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Checking Trichomes on the Gorilla Glue Buds


Checking Trichomes on the Gorilla Glue Buds

Week 7 Update for the Stealth Grow Series


What up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for the week 7 video of that Autoflower Gorilla Glue Stealth Grow Series! Now I am happy to say I just received that Trichome Scope in the mail, so on this week's video we will be doing that first look at the trichomes, and based off of what we see we will go off of that in terms of when the flush will start. Now I am thinking this will be either the last or second-to-last week of flower. And then after that we will start that 10 to 14 day flush. So we are getting really close to getting ready for Harvest for these Gorilla Glue plants, and also this week's nutrient feeding will most likely be the last one for the grow series. But again that is just based on how the trichomes look when we look at them in today's clip.  Alright growers so now that you know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week!

Alright so here we are for day 1 of week 7 and the plants are actually ready for their next watering and that will be the next nutrient feeding. But before we get to that I just want to show you guys the buds on both of these plants are getting absolutely massive, especially with the one in the back here that is closest to the CO2 or the exhale CO2 bag. You can see these are just absolutely humongous monster sized colas all the way around. And they look actually like they have turned around and got better in terms of the quality or the way they look. So they are actually starting to catch up in terms of the frostiness of the buds on this one.

Now don't get me wrong these colas are absolutely massive as well, they are just not as filled out as this guy over here. But like I was saying before they do look a little bit higher in quality. So buds are looking really good and we are going to check those trichomes in a second, but first let me show you guys the nutrient feeding that I will be doing today. So I will be splitting a gallon between both of these plants of water. And I will be doing 3 teaspoons of the grow, 3 teaspoons of the micro, 3 teaspoons of the bloom, and then 1 teaspoon of the Cal Mag and that is per gallon of water.

 So remember to shake up your bottles before pouring into your water so that they are all mixed up and such and then you can stir it in. And now what I am going to do is hook up that new trichome scope, so I have to hook it up to my face camera right here. And then I will have a good shot for you guys to show you a close up on this trichomes. All right so we are going to be checking on the Gorilla Glue plant right here that is closest to the front. And we are going to be looking using this tricon scope right here. Again this has Wireless connectivity so I've got it hooked up to my smart phone over here so I can see what I am doing on there as well as recorded at the same time.

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And this thing goes from 50X 1000X in terms of its capability, and it has a nice little LED light right there to make it a little easier to see. So let me zoom in a little bit for you guys on where I am going to look at the very top of the Bud there. That very nice part of the cola, so let me get you guys focused on that. Alright so here is a decent View on the trichomes. You can see mostly milky at this point. There are a few Amber here and there but nothing crazy or ready for Harvest, so I think I'll week more to go and turns a flower and then maybe another week after that or half a week. But we will keep checking throughout.

You can see some Amber there but again that is on a Sugar Leaf right there and you want to be checking the trichomes right on the bud because sugar leaves will show Amber a lot sooner than when the buds have fully developed. So you can see if I can focus, not really any amber in there.  Decent look and I'll try and slow down the shot so it is not so shaky. There is a nice shot for you guys of some clear still but mostly though which is nice.  Let's see how close and I can get on them. Yeah it's just kind of out of focus, that's a nice close-up for you guys, very close. You can see those are still a little clearer but again that is on the Sugar Leaf itself so these guys probably still have two weeks to go now that I'm seeing this.

 Because for Sugar Leaf that is still kind of early, but look back in there it's looking very nice and milky. Let me try and find one that's A better close up on the hair for you and this is a close up on those pistols, does white hairs that eventually turn Amber and curl in. That's what these look like up close, very cool. Let's see if we can get it close up on some trichomes, oh yeah look. I see some Amber in there but damn this thing is fun to use that is for sure. All right so that concludes the trichome check for now. But yeah I'm going to do that nutrients feeding now and then we will be checking these again at the end of the week. Are at so I will be back in 24 hours for a day 2 of week 7.  Alright, Peace Growers!

It is now day 2 of the week, so 24 hours after looking at those trichomes and not too much change in terms of Bud development. But we can see they are definitely nearing that flushing stage. So yesterday we looked and I took a second look afterwards at those clips of the trichomes. And what I gathered was it's about 80% to 90% milky or cloudy, with a little bit of clear still.  And then starting to see some Amber trichomes, so what I am thinking is we will have one more nutrient feeding and then we will start that flush. So I would say there is going to be this week and then probably in half of next week, maybe three-quarters of the way of that week. And then we are going to start the flush for finishing up these buds. 

So very happy with how they are coming out, the smell is very strong like I keep saying, and development they look really good in terms of Aesthetics. And you can see pretty much there is still a lot of white pistils left but they are very frosty and I would say they still got a good way to go and turns it fattening up and soliding up or getting more solid in terms of development.  So there was still be a lot of change in terms of how these buds look.  So that is it for today's update and I will be back here in 24 hours for day 3 of the week, alright peace Growers!

It is now day 3 of the week and these ladies are actually ready for their next watering, and that is going to be their first plane watering since that nutrients feeding. So like I was saying before we are going to do another trichome check later this week or early next week so probably once I do that third plane watering of the series, since that last nutrient feeding, that is when I will also check them again. So before I do the next nutrient feeding I will double check to see if they still have a ways to go.

 And then we will decide from there. So at this point you should have pretty much trimmed away all of the fan leaves or leaves that have been sticking out. So I am probably going to finish trimming the rest of these that are left seeing as these aren't even really that useful anymore to the plant. And also trimming them away will help with increasing yields. So just be careful you want to just trim them up to the bud, you don't want to try and dig around inside the bud to get to the stem because that will actually kind of damage and disrupt the flower growth. So I will be doing, I will be splitting a gallon of water, actually probably closer to a gallon and a quarter between these two plants. Again just plain water and then that is really it for today's update, so I will be back here in 24 hours for day 4 of the week. So until then, Happy growing!

Alright folks we are back now for day 4 of the week for the stealth grow series, and buds are looking really good today, you can tell they're starting to finish up and they are reaching that almost ready for flush phase. So I definitely think we will have one more nutrients feeding in this but after that it will definitely be time to flush. So at this point the buds are just fattening up a little bit more each day and just kind of curling in those pistols and growing over those fan leaves so they're pretty much non-existent anymore. But anyways here is a nice close-up, there's no just getting really Frosty in particular. I just noticed that today so I want to show you guys how that looks.

But see if I can get a good focused close-up for you, but you can see there are a lot of orange pistols there as well as some that are still White. But they are no longer standing straight up, they are all curling in somewhat towards the bud. So yeah you can see they're pretty Frosty, here is a nice shot and then probably at the beginning of next week I will do the next trichome update as well. So that's pretty much it for today for your day for update. And I will be back here in 24 hours for day 5 the week. Alright peace Growers!

Alright grower so we are back again another day later so it is now day 5 of week 7 and the buds are just continuing to fill out and finish up. Again I think we will still need one more nutrients feeding before that flush, it is possible that we won't but we will be checking on those trichomes come the first day of next week. So that will be week 8, and the plants are ready for their next water in, I will show you the soil in just a second. And I will give you guys a nice little close up. On the trichomes and how Frosty these buds are getting, there is a nice little shot of the pistols and that is that top main Cola. 

And then here we are with one of the side colas. And you can see they're so heavy they're kind of leaning out and away from the plant over here. So we've got about six colas like that going around and then that main one and there is probably another 5 smaller or medium sized colas. And then over here we've got about 4 to 5 I would say main colas going on and then about another three to four medium size, small to medium-sized colas. 

So here is the soil you can see it is completely dry, I mean I just felt it and it is dry out an inch and a half deep. So they are ready for their next watering and that is going to be there second plane pH watering or just plain if you are in soil. So we are going to be splitting about a gallon and a quarter between these two plants and then that will pretty much be at 4 today's update. All right I will be back here in 24 hours for day 6 of the week. All right please Growers!

 Alright folks are we are back here another 24 hours later so that means it is now day 6 of the week, and the buds are really starting to finish up really nicely now, they are getting that nice Christmas tree look and shape to them. And they're just getting Frosty or by the day, so they are really isn't too much handling or caring you need to be doing at this point. Besides the watering and just making sure that the temperature and humidity stay right where they need to be. So right now you need to be around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and  a humidity of around 60%. So buds are looking good, not ready yet for a watering since they're still good from that last one we did yesterday so that is really it for 2 days update, and I will be back here in 24 hours for the last day of week 7. Alright peace Growers!

Okay so does now officially the last day of week 7 here, and plants are ready for their next water so that is going to be their third plane pH watering since that last nutrient feeding we did. And based on the development, honestly they might be ready to start that flush at this point. So what we are going to do is tomorrow which will be the first day of week 8, we are going to do another try come scope check and then based on the results we get from that, I will determine if it is time to flush. So if I am seeing anywhere from 5% to 10% Amber during that look then we are going to start the flush on that next watering.

 Now if not, we will probably do one more nutrients feeding like we were discussing before and then that will be at. So that is pretty much it for today's update and we will be back in 24 hours for that trichome scope so get excited because it may be time to start that flush. And what that would mean is we are only 2 weeks away from Harvest at this point. All right folks, so now what I will do is that plane pH watering for the plants, probably going to split about a gallon and a half now between the two plants. Because they did drink up that last watering pretty quickly so it does look like they need a little bit more. All right I will be back here in 24 hours peace!

Alright GreenBox Growers that officially concludes week 7 of the stealth grow series, and like I was saying in that last clip, I am going to be checking on those trichomes tomorrow which will be day 1 of week 8. And based on those results I will be deciding if it is time to start that flush or not. So I am actually on the other side of the fence now thinking it might be time to start the flush based on the development over this last week. So if I am in that range of 5% to 10% Amber trichomes we will begin it. Meaning just two more weeks until Harvest. So I will be back shortly with that next weeks video, as always thank you guys for watching, I hope you enjoyed today's video, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown