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GrowX San Jose, CA 2017 Recap


GrowX San Jose, CA 2017 Recap

GrowX 2017 Recap and Product Reviews!

Hello and welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown!  Today I have a lot of new growing related products which I will review for you over the course of the coming months.  But for now I will just be introducing you to each individual product so you can have an idea of what's to come.  

Before I dive into the details of the different products, I would like to talk about how I got them.  Over this last weekend, I attended GrowX in San Jose California, which is a Modern Growing Conference focused on Cannabis Cultivation.  Basically, all the companies who sell growing related products had booths at the show where the demonstrated their latest and greatest products.  What was great was there were a ton of brand new companies, as well as all the big household names everyone loves and knows.  

Another great thing about GrowX was there were Guest Speakers who would give highly informative talks on the cannabis industry and different topics within.  More specifically, they covered future rules and regulations in the US, how to open and operate a dispensary AND make a profit, as well as the important demographics of cannabis customers and the products they tend to buy.

After talking with a lot of vendors, and sharing GreenBox Grown with them, I was offered samples of their products to test out and review for you guys!  So that is how I got ahold of these products.  A big thank you and shout out to all of the companies at GrowX and who hooked it up with samples of their products.  This includes Safer Hydro Products, Plagron, Integra Products, Age Old Nutrients and More!

With the products such as nutrients, it will take some time before I can provide a full review on them, as I will need to start a grow and gain some results first.  With the other products, such as the Chillum, expect to see videos on those in the coming weeks! 

As always, thank you for reading and Happy Growing!!! 

Dylan Osborn

Founder @ GreenBox Grown