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Growers House Supplies now Available!


Growers House Supplies now Available!

Custom Grow Kit Builder + Growers House

What up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back to the most lit cannabis growing Channel!  Now today I want you to introduce to you guys a brand-new grow supply store  as we recently partnered with Grower's House.   Which is an online store that offers tons of different cannabis growing supplies and equipment. So very excited to have their products listed on our site, and we still do have some of the Amazon products that were listed before so you will still see those there as well. So one thing that is really cool about this new partnership that we have is we also offer a custom grow kit Builder so you can build your very own custom grow kit setup, just by selecting a few parameters such as the size and space or the area that you have to grow in. As well as how many plants you want to grow, and a few other options. 

So I will be showing you guys a quick overview of that how you can use it on our site today. And then another thing that is really cool about Grower's house if they do offer weekly discounts on a lot of their products. So I will be pushing those out to you guys as well so you can enjoy up to like 25 even 50% off sometimes on different products. Such as grow lights, nutrients, soil and much more. I'm also really stoked to announce that we will be coming out with a brand new clothing line in the next few weeks here so stay on the lookout for that. 

Also don't forget to check out our 2 week free trial to our step by step grow videos,  on the link right there on your screen. Again when you sign up that comes with a 2 week free trial we don't have to pay anything until after that period, you will have full access so you can browse the entire Grow video library. And now that you guys know what we are doing in today's video, let's get started with that overview of our brand new grow supply store.

All right guys, so here we are in my computer and I am just going to go to the GreenBox Grown website. And we will just land right here on the homepage of course. So you will see everything is pretty much the same here design-wise and everything you'll see up here, we've got our starter kits and supplies tab. So we've added a new section here, you'll see we've got the new Hydroponics and composting section. So that's obviously going to have all of those related supplies there. So this is a new section, so you can kind of build your own custom deep water culture setup if you want. Or we also have some already prefabbed setups.

 And then of course we've got all of the supplies for composting and vermicompost, and I will actually have some cool videos I have a little series that I am filming right now on how to make your own compost at home, Using a vermicompost set up of course with the worms. So those videos will come out and we will also have a compost tea video coming out and how to do that as well. So some good organic  growing videos coming soon for you guys, but just wanted to show you that new section. And then under the starter kits you will see we still do have all of our original circuits from before. All I have added to here is our custom starter kit Builder. 

So you will see right now just click that page and it will actually take you over to the Growers house section of that website or the Grower's house custom grow kit Builder page. And then from there you can  start your setup. And again like I was saying that comes, or that helps you choose based on a few different parameters so you don't need to be an advanced grow or anyone who has grown before to understand what to do. You will just be choosing between like if you want to grow with an HPS light or an LED. You will choose the different growing mediums you want to use, how big of a grow room or how big of a space you have as well as how many plants you want to grow. So then all you have to do when your on your page is Click let's get started, and that is where you will start by choosing your different parameters.

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 So the custom grow tent Builder is a very cool little tool that you can use or then of course we've already got the pre-fabbed grow tents right here and setups.  And again we have all different levels and sizes, different kinds of quality you know if you want the automation set up And whatnot. Or even if you want to grow outdoor in a greenhouse we have that available as well. So moving on you will see that is pretty much the only difference in terms of new tabs and the starter kits, now we still do have all those other Pages. You will just see that there are different supplies listed there. So for example with the nutrients and watering you will see that we have a ton of more options in terms of starter kits for nutrients, as well as different brands if you just want to buy them individually.

 So lots of great options here, you will see we've got the Botanicare line, we've got foxfarm of course and then plenty of other great companies listed here. So there you have the update on our supplies and our gross applies coming and under the merchant smoke section here I told you guys we've got our clothing line coming soon. Right now it is still just be original lineup of our logo clothing. But pretty soon here we will be coming out of some nice graphic tees and other designer type clothing, all related to cannabis and really it's going to have a nice theme of just home grown cannabis and people who are growing at home, their own medicine they are growing at home.

 So there is that, we've got the glass which is updated with new products here you will see, these supplies are actually coming from Green Goddess Supply as well as SmokAzon.  So we've got some nice products here, the Marley lineup  as well as the Snoop pounds by Snoop Dogg, and we've got their glass as well on here. Got the Trailer Park Boys lineup which is always great, another section that is actually new to the merch and smoke section is actually the vaporizer section. So I just set this up last night actually and you will see I've got some of the nicest vaporizers available on the market. So we've got the G pen with different options there, we've got the doctor Dabber set up right here which I actually just ordered one of these. So a video product review will be coming out very soon on that.

 We've Got The Magic Flight launch box, we've got the crafty, the volcano is listed on here as well so we've got all the good name brand vaporizers, with got desktop vaporizers, portable, you name it we've got it. And then we've also got more options for all of these products if you click the click here for more button. And you will see that button is actually listed under most of our sections on the grow supply store, and again I couldn't list all the products from Grower's house on my site just cuz they have thousands and thousands of options. So if you don't see what you are looking for on my page here all you have to do is click the click here for more button and that will take you to the page that has all of the options available for that category of product.

 Finally you will see, so I showed you guys the vaporizers, we've got the Grinders and here and of course this page is going to have all of the Grinders as well as other smoking accessories such as we've got papers, stash jars of course, and then much more. So the new products are listed up here at the top, and then you will see I still have some of the Amazon products, but very stoked on a the Santa Cruz shredders here. I really like the spray can special edition by Vogue here that they've got. So I've got that listed on the site and then we've got some cool little stash jars here.

So that is pretty much in terms of all of the new products and the update for our store, so definitely feel free to check that out and like I was saying in the intro. Grower's house, which is where all of our  Grow Supplies are coming from, they have weekly discounts. So each week I will be pushing that out to you guys so you can use those coupon codes and discounts if you are looking to order anything.

 All right GreenBox Growers, that concludes today's announcement about our partnership with Grower's house, as well as that overview of our brand new grow supply store. And again I will be updating you guys each week with new discounts and coupons codes that they will be having on their Grow Supplies. So stay on the lookout for that and as always thank you guys for watching, I hope you enjoyed today's video, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown