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GreenBox Grown is Now Live on Patreon!  (Help Support the Grow Hotline & How-to Videos)


GreenBox Grown is Now Live on Patreon! (Help Support the Grow Hotline & How-to Videos)

GreenBox Grown X Patreon

    What's up cannabis growers and welcome to GreenBox Grown, the only source you need for all of your at-home cannabis growing information.  Now for those of you who don't already know my name is Dylan and over the last year I have been building this community of new and beginner cannabis growers who have been learning how to grow their own supply at home.  And what I've been doing is help guiding them along the way during this journey of their first grow, making sure that their results are top shelf and that they don't have any issues along the way.  I've been doing this through several different sources, first of which is my growing hotline.  

    And what that is is a phone number you can call into or text with any questions about your personal cannabis grow and I will personally respond to that as soon as possible with information on how to fix any issues you are having with your plants, as well as instructions on how to exactly do that.  Another way I've been helping new cannabis growers is through my free online videos which consist of how to grow videos where I diagram and show exactly how I grow my plants at home through several different methods.  And then I also have videos that are on strain reviews and product reviews like this Rosin Press here, which is great for home use.  

    Finally, I've been helping new cannabis growers with my cannabis growing starter kits.  And I have several different series of those that come in small, medium and large.  But unfortunately since I'm selling those as an affiliate I make a very small percentage on each sale that I make.  So it isn't enough to be able to sustain the hotline and these grow videos, as this community of new growers continues to get larger and larger. That is why I'm here on Patreon asking for your guys help in donations to sign up for my page so that I can keep this grow hotline going, as well as create new and amazing grow videos and content for you guys to watch and learn from.  

    Now, as I mentioned, your donations will be really helpful for making more awesome content and how to grow videos.  But the main area where it's going to help is in me being able to expand the grow hotline and keep that going as I get more and more questions everyday.  And now that the inquiries are increasing tremendously each day it is becoming more and more impossible for me to handle all of the calls and texts that are coming in.  In fact, a lot of them are going unanswered because I just don't have the time to get back to everybody.  With your donations I will be able to hire more help so that I cannot only handle more calls and texts but we can get back to you in a much faster response time.      

Now, as you can see in my description below, I've included an example how to grow video so you can see what my content is like.  But if you want to see more examples, just go to and visit the videos tab.  I also have a bunch of different subscriptions and donation levels which you can see at the side of this page and they start with the cheaper ones which include early access to my videos and other how to content, and then go up to one-on-one meetings and calls from the hotline, as well as Facetime or Skype chats during the month.  So be sure to check that out, and be sure to visit for more details on what we have to offer.  And in the meantime, thank you for watching.  And as always…


Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown