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1st Topping & Low Stress Training of the SCROG Series Released


1st Topping & Low Stress Training of the SCROG Series Released

Watch the latest video from the SCROG Series, below!

What’s up Cannabis Growers and welcome to the second video of the SCROG Series by GreenBox Grown!  We are still in week 1 of this grow and in this video I will be showing you guys how to do the first Topping and bit of Low Stress Training.  These techniques can easily quadruple the size of your yields if used correctly and are easy to implement, so it’s really a no brainer to do them!  They also will make your plants grow faster which is always nice!  Don’t forget to visit for the full SCROG series, and now lets go see how that first topping is done!

Alright so the first thing I am going to do is bring my plant over here so I can give you guys a close up on how it is done.  You’re going to want to use a clean pair of trimmers, like fiskars, and make sure they have been sterilized before you make any cuts.  This is important as you can infect and kill your cannabis plant with a pair of dirty trimmers!  Now lets identify the area that needs to be cut.  essentially, you will want to find the end of a branch and you should notice a little top growing out the end.  

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You want to cut right where that top meets the stem, and that is it!  Once you have made a clean cut, your first topping is complete!  What is cool about doing this cut is From this one branch, 2 new branches will grow out.  Also for another visual, there are 2 diagrams listed in this section that will show you exactly where to cut for a toping.  If your clone already has multiple branches, top all of them as that will only help with increasing yields.  So like with this second plant I’m topping, you can see it has another branch to the lower right which I could also top and I will do that because the more tops a plant has the more main colas it will grow!

Once you have topped all of your plants, it’s time for their first bit of LST or Low Stress Training.  This is essentially the act of bending your branches over and hooking them down to the ground, as it causes them to react with very fast growth and growing more tops overall!  The idea is to bend branches out away from the center of the plant, so light can penetrate through the canopy allowing those lower stems to rise up and grow into main branches.  Also, having the top of a branch lower than the rest of the plant causes extremely rapid growth.  Here we will just be bending and I will introduce the hooks in the next training video.

With bending the branches you want to be careful and do it slowly, as you can cause them to snap if you rush into things.  What works best is using the 3 finger technique.  These entails using your thumb pointer and middle fingers to do the gentle bending.  Put the thumb on the bottom of the branch and the other 2 fingers on top on each side.  Then slowly bend the branch until it stays in that position.  You will see it stand back up within a couple of hours or so, which is fine as once we add the hooks that wont happen.  I just want to get these plants used to the LST first.  Here is a quick shot of the plants a few hours after LST so you can see how it has affected them.

That is everything you need to know on how to do the first Topping and LST of your cannabis plants.  In the next video I will be covering the very first nutrient watering in this series and you can watch that video now by visiting the greenbox grown website.  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!

Dylan @ GreenBox Grown