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NukeHeads Grow Report:  Week 6 of Flower


NukeHeads Grow Report: Week 6 of Flower

Almost Time to flush these Buds!


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for week 13 of that NukeHeads Grow Series. Now this is also week 6 for flower for this grow series so we are pretty much completely finished with flowering. We are just letting the buds finish up those last few steps and bits of development that they have left, And then we will be harvesting. So early on in this week I will be checking on the trichomes with my trichomes scope to see if they have developed enough and I am really hoping that the trichomes show us that they will be ready for Flash by the end of this week or early next week. 

Which will mean we only have two weeks from that point that we start the flush, until we Harvest. And by the looks of the development I think in those trichomes will be ready to start the flush by the end of this week or early next week. So get excited because once we do start that flush it's only going to be 2 weeks before we harvest the plants. So really stoked on that the buds are fattening up beautifully as well as getting very dense and frosty. So nothing to complain about there. All right so now that you guys know what we are doing for the plants are actually ready for their next nutrient feeding.

 Alright folks, we are out in the garage for day 1 of  week 13 and the ladies are actually ready for their next nutrients feeding. And what that is is it's going to be the first nutrients feeding since that Sledgehammer flush that we did. So on the fox farm plants from The Dirty Dozen lineup I'm going to be doing the week 8 mix which is the fourth mix of flower nutrients. And I will be doing that at full strength with the usual teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon of water. And then for the back row of plants that are doing the NukeHeads lineup so I will be the NukeHeads Plutonium Bloom mix at full strength. 

And then I will also be adding a teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon of water to that as well. So we will be watering those today in a little bit and right now I just want to give you guys some close-ups on the buds but in a little bit I'm going to give you guys a look at the trichomes because I'm going to pop that trichome scope on to my phone here. So buds are starting to finish up nicely here and you can see some of them are leaning from the way because they are getting super big and heavy, but that is all right because they're not going to fall over or anything like that. They are still very stable and you can see these are definitely the best buds, The Grape Ape in the back here. 

Super stoked on how those are turning out and then to do a comparison again, again the back row is what is getting the NukeHeads, the front row is getting the Fox Farms. I would say honestly in terms of Bud development I would say it is pretty similar, the different plants got different results just because they are probably different genotypes or phenotypes I mean. Like for example this Grape Ape in the front is a lot more purple actually it is really purple. And then the one in the back actually doesn't have any purple in it at all. So that's what I mean, same strain, different results for example on the Grape Ape in the back. Those buds are much larger than the buds on the Grape Ape in the front.

So in terms of the nutrients I'm probably going to have to go with The Fox Farms, in terms of the results I am getting this far. Because the results are the same as the NukeHeads maybe a little bit smaller, but you know what ingredients are in these Dirty Dozen nutrients by Fox Farms. And they are organic and all-natural. So with the new codes, not really sure what ingredients they put into that mix. But yeah, still looking really good for the buds by NukeHeads, maybe even a little better than the dirty dozen but still probably going to go with the dirty dozen from here on out.

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 So let me pop on that trichome scope for you guys really quick and then we will take a look. Alright guys so I have my try come scope hooked up right here on my smartphone it's so what we are going to take a look at first or the Grape Ape buds, this big Grape Ape Bud right here in the front. So going to get in nice and close there so we can get a good look, and I might have to do this in slow-mo but yeah right now I am seeing pretty much milky maybe a little bit of Amber in there. But hard to tell on the regular speed. Probably going to have to do a slo-mo test to figure that out.

 But let me do another one right here on this baby, this is the Pineapple Chunk front one getting the dirty dozen buy Fox Farm. Yes it is I'm still seeing clear, A little bit of Milky so still a little ways to go on these ones as well. I will probably do a quick look in slow-mo after this just to check on them but yeah there is your guyses first look at the trichomes and probably another week and a half to two weeks Max before we start flushing these plants. So that is it for today's update, I will be back in another 24 hours for day 2 of the week. All right peace guys!

What's good Growers we are back here for day 2 of the week in the buds are continuing to do their thing, looking really good and healthy. You can tell all of the leaves are really nice and healthy, there are no Burns no toxicity signs showing or deficiencies so that's a really good sign that they are really healthy and that is why we are getting such good results is because we are keeping these guys on a proper watering schedule. So pistols are starting to curl in on those of the buds here and are starting to Orange as well so that is a good sign that they are starting to finish up here.

 Like I was saying we checked those trichomes yesterday and they're starting to be a little bit of Amber but it is mainly milky with some clear still left. So probably the end of next week or the middle of next week is when will be starting the flush. Maybe sooner, just depends on how these babies progress over the next week. So I will do a tricone shack probably on day 6 or 7 of this week, just so we can see how they are advancing from there. So here are some nice a little close ups on the nuggs, you can see they are really Frosty and tall and they're getting really dense as well which is always nice because you always want dense nugs.

Because not only is that a sign of quality and potency but they are just a lot better looking than those Airy LARFY nugs. And you are going to get a lot more yield that way too so there is that Grape Ape in the back that is doing really well and then the Pineapple Chunk with that massive bud just about  touching the light. So I may have to raise it another inch or so, but yeah everything is looking really good in here. Just waiting for that flush or for the plants to be ready to start that 2-week flush.

 And then here is that Grape Ape in the front that is actually purpling out really nicely. Let me see if I can get a more focused shot. There you go. But yeah it is getting really purple and frosty which is always nice and that is pretty much it for your day two of the week update, and I will be back here shortly for day 3. All right peace guys!

What GreenBox Growers, we are here for days three of the week, and I'm going to just be getting you guys some updates on the buds and how they are looking. Some of them are getting so heavy they're starting to lean over a little bit so that is pretty cool. It could become a problem if they looked like they are going to snap but these guys look like they are strong enough that they're going to hold up. But my advice is if they do look a little weak, where they look like they would be snapping, my advice would be to use either some gardening tie soft I to tie them upwards or you can use some string to hang them up from the ceiling of the grow tent.

 But anyways just wanted to show you guys how purple is Grape Ape has gotten here in the middle, really awesome and also those buds are really thickening up and getting pretty big on top. So she's going to be a really good yielders of some really potent bud. So the buds are getting really close to being ready for that flush. You can see not only are they densening up, and pretty Frosty all the way around. But you can see a lot of those white hairs that were standing straight up before have started to curl in.

 And on some of the plants, almost all of them are orange at this point which is a sign that it is  getting close to Harvest Time.  Now the best way to check if they are ready for Harvest is by the maturity of there trichomes, so that is why we use those Scopes but based on the look and appearance of these buds they are definitely showing us some signs that they are near the end of their flowering stage. So here's that back Grape Ape that is probably going to be yielder overall, or at least the best quality but overall. 

You can see she is just super top shelf and very far looking nugs. Very dense and Frosty and the smell is just amazing. So I'm going to pop on that scope really quickly so we can do  another check and update on those trichomes, so let me get that set up and I will be right back. Alright guys so we are right back here in the same grow room, and I'm going to be doing some close-ups with my trichome microscope here in slow-mo.

 So these first buds that we are looking at her the Grape Ape for that main Grape Ape Cola here right in the front, on that purple one. Looking like there isn't too much Amber just yet, just a few here and there and one thing that is really important to remember if you want to look at right on those buds. You don't want to be checking out the sugar leaves, as those are not a good indicator of how long the bud trichomes have to develop. They will actually Amber a lot faster on the sugar leaves, so if you go by that you will probably Harvest way too soon.

 So there are the trichomes for the Grape Ape plant, and now here we are in the last, the front left on that Pineapple Chunk. Getting the fox farm Dirty Dozen for nutrients so let me get on this main Cola over here to give you a little better shot. But yeah very dance with trichomes and looking very healthy. So again okay here's that back Pineapple Chunk plant, lot of them are purple and again just another phenotype or genotype. But yeah lots of nice dense trichomes and looking very milky.  

Probably just starting to produce an amber so we are getting really close to being ready for Harvest or flush. I like to start my flush around 10, 5 to 10 sometimes 15% Amber. Depending on which strain it is, but yeah there is a nice look at the trichomes. So I will probably be doing another check later on next week or this coming week once it is almost time for a flush. And then we will go from there. All right I will be back in 24 hours for the next day of the week, peace guys!

What up Growers, we are back here another 24 hours and it is already day 4 of the week! So this one is really flying by here, and looked at the trichomes yesterday as you guys can remember and it is looking like probably going to start the flush either the beginning or middle of this coming week as they are just about there. And you can see how close they look and terms of their development. Most of those hairs have started to curl in as I have mentioned, and a lot of them are already Orange.

 So today the plants are ready for their next watering. Is going to be a plane pH watering and that will be there first one since the last nutrient feeding that they got. And I've been tying up some of the plants and their different colas as they get heavier they start to lean. And that is a great reason why I usually use a scrog because it will prevent issues like this. and it will also make it easier to get bigger buds on all of the Colas opposed to just having big ones in the middle, with some slightly smaller ones surrounding it. But these ones all  still look really good in size however.

 So here are some close ups on the Zkittles fox farm plant, let's get this baby focus. And you can see they are not only dance but they are really Frosty as well which is always nice. Now the Grape Ape in the back here is turning extremely purple with the buds. You can see it throughout the different parts of it and it is getting really Frosty as well. This is by far my favorite plant, I got to stay out of all of them followed up by this Pineapple Chunk here. And you can see the leaves on this one turned purple and there is some purple highlights throughout the buds, but not as much as that Grape Ape.

 And then here is that other Grape Ape which is probably just another phenotype than the one in the back because this one's got a lot of purple leaves growing. Actually all of its leaves have turned purple and there is a decent amount more of purple in the bud. So let me see if I can get that to focus a little better, there we go and I'll show you guys some of the lower buds as well there. So really stoked and getting really excited to harvest these. 

The smell on the Pineapple Chunk is really a bubble gummy flavor. Really sweet as well. So again going to be flushing these pretty soon here so just a couple more weeks until Harvest. So get excited for that, going to give them that plane pH watering now and then that is pretty much it for today's update. Alright peace guys!

How goes it Growers we are back here for day 5 of the week and buds are just continuing to get bigger and frostier each day here. Especially these grape apes in the front as well as the ones in the back. I mean really they are just been densening up and fattening up consistently each day. And you can see the bud is really getting taller in height, you can see it's that bulbous shape and is just getting higher and higher above the foliage. 

So always a good sign to see her buds getting bigger and frosty here and really that is happening all the way around in this tent. So really stoked on that and I'll give you guys some nice close-ups on the Grape Ape here. As well as the Zkittles Bud's over here which are also finishing up really nicely. I like I was saying, we are getting really close to being ready for flush, I checked those trichome videos that we took the other day. and it was looking like we were only at about 1% Amber, really just mostly cloudy trichomes still with some clear. 

And then a very very small amount of Amber. So finishing up this week for sure and I will at least be doing one more nutrients feeding for all of these plants before we start that flush. And then next week probably throughout the middle of the week is when I will check the trichomes again to see if they're almost ready for that flush. So definitely at least this week to go and a decent amount of next week before we start that flush, and then from there we are just going to check the trichomes to see where we are at. 

So that's really it for 2 days update, again this is day 5, and no need to water but the buds are looking tremendously Frosty all the way around as you guys can see. These nugs are really just fattening up beautifully. You can see how big how tall and still very frosty and very dense.

So we are now back here for a day 6 of the week and the ladies are now ready for their next watering, so they are all going to be getting their second plain pH watering since the last nutrient feeding. So it has been a little bit hot lately, we've had a nice Heatwave here in Northern California, so weather has probably been in the high 80s outside where I live. Which is actually really warm for here, so you can see we've actually got a little bit of heat stress on these leaves that curled up in our little crunchy. 

But nothing that is going to ruin the buds or anything like that, I just wanted to show you guys how to identify some heat stress there. So other than that, all of the buds are looking extremely dense and Frosty and these grape apes I mean I can still notice a sizable difference each day in their growth. Still fattening up a lot and getting really Frosty, so a little bit of progress to go still, but we will still probably be flushing these ladies at the end of next week maybe the beginning of the week after that. So quick look at the nice Grape Ape lady in the back here and those big hole is up top, and then of course we've got the Pineapple Chunk here on the left with those really purple leaves. 

And super orangie hairs, extremely Frosty,Densely packed on with trichomes which is always what you want and then this one in the front is doing the same thing except for her leave didn't really purple out so.  So again really quickly just to give you guys a good explanation of phenotypes, so certain strains when you cross them they are going to have a lot of characteristics in jeans that they hold within their genotype. But they are only going to display some of those jeans as they don't display all of them for each plant. 

So the phenotypes, the different phenotypes are based on which of those genes they are displaying. So like I was saying here, they definitely have a purple trait in their genetic lineup but this phenotype here is not displaying that Gene, well the one in the back is displaying it. So that is kind of a little bit of a better overview for the phenotypes when it comes to the same strain of cannabis plant. I just wanted to show you up close on the Zkittles plants over here how Frosty it is getting. I mean let's see if I can get a good Focus shot.

The trichomes are just really packing on on these buds here, and you can see it when I zoom out a little bit there. Let's see here, you can kind of well I guess I got to stay out but yeah you can really see that Frost. It almost looks like it snowed on these plants and there is a good shot for you guys. But the denser, the more dense the trichomes are on here, the more potent the plant or the bud is going to be and the end. So more trichomes is always better.  Now of course is purple here is the Grape Ape, and again another example of the same strain showing different phenotypes.

 This lady right here in the front is more of a bulbousy purple bud.  All of the leaves have purple on this plant as well, but this Grape Ape here in the back no purple on the leaves. It does have some on the buds themselves, you can see it got a lot taller and the buds are a little less bulbusy and shave and a little more of that egg shape like this cola here on top. So again that is really it for today's update and I will be back and another 24 hours for the last day of the week. Alright peace Growers!

What up GreenBox Growers, we are back here for the last day of week 13 for that NukeHeads grow series. And the buds are continuing to develop really nicely. Now all the ladies are actually ready for their next watering, so that is going to be their third plain pH water and sent that last nutrients feeding. now I just did a little trichome check on my own, and saw that some are definitely starting to turn Amber. And the majority are now milky, but we still have some time to go before these ladies are going to be ready for a flush. 

So I think we are going to continue with the normal nutrient watering schedule through next week which again will be week 14 of the grow. And then I'm thinking by the end of week 14, beginning of week 15 as when the plants will be ready to start that 2-week flush. So you can see here how Frosty The Grape Ape is continuing to develop. I mean these buds are noticeably bigger each day, and they're definitely packing on those trichomes. And you can see that is true and evident all the way down the plants.

 So all of these buds looking really nice and definitely packing on some nice weight at the very end of the grow, you can’t see from the Blind Eye they don't look like they are changing too much, just kind of getting a little frostier and denser each day.  But what is really changing right now is those trichomes as I was mentioning, so that is why we are going to be keeping a close eye with that microscope just to make sure that once they are ready to start that flush, we get that going as soon as possible.

 You don't want to wait too long and let these ladies over ripen. But you also don't want to start the flush too soon because you will also be leaving a lot of weight and potency behind which is never good either. So that is it for this week's video as well as today's update, and I will be back shortly for the next video update. Alright peace guys!

 All right GreenBox Growers, that concludes week 13 for the NukeHeads grow series, and we are getting really close to being ready to start that flush here. So the flowering stage is definitely wrapping up at this point and I think we will actually go through week 14 with the normal watering schedule before starting that flush. As on my latest trichome check it does look like they still have a little bit of a ways to go before being ready. Now they are definitely mostly no key at this point with some Amber starting to form, but you want them to be pretty much 100% milky and then about 5 to 10% Amber before you start that flush. 

Now the amount of Amber that you wait for before you start the flash is a preferential things so that will be up to you to decide but I like to start my flesh at around 5 to 10% Amber because then by the end of that 2-week flush I usually have around 25 to 35% Amber which is the range that I am aiming for. I will be back shortly with the week 14 video for this NukeHeads Grow Series where we are going to continue finishing up this watering schedule for flour as well as checking on those trichomes so we know exactly when the perfect time to start that flush will be. I was always I want to thank you guys for following along with this video series, we still have a few more weeks to go so I really hope you guys are enjoying everything thus far.   And it till next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown