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TNB Naturals CO2 Enhancer Review

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TNB Naturals CO2 Enhancer Review

Weekly Update with the OG Kush SCROG Grow!

What up cannabis Growers and welcome back for another Lit Episode of GreenBox Grown! Now today's video is actually going to be a weekly product review and the product we will be reviewing is the TNB Naturals CO2 canister. So you will see I have two of them Up here on my desk with me here today.  And I will be giving you guys some more details on how these work in this video. Now before we get started with today's video I want to give a huge shout out to the TNB Naturals Team as they did hook me up with a nice care package which included these canisters, some refillable packets for the canisters and then a whole bunch of other goodies which I will also be covering in today's video.

 So for this product review we are going to be following along closely with one of my grow series here at GreenBox Grown, and that way you guys can get a weekly update on how the plants from the grow series are being affected by these CO2 canisters. So for the grow we will be following along with is actually going to be a 4 plant OG Kush grow. And it will actually be in my 4 by 4 tent which I have set up over here. And it is going to be a scrog grow, so it will have that screen of green going for maximum yields. 

 Now if you guys are interested in following the full detailed grow series of these OG Kush plants where you can get all of the step by step and how to information to grow them just like in this video series. All you have to do is visit the link right here on the screen to sign up for our premium Grow video section. And that will come with the entire grow series of these OG Kush plants. Now it's always when you sign up for those videos and you get a 2 week free trial so you can test them out and see if you like them or not before having to pay a single Cent. 

All right so now let's go take a closer look at these TNB Naturals supplies as well as the grow room setup we will be doing for this series. And then we will also take a closer look at the OG Kush seedlings. 

Okay so first off here we are in the brand new GreenBox Grow Room, so you will see I Consolidated all of my different grow setups into this one bedroom, and I will also be doing all of the filming that takes place for GreenBox Grown and here as well. So that is going to be growing films, as well as any extracts or product reviews. So here is that 4 x 4 tent where we will be growing the OG Kush plants in. And I will be using 3 gallon air roots equivalents, I'm sorry 3 gallon air pot equivalents. 

And what else, we are going to have the scrog going which is not set up just yet over here, but that was hooked up to me where that was given to me by Growers Labs, so big shout out to them for hooking me up with that. It is actually a double-layered scrog net. And it is adjustable, so it will work with most sized grow rooms. I have the 6in carbon filter setup right here, and then I will be using two of the 300 watt electric sky LED is by the green Sunshine Company. Oh yeah for nutrients I will be using the dirty dozen lineup, along with a bottle of Cal Mag and then for the buds to finish up, we are actually going to be adding and the grape sweet from the Botanicare sweet line. 

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So there you go right there, The Grapes sweet. And that will just be for some extra flavoring as well as Bud development. So let's go check out these TNB Naturals supplies. So youll see I have the two cannisters in the tent here at opposite corners. When you get the canister, you're going to shake it and you will see there is almost like a sand material in there.

That you will actually add water to and that is what is going to create the CO2 off gas. But you don't want to do that until we start the grow and I will demonstrate that once it is time. So another thing that is really cool, so yeah we have the two bottles and you will want to hang them up higher in the tent once you get them going that way the CO2 Rains Down on the plants because it is a heavier gas than oxygen.

 If you just have them at the bottom then all of the CO2 will just kind of be sitting down low and not really reaching the plants. So I've got these refillable packets for the CO2 canisters that TNB Naturals sent me. So once that powder or whatever the material is in there gives off the CO2, runs out you can reuse these bottles with these refillable packets. I got a bunch of them in here as well. Now they also hooked me up with their ph up and PH down powder so I might be using that in this series as well when I am adjusting my Solutions and let's see what else. 

So for CO2 when growing, it is something that I always recommend using only once you have your grow setup down and you have at least two or three grows under your belt in your feeling pretty confident. Reason being is CO2 isn't really going to be any help to you or it's not really going to help your plants very much if there are issues in your grow room or areas that you are not maintaining properly. For example if you don't have temperature or humidity on point or you're not giving your plants a proper feeding and nutrients schedule. Then they are going to be struggling and the CO2 is it really going to help out much. 

The idea of CO2 is it is a way to put your plants over the top once you have kind of mastered or perfected all areas of your grow. And you have pretty much gotten the maximum yields and potential out of your buds and now you are looking for something to just put it over the top. And that is where CO2 comes in, so quick little a background CO2 and what it is good for. Essentially what it is going to do is make it so your plants can absorb more light per area than they could before without it. 

And then in turn what that allow them to do is first of all, it makes it so they are not stressed by the added temperatures of that light or energy from the light that is giving off.  And then second of all it allows them to utilize that extra energy for extra Bud development, so there is the supplies we will be using in this grow series. And I will show you how to mix those CO2 containers up once we activate them. 

Now I will not be doing that until day 1 of vegetation because it is really not needed for the seedling phase. Now I'm moving over here to my stealth grow series with the Gorilla Glue Autoflowers, I am actually utilizing the exhale CO2 bags for these. So I just wanted to show you guys as a comparison, this is another brand their competitor, but another product that works pretty well. I have actually never used the TNB Naturals before, so this will be a first time using their product. 

Now here we go to the seedling Nursery tent, and this is actually where I have those OG Kush seedlings in. Let me just put this down really quick so I can open up the lid and show you guys. They are still really early on in terms of development, but they are looking pretty good so far and I have four out of five of them above ground. And again these OG Kush seedlings or these OG Kush genetics are out of Growers Choice seeds. So I am really pleased so far with their genetics and the seeds that I have grown by them. 

All great results with autoflowers as well as regulars. So I am sure these guys are going to be really as well, this is supposed to be around I think 25 or 27% THC they said for the OG Kush. So very excited for that. All right so that is pretty much it for today's the intro to this product review series, what I will be doing is coming back once a week to be giving you guys that weekly update on how the plants have progressed with those CO2 canisters. But that is not going to start until day 1 of Week 1 of veg. So that is going to be the next update so I will see you guys back here for the first day of vegetation. 

Alright folks so we are back here again for day 1 of week one of vegetation to start that tnb Naturals CO2 canister weekly review. So this is going to be the very first day of having a CO2 canisters with the OG Kush seedlings. And you can see they are now finally transplanted into their final five gallon equivalent are pots. I know I said 3-gallon earlier, but they are actually the five gallon equivalents. 

And I just transplanted them in here yesterday. So just got the CO2 canisters mixed up and started about 5 minutes ago so let me go over what that entails. So first of all you are going to notice there is a lid cap sort of thing on top of your can, and you are going to want to unscrew that and then you will notice that the CO2 powder or mixture is there in the bottom of the can. All you need to do is fill this up with one liter of lukewarm water, screw the lid back on to the canister and then take off the sticker that is covering that hole.

 That is where the CO2 will escape out of, so once you have done that, put your finger over the hole and shake up the water that is in there so it mixes with the powder. And the CO2 canister is all good to go, now you are going to want to shake it once every day, sometimes twice every day. Just depending, and these will last for about 2 weeks with the powder that is in there, and then if you want to continue with them they actually offer refillable packets for the CO2 canisters. 

So they sent me a good amount of these, I have them right here and these last about 2 weeks a piece. And they are pretty affordable, I don't exactly or I forget exactly how much they cost but I think it's about five or $10 a packet. And again good for one for each canister and they are going to last for 2 weeks.  So once you've got them all shaken up you are going to actually want to hang the canisters up above the plants so they are not below them. Reason being is CO2 is a heavier gas than oxygen so if you have the canisters on the floor, the CO2 is just going to sink down below the plants and they will not be able to absorb it. 

So you will see and the TNB Nautrals canister recommends it in the directions. You can also hang them up behind any oscillating fans that you might have, and then that way the fan will just blow the CO2 all over the plants and throughout the 10th. So I have two, one in each opposite corner from the other and they are both behind fans that are blowing over the plants so that spreads the CO2 out. So all I am doing this week is misting the plants as well as the normal watering schedule with the dirty dozen. 

So that is really are for this week's update and now you guys can see one more quick close up on the plants so you can see where they are for this update oh, and then I will be back here in seven days for the second week update on how these CO2 canisters are working with the OG Kush plants. All right peace Growers! 

What up GreenBox Growers, we are back here for the week to update on those TNB Naturals CO2 canisters. Now I just did that first low-stress training pull down on the plants as you can see and they are looking really good, got all of those lower notes and now exposed to the light. So we are going to start getting some extremely rapid vegetative growth at this point because it has already been going pretty crazy as is. And now we have added some low stress training into the mix.

 So remember if you are using the TNB Naturals CO2 canisters, you have to shake them up once every day. So I already did that for both of my canisters and I have them both placed right behind these oscillating fans so that it can spread that CO2 throughout the whole tent. Now I am still misting daily and we are just about ready for that second nutrient feeding so things are going along really nicely with this OG Kush grow. And we are probably going to be adding the scrog net into this tent and the next week or two. 

So a lot of exciting things on the way for the Scroll series and I am very Stoked so far on how these TNB Naturals CO2 canisters are working. I can tell already these plants have really taken off in terms of vegetative growth since adding these canisters. So that concludes you’re second update for this product reviews series, and I will be back shortly for your third week of the TNB Naturals CO2 canister review. All right peace Growers!

So we are back here again for your week 3 update undies TNB Naturals CO2 canisters that I am using with my OG Kush screen of green grow. So you can see the growth is just absolutely tremendous since the last week's video, and I can't say enough about how much these canisters are the CO2 canisters are helping out. And I have to say that it is also a lot to do with some amazing genetics so shout out to Growers choice for these awesome OG Kush seeds! 

Now as you can see I have been utilizing some low stress training on the plants, and I've only created one anchor so far and then the rest has just been the three-finger technique that I utilize a lot. So I am going to give these ladies about another week's time with growing up without any low-stress training. And then I'm going to be putting that scrog net over them about 8 in from the tallest part of the plant. So you guys should see that in here and next week's video, and since we just passed the two-week Mark for this growth or for using the CO2 canisters, I did refill them today with those refillable packets.

 You just need one packet to refill one of the CO2 canisters and then you just shake it up with one liter of lukewarm water and you are good to go again. So refilled these and shook them up oh, so we will see how the growth continues and I will be back here in another 7 days for your week for update. Peace! 

All right Growers so welcome back here another 7 Days Later for your fourth update in this TNB Naturals CO2 canister review. So you can see I actually just added the scrog net above the plants today, and it is about 4 or 3 to 4 inches above the tallest parts of the tallest plant. So it will start growing through there and I mean the tallest plant will probably start having tops coming through in the next few days here. I would say for the smaller one over there it might be 5 to 7 days. 

So the plants are still growing really rapidly and you can see I've been doing a lot of LST over the last week. And it has been helping a lot because you can see those plants have been really getting that nice bushy shape with a lot of different types. So growth is going really well, should have the scrog filled in the next two weeks and then we will just flowers soon after that. So the CO2 canisters are working really well but anyways that concludes the week for update for the tnb naturals CO2 canister review. And I will be back here in another 7 days for your week 5 update!

What up what up growers so we are back here for the week 5 update on the TNB Naturals CO2 canisters. I before I get too and to the plants and how they have grown over the last seven days, I just wanted to mention is now been two weeks since I refill these guys and they are actually still growing strong when I shake them up and I still hear a good amount of hissing and there is still a lot of CO2 still coming out of the top. 

So these are going to go a little longer they are in two weeks before I have to refill them again so I will probably be refilling them sometime between the middle of this week 5 and the beginning of week 6 and I will let you guys know when I do that. so since the last update that I gave you guys a week for, you can see there has been a lot of growth in terms of vegetative growth coming up through the scrog net. 

And each of these plants have developed a lot more tops. So that is really good because we really want to fill out this entire scrog net with as many cops as possible. Now I will be doing a defoliation in a week's time, I just want to let them recover from that last defoliation we did and I want them to grow through the scrog net a little more before I start doing that. One other thing is I will be lollipopping the plants about 2 days before we flip them to flower, so once we get that will let you guys know about that.

 And that is to just help with the increase in yields as well. So let me just give you guys a nice little look from level with the scrog net and you can see how many different little cops have already ground through or are just about ready to start poking through. So over this next 7 days before we give you the next update, I am guessing that each of these plants will pretty much have all of their tops filled up through or grown up through the canopy. 

And through the scrog at net, and what they'll allow me to do is start training the different tops out and away from further squares so you can open up the canopy for more branches and more tops to grow through. So all I am going to do today is give them a misting as they are not yet ready for their next watering, and then I will see you guys back here in seven days for the week 6 update on these tnb Naturals CO2 canisters! All right Peace Growers!

Alright Growers so we are back now for the week 6 of vegetation update to the TNB Natural CO2 canisters. As you can see, they are really filling out the scrog net nicely, and these OG Kush plants recently got a defoliation, and that was probably about three days ago now. And that was mainly to help get more tops growing up through the scrog net. So I am very impressed with how much the CO2 canisters are helping thus far with vegetative growth, and I am hoping that once we get into flower we are going to see an even bigger or an even more significant change from the addition of these canisters. 

So I actually refilled them about 3 days ago so I was midway through week 5 of vegetation. So they lasted, where the last refill lasted about two and a half weeks and now we are on to our third packet or our second refill on the canisters. So that is pretty much it for today's update, they just got were this week's update, they just got their third plain watering since their last nutrients feeding. and I am actually about to give them a good misting, so by next week's update I am hoping that the scrog net is full or completely filled in each square with a different top. 

And we will be almost ready to add the second layer of the scrog net at that point, so I will continue refilling the CO2 canisters all the way through out the rest of the edge as well as flower. So very excited to see what kind of results we get from that. All right folks of that concludes the week 6 update and I will see you back here and another seven days. 

Okay Growers so we are actually back here two weeks later for the week 8 update on the tnb naturals CO2 canisters. I was out of town for a little bit there so that's why I was unable to film the week 7 update oh, just didn't have enough time but as you guys can see the plants have grown and extremely large amount since that last update during week 6. Very happy with how the plants have filled out the scrog net and they are just about ready to add that second that in there. 

Now you will see that the plants have yellowed slightly over the last week, mainly at the very tops of the plant and of the leaves. Reason for that is because I actually switched on the second Electric Sky 300 watt light. I thought they were ready for it but pretty quickly I realized they weren't just by the looks and signs of light stress. So we are just going to keep the one light on for now, and slowly work her down in height until those ladies are ready to flower at which point we will start the second light back up.

Now it has been about two weeks since I refilled the CO2 canisters and when I shake them now there isn't really any CO2 coming out. You can tell by the hissing sound when there is a lack of it, that means they are ready for a refill. Sometimes it will bubble a little bit towards the end but it is not even doing that anymore so I've got my refill packets and again you just need one per CO2 bottle. 

And all you have to do is clean out the CO2 bottle, it is helpful if you dry out the inside before refilling it but usually I just refill it anyways. And then what you will do is once you have cleaned it out, you will just put in or empty in the packet one of the refill package. And then you add in a liter of lukewarm water, shake it up and then you are hanging this thing back up and good to go. So we are going to go refill these and get them reset right now and then I will see you guys back here in another week's time for the week 9 update! All right peace Growers!

Okay Growers so we are back now a week later for your week 9 update on the TNB Naturals CO2 canisters. So if you guys can probably see, we just finished doing a nice lollipopping as well as a defoliation. And we even just got our second layer of the scrog net in. The reason for this is because tomorrow is going to actually be day one flower as I'm flipping the lights to 12/12 at that point. 

So I just wanted to do a little preparation for that, but as you guys can see the plants are looking amazing, they are little thinned out and stressed right now because we just did the lollipopping. But as you can see from the amount of foliage on the floor here, they we're quite bushy before we did that. So very stoked on how the canisters are working out so far, I actually refilled them with a refill pack about 3 days agoI think it was. And really just keeps on pumping on and the foliage, or the vegetative growth has just been out of this world. 

So very excited to see now that we are going into the flowering stage and I am excited to see how these canisters work for that growth. And once we are back here in 7 days for that week 10 update, they will have about six, five to 6 days worth in the flowering phase. So hopefully we will have some pistols at to check out, but at this point we just got a ton of tops coming through all of those SCROG squares.

 And just really looking good, nice healthy foliage going on, very thick is stems down below. So we are going to see some really good yields and some really high-quality Bud growing in here pretty quickly. All right guys so that concludes the week 9 update for our tnb Naturals CO2 review. And I will see you guys back here in 7 days for week 10. Peace! 

What up GreenBox Growers we are back here for the week 10 update for that TNB Naturals CO2 canister product review. Now just to give you guys an update in terms of where we are at with the grow. We are actually one week into the flowering phase now. And today was actually day 7 of week 9. So tomorrow is going to be the start of week 2 of flower and already we are seeing some really good pistol development for just being in the transitional sort of preflower phase.

 So I anticipate a lot more development in terms of pistol growth and Bud growth in this next week's video, and in terms of how the CO2 canisters are working. I am really stoked on them, we just refill them I think about a week ago so we have about another week until we will need to change these. And definitely important to have them going during the flowering phase. If anything if you want to skip the veg stage, that is okay because these are best used during the flowering phase. 

Now don't get me wrong it really helps a lot for the vegetative stage but let's say you are on a budget and you can't afford all of those refill packets, I would recommend for just using it and the flowering stage. And other than that that's pretty much it for the week 10 update. So I will catch you guys back here and 7 days for week 11, peace! 

Alright Growers so it has already been another 7 days which brings us to the week 11 update for our TNB Naturals CO2 canisters. So one thing to know is I did bring this one canister down here to the floor and reason being is first of all the lid wasn't really holding on so it kept kind of dropping off anyways. But the second reason I did that was because with the CO2 or with the carbon filter going it is going to naturally pull the air up through the canopy as it is extracting it out of the tent. 

So having it down below here will be a good way to have some extra CO2 added to the lower canopy area and then it will be pulled up through the canopy as is extracted out of the tent. Now for the one behind the fan here because we have the fan blowing in front of it, that is going to pull the CO2 and blow it all over the tent and the upper part of the canopy. So we are good there, now I am really stoked on how the development is going so far.

We actually just finished week, today is actually the last day of week 2 of flower for these ladies and you can see the progress is just astounding. Really if you head over to our OG Kush grocery as you will see the change is noticeable daily. Every 24 hours you can notice the pistols are getting bigger, Fuller and there is development pretty much all the way up and down to the bottom of the branches. 

All right guys so that pretty much concludes the week 11 update for the TNB Naturals CO2 canisters. Again I am really stoked on the results because first of all now that we are through the vegetative stage I can definitely say I noticed a tremendous difference with the CO2 canisters and that vegetative growth was much more rapid. A lot stronger and the foliage came in a lot thicker. 

And now that we are two weeks through the flowering phase I can tell not only did I get through that transitional phase really quickly but now that we are through it, it is just like I said a noticeable difference every single day. And it is very noticeable, not just a little bit of change but a whole lot. So I will be back here in another week's time for that week 12 update or the week 3 of flower update and I'm sure you guys are going to see another tremendous difference in the bud development from right now till that clip. So I will see you guys back here then! 

All right guys we are back again for the week 12 update on the TNB Naturals CO2 canisters. Now you can see each week we are getting some crazy good bud growth going on here and today was actually the last day of week 3 of flower for the plants. So tomorrow is day 1 of week 4 a flower and in my opinion I can see a tremendous benefit from using the CO2 canisters. Not only is the bud growth going really fast but I can see it is denser, and it is pretty much growing all the way down to the bottom of the canopy. 

I would say about 4in below or I'm sorry for in below this bottom layer of the SCROG Net we are still getting some pretty solid but growth and bud development. So I think the TNB or the CO2 canisters are helping a lot with that as well as rapid development. And the smell is already tremendous, and we've been adding some grape sweet from the Botanicare sweet line and that is helping a lot with smell and flavor. And it was about a week ago that we did the last refill on the CO2 canisters so we are still good for now. All right guys that is it for 2 days update and I will see you back here and then another 7 days for week 13! 

Okay Growers so we are back here for the week 13 update, and this will be a quick one as you guys can see we are just focusing on lowering the lights a little bit every other day here for maximum Bud development. Other than that we are pretty much on autopilot for the grow with our watering schedule and nutrients. We just shook up the CO2 canisters and they are still hissing pretty well so we are probably not going to change them or refill them for another few days here. 

So I will probably be doing that in between this week and next week's update. Very stoked and very happy on the TNB Naturals CO2 canisters. And honestly I would like to see what would happen if I had a total of four of them in this tent, I don't know if that would be Overkill or not. I really just want to do some experiments with you and see what kind of crazy results I can get. Of course I haven't really seen the full potential of the canisters, having two canisters in this tent because I haven't finished this grow. So we will have to wait and see but so far very happy on the results! Alright guys so that about does it for the week 13 update here and I will see you back here in 7 days!

Alright GreenBox Growers, it is now the week 14 update for this TNB Naturals product review. So we are just past or we are about a week over the half way point of the flowering stage now. I just replaced these CO2 canisters about 4 days ago, very happy with how the development on this buds is going at this point.  Let me give you guys a nice shot of one of these big colas, but as you will see extremely Frosty, the buds are very dense as well and while we are past the halfway point of the flowering stage. 

We still have about two and a half weeks to go I would say before we are going to be finished with these ladies. So we will still pack on a lot of weight here as well as a lot of trichomes. And they are already getting pretty dance with trichomes as is. So that pretty much concludes this week's update, be sure to shake up you are CO2 canisters once per day if you are using them. And it is important to do it early on in the light cycle opposed to later towards the end right before lights off. Because the CO2 or the plant actually use the CO2 a lot more when the lights are on and they don't really use it when lights are off. 

It is now time for the week 15 update on the TNB Naturals CO2 canisters, and as you can see the buds on these OG Kush plants are absolutely insane! Let me give you guys some close-up shots after this part, but just to give you guys an update I just checked on the Trichomes and it looks like we have about another week to two weeks to go before we start our flush. So we just finished week 7 or I'm sorry week 6 of flower today. 

Tomorrow is day one of week 7 so I am going to check the Trichomes again at the end of week 7 of flower there. Just to see if they are ready, if not we will go week 8 and then we most likely will be ready to flush by then if not already. So we will do one more refill in a few days here on the CO2 canisters, and then we probably won't refill them again for the rest of the grow as it isn't as important at the very end of flower to have those going. 

Now you do want to have some CO2 but as high of a level is not necessary. From these CO2 canisters I am just really happy with how thick and dense the buds have gotten. How big they have gotten, we still have some time to go and then of course how Frosty they are.. So I'm going to go ahead and give you guys some close-ups now on how the development has gone with our buds here. And then I will see you back here in seven days for the week 16 update.

Alright Growers we are back again another week later, so that makes this the week 16 update for our tnb Naturals CO2 canisters! Now tomorrow I actually just checked the trichomes earlier. Tomorrow is going to be day one of flush, so we have two weeks, about 10 to 14 days to go before we Harvest these ladies. And I will be giving you guys a nice looks at the buds once we have harvested, dried and cured them. 

We’ll also probably do a little smoke review at the very end of this video, but really quickly let me just give you guys a nice little look at that beautiful OG Kush nug we have growing there. It is very frosty, very dense and you can see they have a little purple going on in this bud's there. And they are clearly just about ready for that flush. So starting tomorrow that is when it is going to begin. Now in regards to the TNB Naturals CO2 canisters, couldn't be happier with the results we are getting here. 

Now of course I will have to do a dry weight review once we are done here with that process so I can compare that to the last row that I got in here. Because I did for plants or I had six plants but I had the same lighting setup and pretty much everything else so it will be a good measure to see how much extra yields we got from those of CO2 canisters. With the last row I didn't hear I think it was just over 1.5 lb that we yielded with those six plants. 

That was in our Nuke Heads Grow Series for those of you who followed along with that. Ok Guys that is the week 16 update, the next update I'm going to give you guys are going to be at the very end of the flushing phase just so you can see what the buds look like before we chop them down. And then from there we will wait until they have dried and cured. All right I will see you guys back here for the very end of the flushing phase! 

Now today I am very excited to announce this is the last day of the flushing process, so that concludes this product review video. We are going to give the plants a little bit of a dark period, so that will happen after today once the lights go out. And then we will do another video that shows you guys the harvested as well as dried and cured buds so you can see the results, and then we will do a little smoke review with those as well. 

So stay tuned for that! So just very excited with the results here, and then I'll see you guys might be wondering why I got the shades on, it is very important to be wearing eyeglasses obviously when working on the plants, the lights you are working with are very powerful and they can damage your eyes. 

So you want UV protected sunglasses and they do make one specific for growing, but usually we have not been wearing these in videos because we've only been wearing the glasses while working on the plants. But recently we decided to always be wearing these when the tents are open. Okay so that officially concludes this product review and like I said we will be back shortly with that bud smoke review, so stay tuned for that!

Alright GreenBox Growers, so that officially conclude the TNB Naturals CO2 canister product review video! As I mentioned throughout the series, very stoked with the results that I have gotten from this product and I will definitely be using it again. And the reason why I like it so much and why I recommend it is because of not only the amazing yields or size of the buds that we got developed in this grow.

 But also because of how dense they are as well as how dense with trichomes they have grown! So very frosty, very potent Buds and also the smell is tremendous in there. Now this is a product I recommend someone use after having a few grows under their belt because CO2 is not really going to help improve your grow until you have kind of the basic style then, but once you have that figure it out it is a very highly recommended product to use. Because you are going to notice some outstanding differences and the results that you get.  

Now another reason I really like this product and I didn’t mention this at the last clip but I know I touched on this throughout the series, and that is the buds that are developing well below the canopy that normally would be popcorn buds. Those have developed completely solid all the way through and those are extremely Frosty and dense as well. So a very stoked and I think the CO2 canisters definitely helped with that as well as the combination of using the electric sky LED lights.

 But just another reason why I really like using CO2 in the grow room. Now if you are interested in using this product, you have a few grows under your belt and you feel you are ready. Definitely check it out our odor and climate control section under our supplies section of the website. As we have these canisters listed there. Now before I go I just want to thank you guys for watching this week's video, it really means a lot to me, I know I really enjoyed this whole process so hopefully you guys did too. 

And hopefully you guys have learned something from this video and will be able to use these CO2 canisters to improve your grow at home. Now as I mentioned earlier I will be back shortly with another video update showing at the dried and cured version of these buds so you guys can see the end results from TNB Naturals CO2 canisters. So stay tuned for that and in the meantime…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown

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AC Infinity High Tech Inline Fan Review!

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AC Infinity High Tech Inline Fan Review!

AC Infinity Product Review: Cloudline T6 Fan


What’s up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for another Product review video! Now in today's episode, I will be reviewing this inline Duct Fan right here, and this was sent to me from a company straight out of California call AC Infinity. Now this company has been around for a little while but they've been primarily making cooling systems for AV systems and home theaters, and now just recently they just started moving into the Cannabis growing industry. So I will be testing out this ducting fan in today's video with my OG Kush plants, and then I will also give you guys my review and feedback on what I think about this product. Now the specific product comes from their cloudline series and it is there T6 model which means it is set up for the 6in ducting. 

And what I really like so far about this product is first of all it is very Sleek in modern looking as you can see right here, and then it is also very techy as it has a lot of cool technology built into it. For example it comes with this little modular system right here that will actually read and tell you what temperature and humidity is in the tent as well as you get to control the different fan speeds. So we will get into more detail about that in the video. One thing I do want to mention before we start this video is this is also a pretty expensive product as it comes in at $150. 

So do keep that in mind, this is someone who is a little more serious about their grow, is looking for something that is convenient but is also going to give them really quality results and is a very high-quality product. So if that is what you are looking for, this product will be great for you! So now you guys know what we are doing and today's product review, let's head over to the OG Kush tent where I will set up this fan and do a little test. 

All right guys here we are at the 4 x 4 tent where I have my current OG Kush plants growing, they are about 2 weeks or they just started the second week of flower actually. They are a few days in so looking really good here but this is the setup where I will be setting or hooking up the AC Infinity ducting fan to. So out of the top of the tent you will see we have our 6in ducting hose coming out to the inline fan that I am using right now. And this is from the iPower set up we have listed on our site. You can see there is the carbon filter right there, and is just that 6in combo that comes with the ducting hose, the inline fan as well as the carbon filter right there.

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So before we do that I just want to give you guys an overview of what comes with the product. So first off of course it comes with the inline fan, you can see that cord actually coming off is for the power cord which you will hook up to down there. And then that will plug into the wall.

It comes with a clasp for the ducting hose to hook up to and to tighten down. And then it comes with this thing right here which is actually the reader or the device that reads the temperature as well as humidity inside of the grow room. And then it actually displays it on this module right here. Now this thing is really cool because you can actually connect several of these inline fans to this at a time. You can daisy-chain them so you have control with one device here over several fans.

 Now what this module will also let you do as it is going to will give you 10 different settings for the speeds of the fan so you can have it really slow and quiet or you can dial it stop it where it gets a little louder but it has a lot more power and suction. You can also set timers as well as schedules for turning it on and off. And then of course it is going to display the temperature as well as the humidity on here so you can keep track of where that is at and then of course adjust the fan accordingly.

So very useful right there or a very cool feature. And then with a normal inline fan like this one right here, all you really have is like for this one I plug it in and then it just has one speed where it automatically turns on to. So having that control would be nice, especially in a tent like this where it is good-sized. All right so now that you guys have seen everything that comes with this product out of the box, I am going to go ahead and get it set up with our OG Kush tent right here and then I will show you guys exactly how to use it.

Alright guys so we have the inline fan all set up and ready to go, of course the first thing was to remove the ducting hose from our ipower Duct Fan or inline fan and then we hooked up the ducting to the AC Infinity over here. Now the cord that you guys saw me putting into the canopy area, that is the sensor for the temperature as well as humidity so you want that and to be somewhere where you know the area where the area you want to measure is going to be. So if you want to measure the canopy or the top of the canopies conditions, that is where you should have that sensor set. 

So that is why I put it right at the top of the scrog net there, and then we hooked it up to our little module monitor right here and that is also what we plugged our fan into as well. So I just wanted to show you guys the setup on here first of all you can see in the middle here there is temperature for your current temperature reading. So we are at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, that is just because the fans haven't been running so it heated up a little bit in there. So to change the mode, you can turn first off you have your timer mode where you can set It for a certain amount of time and then automatically shut off. 

Then you have your auto mode where you can just set up your different schedules or I'm so you can set it up so the fan automatically turns on or off based on different temperature or humidity ranges or preset conditions. So if you want it to turn on or the fan to kick in once it reaches a certain temperature like for example once it reaches 80 degrees. Then it will automatically turn itself on. After that you will see that you have an alarm setting so that can just be set based off of similar with the temperatures and then you just have your standard on. So this is what we will be demonstrating today, so once you have it on you will see you have your different settings, and then your current fan speed.

 So there are actually 10 different settings or speeds that this has, and I just want to go through those. So here we go the first setting, you can see very quiet. Do you want to show them the fan of the end of it so they can see what it looks like. And you at this point we can't really hear it but it is going, so now it is level 2. You can definitely feel it a little more, and I mean it goes all the way up to 10 like I was saying. For a 4 x 4 tent you are probably going to want to have it going around the 10 setting. For a two by four I would say probably around this, 6 or 7 would be good.

 But you can also mess around and just test it out for yourself. So there you go, that is 10 and you can hear it gets pretty loud at that point, and that is full power. Now of course you can dial it down using this one, and if you want to turn it off so that the screen isn't going or it's night time and you don't want any lights going in the tent where you have this mounted. You just hit this button here to turn it off. 

But anyways yeah that was pretty much it, then one more click on this button and that turns it off. Can I guess that pretty much concludes today's demonstration of the AC Infinity inline fan. Actually I am probably going to set this up with our Agent Orange Grow right now because we don't have anything any carbon filter setup with that tent at the moment. We had to move it around for another tent recently. So it is probably going to go into that tent for the time being.

Alright GreenBox Growers that concludes today's product review video of the AC infinity and line ducting fan! Again this is the T6 model from the cloud line serious and if you are interested in this product or want to see more details about it, feel free to visit their website up here at the link above. Now in my opinion I really like this product and I have found from my testing today that it is really effective. So I would recommend this product to anyone who is willing to pay the price tag for it. Again it is a little bit on the more expensive side but you are paying for what you get, and you get full control over the span as you can adjust the dial is speed of the fan settings. If you can set timers and of course it gives you all the readings of the conditions inside the tent. Now if you guys enjoyed today's video please feel free to hit the thumbs up button and don't forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel. As always I want to give you guys a big thank you for watching today's video, I really hope you enjoyed it, and until next time …

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown

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Greener Pastures Pre-Roll Cross Joint


Greener Pastures Pre-Roll Cross Joint

Reviewing the Greener Pastures Cross Joint!


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for another product review video. Now and today's video I am going to be reviewing these pre-roll cross joints, these were sent to me recently by greener pastures. You can see more details about their company and products they offer at their website which is right there on the screen, again that is our grass is greener. Com. So what I will be doing in today's video is giving you guys a little overview on how to pack and pre-roll one of these and just fill it up with your buddy. We've got some Grape Ape that we grew recently over here that Cody is grinding up for that. 

And then of course we are going to take it outside and we are going to do a little smoke review for you guys and I'll give you some feedback on what I think of this product.  Now if you guys are looking for grow guidance and step by step help with growing cannabis at home, feel free to check out our premium video section which you can check out the link right here on your screen. We've got a two-week free trial when you subscribe to this video so you can check them out before having to pay anything. All right so now that you guys know what we are doing in today's video let's get started with packing this up with our Grape Ape Bud!

Alright so we are back here to pack up our cross joint, so first I just want to show you guys what came in the Box, we've got to cross joints and a packer for it. So I brought out the king of Palm Bay Packer just in case that one doesn't work too well because it does look a little skinny and flimsy but we will see. Now we ground up a good amount of nug of the Grape Ape, probably about a gram to a gram and a half or two grams. So where is that nug that I put up for a close up on. All right so here is a close-up for you guys on what we will be smoking on today. We've got the Grape Ape that I recently harvested, well it's probably been about a month and a half to two months since I've harvested.

So now we are going to pack it up and I'm going to start with filling up the middle part and then I will fill up the sides at the end. You want to start with a good amount of packing for the lower part as you don't want it to be too loose down below. Not too tight either though, not too tight but you gradually want to get looser as you get more and more in there. 

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Alright guys so we have it all finished being packed, and now we are going to take it outside and meet you out there for smoking it. All right so it is a beautiful Day out here in Northern California, perfect time to light up a cross joint. So I would normally think you light all three sides at the same time but we just got one lighter at the moment so. You want me to light it for you, I can do it. Okay, but thank you. Okay let me give you guys a quick close up first. We didn't twist off the sides either because they are a little on the short side, but normally you can though. But it will work just fine like this if you pack it properly.

Or if you were making it from scratch like we got this pre-rolled, the shaping of it at least. If you were to make it from scratch, a lot of people would recommend making a joint without a crutch in it and then you would slide that through a regular joint that does have a crutch and that's how you would make a cross joint. But we are doing it differently today. 

So as you guys can see it was pretty easy to get lit and it is not hard to draw either. I know it's not too tightly packed so does pulling perfectly, and it is hitting pretty smoothly. Seems to be staying lit pretty well, you just have to keep hitting it, for packing it it was a little bit difficult obviously. Because you just have three different arms, but I mean it took me about 6 minutes to do and total so nothing crazy especially with the Packer, it makes it a lot easier. And if you have one of those little mini finals that will help to use as well. 

But overall you know it is pretty easy to pack, I think it is only like a couple of bucks for one of these as well so those pretty convenient. And yeah it looks like they're saying is going to last a good amount of time.  Alright guys so we are going to finish smoking this but I would say overall I really like this product, it was really easy to package or fill up with the bud. And smoking really well, so if you are ever desiring a cross joint I would highly recommend one of these, it is a lot easier than just rolling it up yourself at home. What about you Cody what would you say, yeah I mean I would say you need a steady hand to do it because it is a little bit delicate. 

But definitely easier than having to roll  a joint and then roll another one then cut a hole in the joint slide this thing through. Just a little more convenient. Who will well we are going to finish this now out in the beautiful Sun, so I hope you guys enjoyed today's product review.

Alright GreenBox Growers So that concludes today's product review video on the pre roll cross joint by Greener Pastures.  Again you can check out their website by the link on the screen, our grass is greener. Calm and for more details on their product there and you can also purchase these. As always thank you guys for watching this week's video, don't forget to give us the thumbs up if you enjoyed it or comment below with feedback or ideas for future videos you would like to see. Alright so until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown


Reviewing the BudVac Curing Jar


Reviewing the BudVac Curing Jar

The BudVac Vacuum Sealed Mason Jar

How's it going cannabis Growers and welcome back for another product review by GreenBox Grown!  So today's product is going to be the Budvac curing jar, and this is a jar for curing your cannabis buds in, and it comes with a vacuum sealing system. So I am going to be showing you guys and demonstrating how to use this product and what the product is supposed to be good for is long-term storage. It's going to keep your buds preserved and much better condition for those long periods of time that you need to store eat them. And then for the short-term curing process it is also supposed to help them a little bit faster as well as a better cure.

So what I am going to do in this video is have an ounce because this is the ounce size to jar, so I will have an ounce of my Limoncello Haze which was just harvested about a week ago, I'm sorry we just put them in the jars of for curing about a week ago. So an ounce of the Limoncello Haze in the vacuum sealed jar, and then I will have an ounce that we will be comparing and it just a normal setup like I usually cure. And each week we will compare them over the next two months to see how they look different, how they smell different and then eventually at the end we are going to smoke review to compare if there was a curing difference in the process and if it did really help. So this product wasn't sent to me by BudVac, I purchased this on my own because I found it and thought it was a really cool idea and just wanted to test it out and see how it worked. 

So like I was saying we are going to do the demonstration where I will show you guys how to use the BudVac curing jar, then if you guys enjoy this video and you want to find more content similar to this, like other product reviews for cannabis products. Feel free to check out my website right here at the link on your screen and that is I have a ton of more options for videos and other fun content to check out, all related to cannabis as well as growing at home. We also have videos on how to make extracts and other things like that too. So if you are interested in getting started with your first time grow, feel free to check out those videos and also if you are interested in signing up for our premium Content Library. 

Which is part of a lot of those videos, we do have a two-week free trial going on for that. So all you have to do is hit the Subscribe button which is overlaid on those videos at the link right here on your screen, and that will automatically sign you up for that two-week free trial. And that's just my gift to you guys for watching and supporting my channel. As always I hope you guys are able to come away with some more knowledge and information about cannabis and the growing process after watching this video, and now that you guys know what we are doing in today's video let's get started with a little demonstration on the BudVac!

Alright so we are over here at the curing station I have the BudVac jar right here, and then I again I've got my two jars of Limoncello Haze, and there's actually 31 grams in each one. And these are both of Bud, I like to separate the Bud from The Popcorn nugs or the trim. I don't like to keep that all in the same jar. So these are both top shelf nug or the top colas and that came off of the plant. And what I am going to be doing, so first of all you can see these jars were actually full, to pretty much up at the top right up here when I first loaded them up. That was just about a week ago and already the nuggs are starting to condense and tighten up really well so that is a good sign.

And hopefully that even happens a little bit more in the vacuum sealed in the jar here. So all we have to do here is of course open up the side strap here on the jar, take the lid over and I am going to be using this jar right here for the one that is going in here.  And I am also going to keep my Bovada humidity pack in the jar. In the new jar because that will still help and play a role so do not forget to keep that or transport over. So there we go, nice little nuggies coming out. Getting a little stack and let me give you guys a little look at how it is looking in there too because again this is the Limoncello Haze and I really like how it is coming out this far.

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I've already tried smoking some of it too because it has been curing for about a week now, I got to say it got me really stoned and it was very strong. And although it is a sativa does not feel like a Sativa whatsoever. It felt very much like an indica.  So I'm not sure if I will be able to get the full 31 grams in here, probably not but that is a good decent amount and that's actually almost all of it. I will take some of this out of there, some of those top nugs let me to give you guys a good look here. Very frosty as you can see, covered in trichomes and it smells very citrusy very lemony in Piney of course and that is how I’m guessing iit got its name I'm assuming.

So got almost all 31 grams in there, I'm going to close up the jar now and I might actually have to take, am I crushing those nuggs, no, so okay now I'm just going to close it up and again this was a 1 oz jar, it cost I think it was 39 or no $49 I believe so it is a little bit pricey. But we will see if it is worth it, so that is what this whole video is about. Again with the curing and drying process of cannabis, that is like I would say 60% of you know where the results come from or where the end result comes from. And with curing if it does help make a difference and it makes your buds cure and come out better, then I would say is definitely worth that price tag.

So what you are going to do is take this pump and put it right on that little lid there you can see it's got that little nipple right there and all you are going to do is put the pump on, lift the handle up and down and you are going to do the pump until you hear a clicking sound and that is when it is pressurized or I guess you have created the vacuum seal. There you go so did you guys hear that? You can hear that clicking and that means it is all there or it has completely sealed. So, so yeah I am going to try and open it and you can see now that there is a vacuum, yeah I cannot open that in that is with this unhinged or whatever unlocked.

To release the seal, all you have to do is been that nickels than is sideways, you do not want to push down on it at that will mess it up here in and now you can see it is coming open. And actually when I released that you can see inside that the buds kind of moved a little bit like as that pressure was being released. I am going to pump this back up, put these back in the drawer because you want to keep them in a dark place when they are curing. You do not want to leave them out for the light. So I keep them in my dresser drawer because I have an empty one. So probably once each week what we are going to do is just open these jars up and have a look at them. I am still going to be burping this jar each day just as you would normally with curing your other buds, it is just that afterwards I'm going to receive it with this vacuum seal. So I will be back in 7 days to show you guys our first week's update and how these buds do in the BudVac. alright peace guys!

Alright GreenBox Growers, we are back here 7 days later, so the first week of curing in the jars is complete. So now let's see and compare the differences between the two. So on the left here we've got the same Limoncello Haze jar, again the one with 31 grams and that lid has a good seal, me I always want to tell you guys is always a good idea to tighten these Lids almost as tight as you can. You don't want to do it too much because they can strip it. But leaving it on loose is going to allow for are obviously to go through so you want to do it pretty tight because what that will do is cause this Rubber seal, or gasket on the bottom of the lid to actually create a good seal. So that is important for the curing process.

So here is first luck, quick for smell and definitely getting that lemony sent a little stronger. It is still, you still get a little bit of the hay smell after a week it's not very bad at all, just a very light hint. Okay let's see, nugs are pretty dense, you can see they have firmed up a little further, get that off of there. And these nugs are looking really good, very top quality. Bam! So pretty good at this point I would say, I would give that a B+ so far for the keyring. So now let's check out the nuggs from one week in the BudVac. So I've got to release the air, take off the lid of course and that is really good seal even after releasing it.

Here we go, first initial smell and it is a little bit stronger I would say then it is from the Mason jar, but not by too much. These nugs definitely look a little Frosty here though, I don't know if that really has anything to do with the curing process work this just happened to be a little bit Frosty or nugs I put in here. But again these ones are very dense and tight, still squishy though not crunchy or anything like that. You can see, my fingers are very sticky afterwards so not too much of a difference just yet. So what I'm going to do is close these back up and put them in the jar or in the drawer that is dark and then I'm also going to pump this one out so I give it that vacuum sealed. And then we will be back here and another week's time, so I will see you guys back here in 7 days.

All right bro or so we are back here another 7 Days Later for the week to update on this BudVac verse regular mason jar curing episode. So let's check them I've already got them opened up and I already released the vacuum seal as you can see on the BudVac so let's check these ones out first. Now when I first opened it I did take a good with and I could tell that the lemon smell is coming out a lot more vibrantly than I would say it is in the regular mason jar. Now I can also tell that the nugs in the BudVac jar seem to not be losing as much weight or size as the ones up here in the regular mason jar. Now they aren't as much losing weight as I would say the ones in the Mason jar or just tightening up more because there is more air exchange from the lid here. It is not airtight or are sealed I'm sorry vacuum sealed.

So that is my guess on why that is happening but again you can see there is a pretty substantial difference in terms of how Frosty the nugs are, I would say much frostier from the BudVac, and while it isn't as dense this time around as the ones from the regular mason jar, they are still a very solid nugs and you can see it is not Airy. They are a little squishy but they are not crunchy which is really nice also. So let's do a little feel test on the nugs in here. So now another thing you'll notice is because I did a wet trim on these and now they're starting to dry and shrivel up a little more shrink up and tighten up a little more. You will see that the leaves are starting to be exposed a little more because they are a little longer now and sticking out.

A little longer to the bud that is because it has shrunk. So what you can do is trim those up if you want to do a second trim or a good thing to do is a dry trim where you just hang dry them with out trimming and then you do the trim afterwards and you don't have to worry about that. So still very frosty nugs on here and you can see a lot denser at least in my opinion. Still have the squishy, they are not crunchy so that is good but again the smell is definitely stronger on here, but yeah that is pretty much it for the second week's update. So I will be back here I'm going to close these jars up vacuum seal this one of course, and then I will be back here in another 7 days for the week 3 update. Alright peace guys!

What up Growers we are back for another week later for the third week of this product review. So this is week 3 in the jars, and I am going to do two more weeks so a total of 5 weeks for this product review so let's open up first the BudVac. Let out that vacuum seal of course periods of the first things smell test, very strong aromas in there and definitely I would say it has gotten a little stronger but it smells like this is pretty much the maximum it's going to get in terms of its strength and smell. You can tell the buds are tightening up because there is more space in the jar, it is not as tightly packed. And that is just because the buds have lost some water weigh in there also just tightening up.

You can see how Frost do the trichomes are on there and how they have come out a lot on the bud.  Again still squishy to the touch, you know what is still solid but it is not crunchy which is always great you don't want it to be over dried. And that is of course what the humidity pack is for. All right now let's do the Mason jar, and you can see a big difference in terms of how full the jar is, now you can see that whole upper part of the jar is now empty where before it was pretty full with nugs. So these have really tightened up, initial smell, not as strong again as the BudVac but still smell pretty good. Again a little less potent in terms of the smell but the bugs are looking a lot better in terms of bag appeal and just how tight and dense they are. But anyways so that is pretty much it for this week 3 review on the BudVac vs the Mason jar, and we will be back here and another 7 days for week 4.  Alright Peace!

All right ladies and gentlemen we are now back here for that 4th update on this product review series coming again that is reviewing the BudVac airtight mason jar. So let me do that smell test to get this started. First I'm going to do the old fashioned mason jar. Very potent and strong as always, does not smell any stronger than last time however so I would say this one is probably talked off in terms of how potent that sent is going to get. So now let's do the smell for the BudVac and again you have to let the air out of the vacuum seal. Or release that vacuum seal or else you won't be able to  open the jar.

Okay so I can definitely see that this one is smelling a lot stronger and what the difference is with the ones in the Mason jar they still have a little bit of that hay sort of plant smell in the background where this one it really, all I am really smelling is be Limoncello.  Very strong and actually a little bit stronger than the one in the Mason jar and now let's do a little test on the consistency and texture of the bud. So pretty spongy, it is a dense and hard nug when it comes to the nuggs in the BudVac.  And let me check here, so pretty similar, this one feels a little bit I wouldn't say dryer but it just doesn't feel a spongy and sticky has been dogs and here. So that is really up for today's update on the BudVac verse the Mason jar video review series here, and I will be back in another 7 days. All right Peace Growers!

Alright so we are back here for that final BudVac update and review coming again this is the 5th week that we have done so far. So I will continue curing the buds in these jars from here on out and basically they are going to do that until I'm done smoking them. Let's do the smell test for our first test as always, so I'm going to open or start with opening the Mason jar. Alright so we are actually getting I would say some more of that lemony smell out of this since last time. 

And now let smell the BudVac. And again I really think this is going to be a product for your top top buds that you are harvesting. I don't think it's product that you want to have for all of your all of your buds to cure in. Because again these can be expensive if you want to go that route, of course if you can afford it all the best to you because these are really nice and give you a really good result. But again the mason jars, the old conventional way gets the job done almost just as well I would say. Now the smell is pretty much the same as last time. It doesn't seem to be getting any larger, but these buds look even tighter, a little denser than before. So looking really good, still very frosty of course and let's check out the texture of the nuggs still in the Mason jar. 

So I would say at this point for a final review they are definitely a little area and not as dense as the ones in the BudVac, but still I would say mid to almost top grade, but this right here is just definitely a lot better of a result. So that pretty much concludes the BudVac review and again I would definitely recommend it for your top shelf Buds!

Alright GreenBox Growers, that officially concludes today's product review video and if you are interested in finding out more details about those BudVac curing jars, just check them out the link right here in the screen., And you can see more details about them there. As always I want to thank you guys for watching today's video. I hope you enjoyed it, until next time…

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown


SmartPhone Trichome Scope Review


SmartPhone Trichome Scope Review

Easiest Trichome Scope for Beginners!


What up Cannabis Growers, and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown!  Now and today's video I'm going to be doing a product review, and the product I am reviewing is this wifi-enabled digital trichome scope. Now this product makes looking at your trichomes a million times easier when compared to your traditional jewelers loop or non digital trichomes go. And the reason being is because of this thing actually syncs up with your smartphone via its own app that you can download from the App Store, and what it does is allows you to record while simultaneously seeing what you're looking at with the scope. So afterwards you can we watch that video to see exactly where your trichomes are in terms of development and then of course you can play it in slo-mo so it is easier to see them then during that live feed. 

So in today's video I'm going to show you guys exactly what comes with this product and its packaging and then I'm also going to do a little demonstration where I show you guys how to use the scope while demonstrating on my Gorilla Glue Autoflower plants that I am currently growing for my Stealth Grow Series. Now for those of you interested and picking up this trichome scope, I do have a link to it on Amazon and that link is also right here on your screen and I will also have it listed Down Below in the description of this video. All right so now. That you guys know what we are doing in today's video, let's get started with that overview of the supplies that come with this trichome scope in the packaging.

Okay so here we are with the packaging and all of the supplies that came with it, again I think this was around 40 or $45 for the scope. And what it came with was of course it's charging cable which is a USB cable so I just use my butt from my smartphone charger for that. And then I plug it into the wall. Now it also comes with this cool stand for if you want to position it while looking at a sample on your table or if you just want to put it like that while it's charging it's pretty nice. And then of course it comes off of there and you have the trichome scope itself.

 The scope does come with a desk cover that Clips over the edge there but since we are about to use it, I have removed it already. It is just a piece of clear plastic that Clips onto the end. Now you will see that it has the power button right here and you just hold that down to turn this on and then once that light comes on that means it's powered up. This dial right here with the LED right underneath, just controls how bright the LED at the end there, that light or LED light is at the very end of the scope. So you can see like that is all the way up and then there it is off. So that is nice to have, it's a nice feature and then you also have this button right here.

Which is actually these two buttons to zoom in and zoom out, and that is for once you have synced up to the app and you've got your live feed going you can use this if you want to zoom in at a little bit of a time. Or you can use this dial for adjusting the scope so it goes from 50x to 1000 x once you have the dial all the way to the left that's fully zoomed in and then all the way to the right is zoomed out. So let me turn it off real quick so I need to get set up first before we use it. But that is pretty much everything that comes with.  The cool features that it is wifi-enabled so you can sync it up with your smart phone and just watch what you are doing through the screen of your phone. Or you can take pictures like I was saying you can take videos which is what I'll be doing here in a second. 

So if you are the gorilla glue autoflowers for my grow series and this is what we will be looking at up close for their trichomes. So let me just give you guys a little look up close at the buds, they're looking really Frosty and they are about a week to two weeks away, I would say about a week and a half away from being ready for their flush. So they are getting pretty close here and looking like a nice yield for autoflowers. And I think this exhale CO2 bag has a lot to do with that. So let me get the scope setup and hooked up to the smartphone and then I will be back to show you guys those close-ups. 

Alright so we have a quick look at the buds we are going to be looking at with the scope. That's the Gorilla Glue Autoflower, And these generics come from Growers Choice seeds. So let me give you guys a good little zoom in on these guys. Looking pretty good and getting close to being ready like I was saying, all right so can you to using this scope or any scope really is you need to have obviously a really Steady Hand. So what is nice as this has a nice extension from the lens so you can get that nice you can push it up against the bud decently to help stabilize it and that way you don't get all that sticky resin on the lens of the scope.

So here we go, we are actually zoomed in all the way right now on the scope so let me zoom out and start with the zoomed out shot for you guys. Okay so we can see a decent shot right there, and looking pretty milky with some clear. I'll keep zooming in, that's a nice shot for you guys, and yeah as you can see I can get it holding pretty steady if you get the fans turned off and that way there is no Breeze working against you. And then keep zooming in and we'll get a nice look, look at that!

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You can see they're looking good, and yeah a little too zoomed in right there so let me Zoom back out. Yeah you can see those trichomes and the little heads on top, pretty nice. And again this will be great for obviously checking when they are ready for Harvest, these are not looking there just yet. It does look like we are looking at some trichomes on a Sugar Leaf right here. So that is why they look some Amber there. And again those mature faster than the buds so want to make sure you are looking at trichomes on the buds to determine when they are ready. Alright hold on one more quick look for you guys here.  

Sugar Leaf, stem or something sticking out from an old fan leaf. Here is a pistol that we are looking up closely on, so that is like those Pistols that start off white sticking straight up and then they crow in an orange slightly. And then there are some trichomes off in the distance a little bit for you. Alright so here's a nice last look for you guys, nice and up close and then so yeah. These ones aren't fully developed on the sugar leaves here so we do have some time to go, but there is your guys demonstration with the trichome scope!

All right cannabis Growers of that concludes today's product review of this digital wifi-enabled trichome scope. And again I really like this especially when compared to the traditional jewelers loop or your standard non-digital trichome scope. Just because of how easy it is to record and then play back the video and just look at the trichomes at that point. And then you don't have to try and determine what stage of development they are at while looking at that live feed on your screen or on the scope. 

Because it is going to be a little bit shaky when you first start using it until you get used to it. And then of course because you are looking at something that isn't sturdy you know on a table in front of you. As always thank you guys for watching today's video, I really hope you enjoyed it, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown


The Best Pot for Growing Cannabis at Home!


The Best Pot for Growing Cannabis at Home!

Fabric Smart Pots vs Super Roots Air Pots

What up cannabis Growers and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown! now in today's video I will be doing a comparison between the airpot as well as the fabric pot. And I've got my three gallon smart pot right here for the fabric pots and then this is my super Roots 3 gallon equivalent right here. And that will be covering of course the airpots. So I will be giving you guys my pros and cons of each  pot and which one is my favorite as well.  And then of course before I get started with today's video I'd like to remind you guys that I got some new Merch into my store recently. 

So check out under under that merch and smoke tab. You'll see the clothing button there and you can see those options that are on the screen right now available on that page. Also don't forget we've got that two-week free trial going on to our entire grow video library. So all you got to do is hit the Subscribe button on any of our premium grow videos and then just fill out the questionnaire there. And you will be all signed up for that two-week free trial. All right, so now that you know what we are doing in today’s video, lets get started with that comparison between the super roots air pots as well as my fabric smart pot.

All right, so here we are with the three gallon equivalent of each pot. And I just wanted to show you guys some close-ups while I give you some basic details about them. So first off obviously the fabric pot is made out of fabric so very convenient because if you are growing outdoors and the sunlight it's not going to get super hot where it is cooking the root Zone. And that is actually an issue you will have with plastic pots. So smart pots or other fabric pots are excellent for growing Outdoors or even in a greenhouse. And then if you are going to be doing a plastic pot, I recommend staying indoors with that.

 It is possible if you are somewhat shaded or you keep the pots shaded of course, but just makes things a little more difficult if you want to go plastic outside. Then next thing you will notice as I did not clean the outside or I'm sorry I did not clean the inside yet of the smart pup that I did clean the outside. Still has kind of like these stains and remains from the previous plants and roots from before. You'll see, let's see on the bottom there it is a little dirty there as well so it does not come completely clean. But you will see after I clean the inside I won't be doing that in the video, but I have done that before they're still going to be some dirt left behind and plant remains..

So you can't get the smart pots or the fabric pots 100% clean after using, they are reusable that you can't see it does kind of her to grade a little bit and it does not get perfectly clean wear with a plastic pot obviously you can scrub it down and get it really really clean again. So is that is something that I definitely prefer in terms of the pot usage. Now in terms of  drainage, both are really good for that and again this fabric material that it is deceivingly strong so it's actually pretty hard to tear the pots even when full of soil dont ever tear these. 

And the air roots pots are actually very strong as well and you just pull out this plug unscrew it and you can actually collapsed down the pot and make it a lot smaller. Or if you want to clean it out more easily that way that's another option. But with all of these holes coming out of the sides and allowing for air to get into those air pockets or air pockets to get into the soil.

That helps these dry out super quickly. So usually when growing indoors with these pots, and watering like every other day once the plants are up to a decent size. So with smart pots you might go every two to three days just depending on temperature, but that is one thing to consider. Now another trade-off for that is because of all the aeration as well as the holes coming out of the sides, that allows for the routes to first of all prevent them from circling in the pot. 

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So that is going to help from your plants getting rootbound. But then it also promotes root growth out words so it's actually going to allow the roots to grow more densely in the soil so you can almost grow a plant well they say on average with this 3 gallon equivalent you can grow a plant that is 6ft tall. And you can see it is pretty small pot. So you can get a really dense roots on growing in there and still get a really massive plant growing out of this small pot which is a reason why I really like these.

 Similarly with the smart pot you can get a pretty dense root ball or root Zone going in there, but not as crazy as effective as the air pots are. Now they have they’re trade-offs and pros and cons, so that is just one of them. Another Pro of the fabric pots or the smart pots as they are actually really cheap. So like a 3-gallon pot like this you can probably get for three to four dollars at your local Hydro Store. Where one of these are pots is going to be like 10 to $15 for just one 3 gallon equivalent. So few other things I have noticed that in the air pots you will get a lot faster growth when compared to fabric or just a regular  plastic pot.

 I am not sure what the reason is, I believe it is because the roots can dry out a lot faster and have a lot more space to grow into so it works out a lot faster and allows for a lot faster growth. But that is just kind of my theory on that. And it is really crazy to see when comparing the two how fast or how quickly a plant in this pot can grow when compared to this one. Now I was saying you can grow up to a six foot tall plant in here, while in this fabric 3-gallon pot I would say probably up to 3 to 4 ft. But still a good-sized bushy plant at that height.

 I would say also another interesting thing is with the fabric pots you tend to use more soil because it tends to spill over the top and just gets really compact really easily and the smart pots or these fabric pots, so you sometimes have to add more soil on top and such. Or just replace what has fallen out. Now I've noticed with the air pots I've used a lot less of the soil because it is not getting super compact in there because of all the aeration.

 And then because also I mean it does sometimes fall out of the bottom there because of how big the holes are in the Great there. But once you've got it packed with soil it's not really coming out that much. So I don't really have to fill up the pots at all with any new soil throughout the grow so that's pretty convenient and then speaking of greats, actually. Because the bottom of your air pot you'll see the bottom is actually kind of the embedded an inch or an inch and a half out from the very bottom of the plastic side walls.

So what that does is it makes it so you don't have to have a gate or like a drainage plate or a tray to have your pot on top of because it will just ran out of the bottom right there. So what smart pots I always recommend having them on something that is kind of lifting them off the ground so they can drain more properly or else they will hold water pretty well, especially if you are growing indoors. If it's outdoors, is not as big of an issue but I still recommend doing that method. So that is pretty much all of the pros and cons that I have between both are pots as well as fabric pots. 

Now for my recommendation I am 100% going with the air roots or the super roots air pots. Reason being is first off it's a lot easier for a beginner grower to use. You can, it's pretty much impossible to overwater your plants, obviously  you can still do it in here but it is a lot more forgiving on a beginner grower. With a smart pot they do dry out quickly went out doors but indoors it is a little easier to overwater them.

 And then also you can just grow a much larger to plant with a lot less soil and a smaller space. So a lot more convenient for a beginner grower and I also find that you are getting better quality results, faster growth, and bigger yields. And that is all compared to fabric pots. Now fabric pots are definitely like 10 times better than your basic plastic pot so I would never recommend going with your basic plastic, always at least for a baseline go with a fabric smart pot or any brand of fabric pot.

 And then if you are willing to or after you have a few grows under your belt and you are willing to splurge a little bit for some better quality results come I would definitely recommend some sort of airpot. And definitely if you are growing indoors and smaller space, 3 5 gallon Max or the 3 gallon equivalent is really the max you will need. Because you will see you can grow some monster size of plants in these sized pots. 

So that is pretty much my comparison, my pros and cons for both of these pots. And again my recommendation is the airpot, but now I also want to play you guys some clips of some current as well as previous gross. Just to show you guys the kinds of results I was getting and both the 3-gallon air pots I'm sorry the 3 gallon fabric pots, as well as the 3 gallon air pot. So let's go check that out!

Alright so we're actually here at my stealth grow, this is a current one going on right now filming a serious about it at the moment. And it is some Gorilla Glue autoflowers in this tent.  I've got two of them under my 600 Meizhi LED, And you will see they are both in those 3 gallon equivalent are root spots with the yellow bottom. So you can see first of all how large these flowers or the Autos have grown. They are about 2 and 1/2 to 3 ft and height and they are getting some pretty decent size the buds.

 Now I have been doing a pretty good amount of the full eation so that has helped a lot with Bud growth as well. But I definitely agree, Because you'll see when I go downstairs To show you some of the other autoflowers that are in smart pots or fabric pots, you'll see they are a lot shorter and smaller. Now they still do have good bud growth going, but nothing like the size of what's going on in here. Again these are some airpots 3 gallon equivalent. And again Gorilla Glue autoflowers in here by Growers Choice seeds. So now we are going to head downstairs to check out some of the other plants that are growing in fabric pots.

 Alright so we're downstairs in the garage where I have actually another tent, And these are all Gorilla Glue Autos as well from the same seed bank. You will see that these two are actually in 2 gallon smart pots, fabric pots as well, and then this one is the one gallon equivalent airpot, and then one of the 3 gallon air pot equivalence. So you can see when compared to the 3-gallon air roots, and then one of the 3-gallon airpot equivalence. So you can see when compared to the 3-gallon air Roots pot or the air pot. It is much taller and has much more tops developed than compared to the ones in the fabric pot. 

Now they are a 1-gallon smaller as this isn't actually the 3-gallon but it's not really even close. So one gallon wouldn't make that much a difference. If you had the one extra gallon in the smart pot. But definitely can see this guy is a little further behind and turns a flower, but that is just because it has been focusing on the vegetative growth for so long and now it is definitely starting to flower a little bit. You can see some pistols starting to form there and actually this guy right here is a week ahead of everybody else. It was started a week earlier but you can see they're all doing really well, even the one gallon equivalent airpots has a nice sized cola that's taking off with a few smaller side branches there.

 And yeah so you can see still some good growth coming from the smart pot and like I was saying you can grow a good size plant even in the to gallon. Probably could go almost twice this size in the two gallon before it is too full. But yeah this is about as big as this one is going to get it now that it is starting to flower just about it looks like. So now what I'm going to do is show you guys some past clips from both my NukeHeads grow series as well as my Limoncello Haze Grow Series, and that was the mother plant and cloning one which I just finished up. 

And the Limoncello Haze, that was all an air routes pots and the NukeHeads was in the 3-gallon fabric smart pots. The Limoncellos, there were five, the clowns and they were in the one gallon equivalent of the air pot. And then the big mother plant was in the three gallon equivalent. So let me show you guys of the yields and the kinds of bud results you can get from those pots! 

Alright GreenBox Growers so that concludes today's comparison between the super Roots air pots as well as those fabric smart pots. Again don't forget to check out our 2 week free trial which you can subscribe for right there at the link. And that will give you two weeks free access to our entire premium Grow video library. As always I want to thank you guys for watching today's video, I hope you enjoyed it, and then till next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown