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Reviewing the BudVac Curing Jar


Reviewing the BudVac Curing Jar

The BudVac Vacuum Sealed Mason Jar

How's it going cannabis Growers and welcome back for another product review by GreenBox Grown!  So today's product is going to be the Budvac curing jar, and this is a jar for curing your cannabis buds in, and it comes with a vacuum sealing system. So I am going to be showing you guys and demonstrating how to use this product and what the product is supposed to be good for is long-term storage. It's going to keep your buds preserved and much better condition for those long periods of time that you need to store eat them. And then for the short-term curing process it is also supposed to help them a little bit faster as well as a better cure.

So what I am going to do in this video is have an ounce because this is the ounce size to jar, so I will have an ounce of my Limoncello Haze which was just harvested about a week ago, I'm sorry we just put them in the jars of for curing about a week ago. So an ounce of the Limoncello Haze in the vacuum sealed jar, and then I will have an ounce that we will be comparing and it just a normal setup like I usually cure. And each week we will compare them over the next two months to see how they look different, how they smell different and then eventually at the end we are going to smoke review to compare if there was a curing difference in the process and if it did really help. So this product wasn't sent to me by BudVac, I purchased this on my own because I found it and thought it was a really cool idea and just wanted to test it out and see how it worked. 

So like I was saying we are going to do the demonstration where I will show you guys how to use the BudVac curing jar, then if you guys enjoy this video and you want to find more content similar to this, like other product reviews for cannabis products. Feel free to check out my website right here at the link on your screen and that is I have a ton of more options for videos and other fun content to check out, all related to cannabis as well as growing at home. We also have videos on how to make extracts and other things like that too. So if you are interested in getting started with your first time grow, feel free to check out those videos and also if you are interested in signing up for our premium Content Library. 

Which is part of a lot of those videos, we do have a two-week free trial going on for that. So all you have to do is hit the Subscribe button which is overlaid on those videos at the link right here on your screen, and that will automatically sign you up for that two-week free trial. And that's just my gift to you guys for watching and supporting my channel. As always I hope you guys are able to come away with some more knowledge and information about cannabis and the growing process after watching this video, and now that you guys know what we are doing in today's video let's get started with a little demonstration on the BudVac!

Alright so we are over here at the curing station I have the BudVac jar right here, and then I again I've got my two jars of Limoncello Haze, and there's actually 31 grams in each one. And these are both of Bud, I like to separate the Bud from The Popcorn nugs or the trim. I don't like to keep that all in the same jar. So these are both top shelf nug or the top colas and that came off of the plant. And what I am going to be doing, so first of all you can see these jars were actually full, to pretty much up at the top right up here when I first loaded them up. That was just about a week ago and already the nuggs are starting to condense and tighten up really well so that is a good sign.

And hopefully that even happens a little bit more in the vacuum sealed in the jar here. So all we have to do here is of course open up the side strap here on the jar, take the lid over and I am going to be using this jar right here for the one that is going in here.  And I am also going to keep my Bovada humidity pack in the jar. In the new jar because that will still help and play a role so do not forget to keep that or transport over. So there we go, nice little nuggies coming out. Getting a little stack and let me give you guys a little look at how it is looking in there too because again this is the Limoncello Haze and I really like how it is coming out this far.

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I've already tried smoking some of it too because it has been curing for about a week now, I got to say it got me really stoned and it was very strong. And although it is a sativa does not feel like a Sativa whatsoever. It felt very much like an indica.  So I'm not sure if I will be able to get the full 31 grams in here, probably not but that is a good decent amount and that's actually almost all of it. I will take some of this out of there, some of those top nugs let me to give you guys a good look here. Very frosty as you can see, covered in trichomes and it smells very citrusy very lemony in Piney of course and that is how I’m guessing iit got its name I'm assuming.

So got almost all 31 grams in there, I'm going to close up the jar now and I might actually have to take, am I crushing those nuggs, no, so okay now I'm just going to close it up and again this was a 1 oz jar, it cost I think it was 39 or no $49 I believe so it is a little bit pricey. But we will see if it is worth it, so that is what this whole video is about. Again with the curing and drying process of cannabis, that is like I would say 60% of you know where the results come from or where the end result comes from. And with curing if it does help make a difference and it makes your buds cure and come out better, then I would say is definitely worth that price tag.

So what you are going to do is take this pump and put it right on that little lid there you can see it's got that little nipple right there and all you are going to do is put the pump on, lift the handle up and down and you are going to do the pump until you hear a clicking sound and that is when it is pressurized or I guess you have created the vacuum seal. There you go so did you guys hear that? You can hear that clicking and that means it is all there or it has completely sealed. So, so yeah I am going to try and open it and you can see now that there is a vacuum, yeah I cannot open that in that is with this unhinged or whatever unlocked.

To release the seal, all you have to do is been that nickels than is sideways, you do not want to push down on it at that will mess it up here in and now you can see it is coming open. And actually when I released that you can see inside that the buds kind of moved a little bit like as that pressure was being released. I am going to pump this back up, put these back in the drawer because you want to keep them in a dark place when they are curing. You do not want to leave them out for the light. So I keep them in my dresser drawer because I have an empty one. So probably once each week what we are going to do is just open these jars up and have a look at them. I am still going to be burping this jar each day just as you would normally with curing your other buds, it is just that afterwards I'm going to receive it with this vacuum seal. So I will be back in 7 days to show you guys our first week's update and how these buds do in the BudVac. alright peace guys!

Alright GreenBox Growers, we are back here 7 days later, so the first week of curing in the jars is complete. So now let's see and compare the differences between the two. So on the left here we've got the same Limoncello Haze jar, again the one with 31 grams and that lid has a good seal, me I always want to tell you guys is always a good idea to tighten these Lids almost as tight as you can. You don't want to do it too much because they can strip it. But leaving it on loose is going to allow for are obviously to go through so you want to do it pretty tight because what that will do is cause this Rubber seal, or gasket on the bottom of the lid to actually create a good seal. So that is important for the curing process.

So here is first luck, quick for smell and definitely getting that lemony sent a little stronger. It is still, you still get a little bit of the hay smell after a week it's not very bad at all, just a very light hint. Okay let's see, nugs are pretty dense, you can see they have firmed up a little further, get that off of there. And these nugs are looking really good, very top quality. Bam! So pretty good at this point I would say, I would give that a B+ so far for the keyring. So now let's check out the nuggs from one week in the BudVac. So I've got to release the air, take off the lid of course and that is really good seal even after releasing it.

Here we go, first initial smell and it is a little bit stronger I would say then it is from the Mason jar, but not by too much. These nugs definitely look a little Frosty here though, I don't know if that really has anything to do with the curing process work this just happened to be a little bit Frosty or nugs I put in here. But again these ones are very dense and tight, still squishy though not crunchy or anything like that. You can see, my fingers are very sticky afterwards so not too much of a difference just yet. So what I'm going to do is close these back up and put them in the jar or in the drawer that is dark and then I'm also going to pump this one out so I give it that vacuum sealed. And then we will be back here and another week's time, so I will see you guys back here in 7 days.

All right bro or so we are back here another 7 Days Later for the week to update on this BudVac verse regular mason jar curing episode. So let's check them I've already got them opened up and I already released the vacuum seal as you can see on the BudVac so let's check these ones out first. Now when I first opened it I did take a good with and I could tell that the lemon smell is coming out a lot more vibrantly than I would say it is in the regular mason jar. Now I can also tell that the nugs in the BudVac jar seem to not be losing as much weight or size as the ones up here in the regular mason jar. Now they aren't as much losing weight as I would say the ones in the Mason jar or just tightening up more because there is more air exchange from the lid here. It is not airtight or are sealed I'm sorry vacuum sealed.

So that is my guess on why that is happening but again you can see there is a pretty substantial difference in terms of how Frosty the nugs are, I would say much frostier from the BudVac, and while it isn't as dense this time around as the ones from the regular mason jar, they are still a very solid nugs and you can see it is not Airy. They are a little squishy but they are not crunchy which is really nice also. So let's do a little feel test on the nugs in here. So now another thing you'll notice is because I did a wet trim on these and now they're starting to dry and shrivel up a little more shrink up and tighten up a little more. You will see that the leaves are starting to be exposed a little more because they are a little longer now and sticking out.

A little longer to the bud that is because it has shrunk. So what you can do is trim those up if you want to do a second trim or a good thing to do is a dry trim where you just hang dry them with out trimming and then you do the trim afterwards and you don't have to worry about that. So still very frosty nugs on here and you can see a lot denser at least in my opinion. Still have the squishy, they are not crunchy so that is good but again the smell is definitely stronger on here, but yeah that is pretty much it for the second week's update. So I will be back here I'm going to close these jars up vacuum seal this one of course, and then I will be back here in another 7 days for the week 3 update. Alright peace guys!

What up Growers we are back for another week later for the third week of this product review. So this is week 3 in the jars, and I am going to do two more weeks so a total of 5 weeks for this product review so let's open up first the BudVac. Let out that vacuum seal of course periods of the first things smell test, very strong aromas in there and definitely I would say it has gotten a little stronger but it smells like this is pretty much the maximum it's going to get in terms of its strength and smell. You can tell the buds are tightening up because there is more space in the jar, it is not as tightly packed. And that is just because the buds have lost some water weigh in there also just tightening up.

You can see how Frost do the trichomes are on there and how they have come out a lot on the bud.  Again still squishy to the touch, you know what is still solid but it is not crunchy which is always great you don't want it to be over dried. And that is of course what the humidity pack is for. All right now let's do the Mason jar, and you can see a big difference in terms of how full the jar is, now you can see that whole upper part of the jar is now empty where before it was pretty full with nugs. So these have really tightened up, initial smell, not as strong again as the BudVac but still smell pretty good. Again a little less potent in terms of the smell but the bugs are looking a lot better in terms of bag appeal and just how tight and dense they are. But anyways so that is pretty much it for this week 3 review on the BudVac vs the Mason jar, and we will be back here and another 7 days for week 4.  Alright Peace!

All right ladies and gentlemen we are now back here for that 4th update on this product review series coming again that is reviewing the BudVac airtight mason jar. So let me do that smell test to get this started. First I'm going to do the old fashioned mason jar. Very potent and strong as always, does not smell any stronger than last time however so I would say this one is probably talked off in terms of how potent that sent is going to get. So now let's do the smell for the BudVac and again you have to let the air out of the vacuum seal. Or release that vacuum seal or else you won't be able to  open the jar.

Okay so I can definitely see that this one is smelling a lot stronger and what the difference is with the ones in the Mason jar they still have a little bit of that hay sort of plant smell in the background where this one it really, all I am really smelling is be Limoncello.  Very strong and actually a little bit stronger than the one in the Mason jar and now let's do a little test on the consistency and texture of the bud. So pretty spongy, it is a dense and hard nug when it comes to the nuggs in the BudVac.  And let me check here, so pretty similar, this one feels a little bit I wouldn't say dryer but it just doesn't feel a spongy and sticky has been dogs and here. So that is really up for today's update on the BudVac verse the Mason jar video review series here, and I will be back in another 7 days. All right Peace Growers!

Alright so we are back here for that final BudVac update and review coming again this is the 5th week that we have done so far. So I will continue curing the buds in these jars from here on out and basically they are going to do that until I'm done smoking them. Let's do the smell test for our first test as always, so I'm going to open or start with opening the Mason jar. Alright so we are actually getting I would say some more of that lemony smell out of this since last time. 

And now let smell the BudVac. And again I really think this is going to be a product for your top top buds that you are harvesting. I don't think it's product that you want to have for all of your all of your buds to cure in. Because again these can be expensive if you want to go that route, of course if you can afford it all the best to you because these are really nice and give you a really good result. But again the mason jars, the old conventional way gets the job done almost just as well I would say. Now the smell is pretty much the same as last time. It doesn't seem to be getting any larger, but these buds look even tighter, a little denser than before. So looking really good, still very frosty of course and let's check out the texture of the nuggs still in the Mason jar. 

So I would say at this point for a final review they are definitely a little area and not as dense as the ones in the BudVac, but still I would say mid to almost top grade, but this right here is just definitely a lot better of a result. So that pretty much concludes the BudVac review and again I would definitely recommend it for your top shelf Buds!

Alright GreenBox Growers, that officially concludes today's product review video and if you are interested in finding out more details about those BudVac curing jars, just check them out the link right here in the screen., And you can see more details about them there. As always I want to thank you guys for watching today's video. I hope you enjoyed it, until next time…

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown