. Where you can pretty much see those main tops all the way down to the bottom and through the canopy. It doesn't get super bushy in the middle there and you can still kind of see the outlines those buds as you go down like so. Reason being is that allows or light to penetrate all the way down to the bottom of the canopy and again that gets us maximum yields, maximum development at maximum quality. Also it prevents larfy nugs from developing. 

So for example I will probably be doing a little deflation in this area of the plant where this back right plant just because you can see it is pretty crowded once you get towards the scrog net there. The middle of the canopy, besides that the rest of the plants are looking pretty good, maybe a little cleaning up on the back left. And then just a very minimal amount on the front too but like I said we are looking really good. 

The way the leaves are kind of pointing up towards the light, that is good at shows they're really happy and healthy. And the leaves just tend to do this especially during the flowering phase when they are in especially good health and conditions. Now before I do that watering today, just one last thing I want to cover and that is temperature and humidity. So let's just head over do the AC Infinity wall mount here. It is really important for those top-notch results and those dense yields, that you have the canopy right around 75° Fahrenheit during the day and then 69 degrees Fahrenheit during the night. It can be 67 to 69, that range works just fine.

 Or humidity you always want to be around 50 to 55%, right now just a little bit higher because I have the inline fans turned off for filming so it is not super loud. But once we do have those on and the tent is closed up it is usually around. I would say does usually around the 53% range on average. Just one more quick good look at the canopy they're in this thing it really makes things convenient having this wall now because I don't have to open up the tent and then grab the thing, the temperature and humidity reader I had hanging from the ceiling. 

I just open the door to the bedroom, look at the wall not right there and I can read it in two seconds. So now that you guys know what we are doing and today's update I'm going to go ahead and do the mini watering with the group Sweet in it and then I will see you guys back here in 24 hours for day 3 of the week. And also don't forget to shake up those CO2 canisters if you are using them. Alright peace Growers!

What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for Day 3 of week 11. Now today the plants are ready for their next watering and that is going to be the second plain watering since our last nutrient feeding! today I have two gallons mixed up and it is just plain water with the grape sweet by Botanicare added in, I mixed it in at 1.5 teaspoons per gallon of water. And so since I have two gallons of water of course, so that means I added in the equivalent of 3 teaspoons which is also one tablespoon. 

So again two gallons mixed up here with the grape sweet by Botanicare, we are going to be splitting that between all four of the plants. And as always you can see the defoliation and the lollipopping is holding up really nicely. Of course we are going to be shaking up our two CO2 canisters in here. I already did that earlier today and it is best to do that early in the morning once the lights come on just so they have that CO2 while lights are on. If you shake it up right when the lights are about to go off it is not as useful as they don't really use the CO2 at night. 

You can see the plants are still developing some really nice buds all the way around, and again the smell the second I turn that carbon filter off. The smell just starts billowing out of the tent. So just getting really strong, noticeably stronger each day. Today I will also be lowering the lights one in each. So that's again our goal is to just start lowering those until we get as close as possible to the plants for maximum Bud development. And besides that that is pretty much all we are doing today. So I'm going to go ahead and do that watering and then we will see you back here in twenty-four hours for day 4 of the week, alright peace growers! 

Alright so we are back here for day 4 of the week and we are actually going to be doing one of our many waterings today. All I have added is to spray bottles worth of water into the bucket and then I added one teaspoon of the grape sweet by Botanicare because of course we are doing that every watering now that we are in the flowering phase. You can see there's a lot of good growth in terms of Bud development going on down below the scrog, it is a little bit larfy and airy at this point. So we are going to do some defoliation on the upper part of the canopy today to expose more light down to those lower parts of the canopy and those lower nodes.

 Besides that we are going to be shaking up those CO2 canisters and the plants are really happy as you can see with the lowering of the light from yesterday. So probably tomorrow or the day after we will be lowering again another inch. Let me just give you guys a good shot of the bud development, you can tell they are bigger everyday. Noticeably bigger of course. And I probably won't be taking any leaves or defoliating all of the plants, probably just mainly this back left one. And then just a few here and there from like these two other ones on the outside because like you can see in some parts, the leaves are just blocking the lower parts of the canopy. Here's a good example of a node or a bud that is not getting as developed as it could be just because it was shaded.

 I actually just exposed this one two more light as of yesterday because I did clip a few leaves then and that is another thing I wanted to mention. You don't want to remove too many at a time from the plants because now that they are in the flowering phase these plants are extra sensitive and any stress that you add will lower yields as well as the quality of your bud. So careful about that. So yeah that is pretty much it for today's update, again it is day four, I'm going to go ahead and do that Blaine watering with the grape sweet in there and then do a little light defoliating on some of the plants. And then we will be back here for day 5 of the week, Alright Peace!

Welcome back Growers for the fifth day of this week, as you can see here the buds are filling out really nicely but you guys already know that so I just want to show you guys the new growth that we've got going in terms of flower development since yesterday.  It is filling out really nicely all the way through out the canopy there, or on all four plants. And of course pretty much all the way down throughout the canopy it is developing really well. You can tell it tapered off a little bit as you get below the second layer of the scrog net, this bottom layer that is. But as I have been defoliating, I have noticed now that there is more development going on at those lower bud sites.

So that is very exciting and you can start to see the outlining shapes of the buds taking  form here as they fatten up around the branches. And pretty soon here they are going to start taking over and encompassing the leaves so you don't even really see those anymore. So for today's update we are going to be doing our next watering and that is our third plain watering since our last nutrients feeding. You can see the soil is pretty dry so the plants are ready for that watering and I've got two gallons mixed up here to split between all four of the plants. And again I am adding 1.5 teaspoons per gallon of water of the grape sweet by Botanicare to help with the flavor and smell. 

So since I have two gallons mixed up that means this is 3 teaspoons of the grape sweet which is also the equivalent to 1 tbsp. All right guys so I will be doing that watering, I've already shaken up the CO2 canisters but don't forget to do that if you are using them. And then for the light I am going to keep it at the height It is at right now but tomorrow I am definitely going to be lowering both of the lights 1 inch. So as you can see I've got a little pile of leaves right here that is from the defoliation that I did today. It is a light defoliation, I just took a little bit like a handful of leaves from each plant.

 But again everyday you should just comb through your plants, checking on each top to see if there is any nodes getting covered up by a large fan leaves. Or even if it is just a small fan leaf, if it is laying on top of a bud site or a node then you want to remove it. So that is what I've been doing and that is the result of today's work, so I'm going to go ahead and give them that watery now and then I will see you guys back here in twenty-four hours for the next day where we are going to lower these lights again! 

All right guys are we are back here for day 6 of the week and this is going to be a pretty quick update. So first off I lower the lights by 1 inch today, so we are just one inch closer, each light that is, to the plants. Besides that, all I did was give to spray bottles worth of water split between all four of the plant and I mixed in one and a half teaspoons of the grape sweetener by Botanicare into that water. 

So 2 spray bottles worth watered between all four of the plants or split between all four. And I already did that watering as well as the lowering of the lights by an inch each. So I just wanted to give you guys a quick close up on how the buds are looking, you can see they are developing really nicely each day so these are going to be some massive colas in a few weeks here. So that pretty much sums up a 6 of this week and I will be back here in twenty-four hours for the last day of the week. All right peace Growers!

Okay Growers so welcome back for the last day of week 11, and as you guys just saw from that intro shot we are getting some really nice and good sized Bud development! So not only are the pistols really filling out nicely but you can see the different nodes or Bud sites are starting to connect up and down the Sam's which is really good. Because that just shows good signs of large dense yields. For today's update we are going to be doing our next watering and this is actually going to be a nutrient feeding today.

 So it is really important we are going to be mixing up 2 gallons at full strength and we will be splitting that between all four of the plants. 4 the watering it is going to be the week 7 mix from the fox farm Dirty Dozen which is the third mix of flower nutrients. And like I said we will be doing that at full strength. We will double what is on here because we are doing two gallons and this is per gallon. I just want to give you guys a heads up that we are going to be doing another one of the sledgehammer flushing this year coming up in the next nutrient watering. So after this one I will probably do to plan waterings and then we will do it this flush mix. 

Same thing as what we did here after that last mix of the vegetative nutrients, but they had me do it throughout the flowering stage as well. Now we are still doing 1.5 teaspoons per gallon of water of the Cal Mag as well as the grape sweet. So that means a total of 3 teaspoons were one tablespoon of each are mixed into this mixture right here. Now besides that we are going to be shaking up the CO2 canisters, plan seem to be really adapting well to the lowered lights from yesterdays lowering. So probably going to lower them another inch either tomorrow or the day after. Now you can really see those buds starting to fill out or you can see the outlines of the colas going all the way up and down.

 And pretty much to I would say about 4 in from below the lower layer of the scrog net here, that is where the bud development is pretty much stopping. So we've got about 2 feet of solid Bud development going on here in this canopy. I've got to say a lot of that is due to the good defoliation we've been practicing throughout this bro, so we want to stay on top of that. It doesn't look like there's any need to defoliate today, but tomorrow we will probably be back on it. So that is pretty much it for today's update, or one quick thing before I go. So I showed you guys in the intro, I will show you guys the temperature and my humidity reader right here from my AC Infinity inline Duct Fan. What has really helped as well for us getting these awesome yields or this awesome bud development so far, is we are really sticking to this ranges of temperature and humidity. 

So it does not getting too cold or too hot during the day and humidity is not getting too high or too low. That is really important, so just a reminder be sure to stay in these ranges during the flowering phase especially, is even that much more important. For temperature it is going to be around 72 Fahrenheit to 77 fahrenheit during the day. I like to keep it at an average of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. And then at night you can be right around 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 69 degrees Fahrenheit. It is okay to be a little cooler at night because that actually replicates the winter months were the plants naturally grow outdoors. 

For humidity during this stage oh, you want to be right around 55%, 50% to 55% so you can see we are right around that range. Once you get to 60% were a little higher, that is going to be too high for the flowering stage. You will be all right right around 60% to 65% during vegetation, but you don't want that during flower because that can lead to issues such as Bud rot. Now it will drop a few percent once we turn the carbon filter and the inline fans back on, but for now it is still pretty much in that good range. So again that is it for today's update, we are going to go ahead and do that nutrient feeding now and then I will see you guys back here in 24 hours or the start of week 12 of the OG Kush grow series. Alright Peace Growers! 

Okay Growers so that officially concludes the 11th week of the OG Kush screen of green grow series!  And of course that was also week 3 of flower so we are probably about halfway to almost halfway through the flowering phase. So we are going to see some really nice Bud Development coming up here now that the buds are starting to or they're not starting to finish up but they are getting close to being like I said about mid way through. So we are going to see some considerable changes this coming week. And hopefully pretty soon the buds are going to connect to all the way up and down those branches so we can start seeing some good-sized colas taking shape. I will be back shortly with the week 12 or week 4 of flower episode of this grow series. In the meantime I just want to thank you guys for watching this week's video, I really hope you enjoyed it and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown