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SCROG Nets 101:  Increase Bud Quality & Maximize Yields


SCROG Nets 101: Increase Bud Quality & Maximize Yields

The Screen of Green Growing Method

What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most lit cannabis growing Channel! Now today's video is all about SCROG Nets and how to effectively use the screen of green growing method to Max out your cannabis plants and their yield. Now I am dedicating this video to Growers lab and I want to give them a huge thank you and a shout-out for hooking me up with one of their double-layered SCROG Nets, as well as some of their smell proof baggies. 

So these SCROG nets are really cool because it's one-size-fit-all so you can adjust them to fit any size grow tent that you are using and they fit almost all sizes. So I'll be using this in a grow series, actually a deep water culture grow series that is coming up here and I will be in a 4X4 Tent. Now I do have these products listed on my website so you can go and buy them from Growers lab, and I also have a 10% off coupon code which is right here on your screen. It is GreenBox420, just enter that once you are on the checkout page and you will get 10% off your entire order.

 So I will be showing you guys in this video not only how to Effectively use a SCROG and why it is so effective and useful for your cannabis plants and increasing their yields. But I will also show you guys on my website where you can purchase these scrog nets from and how you can enter that 10% off coupon. Now before I get started also want to remind you guys that I do already have a full SCROG series up on my website under the premium Content Library.

 So if you guys want to check that out and watch it, you can sign up for free and you did a two-week free trial. Just visit this link right here and scroll down on the page to the Subscribe button overlaid on the videos and that is where you can sign up and automatically get that two-week free trial. All rights and now that you guys know what we are doing in today's video let's go get the SCROG net setup and a tent so you guys can see what that looks like!

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So here we are in my bedroom and I am actually going to be demonstrating this inside my stealth grow room, which I converted inside of my closet so you'll see I've got the big 2X4 veg and flowering tent right there and then I've also got a nice Little Seedling tent right over here and I've actually got some Gorilla Glue Autoflower seedlings in there right now that are about to be moved over into this bigger tent. So there will be a full stealth grow series, a how to series on how to do a stealth grow with growing cannabis at home. So be on the lookout for that it'll be coming out soon here. So here you go I've got the two-layered scrog net, sometimes also referred to as a Trellis net, setup here.

 And you can see it is adjustable so it can go as big as a five-by-five tent this again is a two-by-four, so I didn't actually need to use all of the square so I kind of just doubled them over and then you will see it easily Clips onto the corners of the tent. So what this is going to do is first of all you'll be using this because the goal is going to be trying to keep all of the branches on your cannabis plant at the same height. Now when growing, usually a cannabis plant Just has one main Cola growing up the middle. But you'll know if you use LST and topping and other sorts of training methods, that will allow for the plant to grow several new tops.

 So what you'll do is when one of those tops grows up through the scrog, you will pull it back down and then out horizontally to a wider Square. So first what that will do is open up some space below the canopy so light can get down there and then what'll happen is more branches will be able to grow up and catch up to that height at the main top. And what will end up happening is you will have a bunch of branches and tops that are all at the same height through each of these squares at the same level kind of Forming that table top shape. And what that's going to do is expose them all to equal amounts of light so none of them are blocking each other or shading them from light. So what you can get as maximize yield from your plants

 Now it is always good to trim below the canopy and under the scrog so there isn't a bunch of dense foliage down there because it's not going to be too much light penetrating through that. But if you do remove it it will allow for Bud development all the way down those branches. What is really cool about the double-layered trellis or scrog net is that your plants will continue growing through there especially during flower, so if they stretch a decent amount you can retrain them Andrey level them out in that second layer. 

So to summarize, a scrog  net is great because it's going to allow you to train the taller branches and keep them shorter while the other ones catch up in height making it to the light is exposed to all the different men colas the same amount allowing them to  all get maximized size and yield. So now let's go head out into the garage to check out my NukeHeads grow which is about 3 weeks into flower right now. And I'm going to show you what a grow looks like without a scrog net and I'm going to demonstrate how it could improve those plants if you were to ever used one.

 Alright so here we are out in the garage with that NukeHeads grow series, and again this is part of the premium Content Library so if you are interested in this gross series feel free to head over to the greenbox grown website to check that out. But anyways these guys are in 2 week 3 of flower it is day 2 of week 3 here, and they are looking tremendous already. But growth is already taking off and we've got buds filling out pretty much from the tops of the branches all the way down like three feet. 

So that is really nice, but what you can really see is the tops are at all different heights and distances from the lights. So summer towering over others such as these guys in the back, these two tall ones they are kind of towering over the rest. I have done a lot of Defoliation to open up light below that canopy. and then you can see ones like this that are kind of lower below the canopy they are not as fully developed as the ones that are really high up and closer to the lights. 

So that is kind of one of the downsides of not using a scrog, I didn't use one with this groceries because I wanted to see how good of a yield I could get without one. But like I was saying I will be doing more serious with scrog Nets in the future so you can see what it looks like to have that even canopy all the way across. It will form more of a tabletop shape where you have tots all at the same height going across. 

Opposed to at all different heights like these ones here, you see some that are really low and then some like the ones in the back of course that go all the way up so that is a good example of how a scrog could help out and increase your yield in a grow tent. So now let's go check out out on the website where these scroggs are listed and how you could get that 10% discount.

Alright so we are on the homepage, and all you have to do is go to the starter kits Tab and go down to the miscellaneous button. And that will be the page that I have the scrog listed on, as well as those smell proof baggies. So you can see those right here, we've got the the adjustable one-size-fits-all scrog and then  I've got the ounce smell proof baggies as well as the quarter ounce baggies. 

So you will see here you just click the link and it will redirect you over to the Growers Lab website. And you can add any of these products to your cart once in the car just hit check out, and then you will be able to enter that coupon which again is going to be where that discount code and that GreenBox420, And the Caps doesn't matter, it can be lower case or whatever. But then just hit apply and you will see you'll get your 10% or $2 off disorder discount. So that is all you got to do to get that discount and again the code is GreenBox420. 

Alright GreenBox Growers, so that is everything you need to know about scrog gnats and how to effectively use that screen of green growing method so you can increase your yields for your cannabis plants. Now don't forget to use that 10% coupon code right here with GreenBox420 and you will get 10% off any of the scrog nets and smell proof baggies you want to buy through Growers Lab. And also don't forget to check out that free two-week trial to our premium Grow video library, which you can sign up for right here at this link. And again I already have a screen of green groceries up on that website so you guys can watch that from seed all the way to harvest and learn exactly what you need to do with the scrog net to maximize your yield. As always thank you guys for watching, I hope you enjoyed today's video in until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown