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Spider Mites on your Cannabis Plants:  How to Identify & Kill


Spider Mites on your Cannabis Plants: How to Identify & Kill

Curing a Spider Mite Infestation on your Cannabis Plants

Hello and welcome back for another exciting episode of GreenBox Grown! Today I will be explaining how to identify a Spider Mite Infestation on your cannabis plants, and how to eradicate the issue in a healthy way! This will include using lady bugs as an all natural solution, but I will get into more details on that later on.

The first and most important step to this process is being able to identify that there are indeed Spider Mites on your Cannabis Plants. The easiest way to identify this issue is by examining the topsides of your cannabis fan leaves. If you do have a spider mite issue, there will be clusters of tiny, lightly colored spots all over the tops of the leaves. There might also be some discoloration on the leaves, and some may even be drooping or look somewhat mangled. Spider mites puncture holes into the leaves of your cannabis plant and eat what's inside as their nutrients. That is why you'll see all those clusters of dots on the leaves and why the leaves will look damaged.

If you are noticing these spot clusters, be sure to take a look on the undersides of those same leaves, as that is where the spider mites hide and are generally located. When looking at the undersides of your fan leaves, be sure to use a jewelers loupe or some sort of magnifying glass so you can see them. It is hard to get a good look of the spider mites with the naked eye. When zoomed in, you will be able to see the spider mites crawling around, and you will be able to see a bunch of little balls everywhere stuck on the leaves. Those are the spider mite larvae, and they will hatch very quickly, so it is best to take care of this issue immediately!

Spider Mites are actually one of the most common pests people will have to deal with when growing cannabis, and they can also be one of the most destructive if not handled properly. The reason for spider mites being so dangerous, is they can reproduce extremely fast and almost instantly after the larvae stage, meaning they will grow exponentially in numbers just in a matter of days! A whole cannabis garden could easily be wiped out by spider mites if not handled ASAP! That is why I always recommend taking action right at the first signs of an infestation, as that will give you that best chance at success. Now before I get into how to kill the Spider Mites and eradicate them from your Cannabis Plants, I want to cover one more sign of their infestation.

So if you don't spot the mites soon enough, you will start to see what looks like spider webbing, covering your plants and buds! This is actually caused by the spider mites, as they try to create a protective barrier around their environment. This is a sign that the spider mite infestation is pretty severe, and will take a lot of work just to get back under control. That is why I always recommend doing a through check over your cannabis plants every couple of days, so you can spot these kinds of issues early on.

Ok, so now that I have shown you how to identify Spider Mites on your Cannabis Plants, It's time to explain how to kill and get rid of them. Now most people like to use different sprays and solutions, such as neem oil for getting rip of these bugs. What they will do is mix it with water and then spray all over the top and bottom sides of your cannabis plants and leaves. I have used neem oil before for spider mites and other infestations, only to have mediocre results. It usually didn't completely cure the problem, but instead would just slow them down for a few days. The other problem with sprays is they leave a somewhat nasty scent behind on your plants. And if you are in the middle of flower, you really don't want to be misting your cannabis plants, as it can ruin the buds and cause them to turn moldy!

That is why I always recommend using Lady Bugs as an all natural solution to Spider Mites on your Cannabis Plants. All you have to do is put them directly at the base of the plant, right on top of the top soil, and the lady bugs will do the rest. After a few days the lady bugs will have eaten up all of the mites, along with any other harmful pests in your garden! I even like to release lady bugs in my garden before there are any problems, as they are great at regulating pests before they become an issue and Lady Bugs do no harm to your Cannabis Plants.

That is all I have for today, but please stay tuned for our next video as it will be about White Powdery Mildew on Cannabis Plants and how to prevent/eradicate the issue. As always, thank you for watching and...


Dylan @ GreenBox Grown