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Reviewing the Electric Sky 300w LED


Reviewing the Electric Sky 300w LED

Week by Week Grow Report on the ES 300w

Electric Sky 300w LED

What up Growers and welcome back for another live episode of GreenBox Grown! Now a few months back you might have seen that I did that unboxing video for those electric sky wideband LED grow lights. And now that I have finished my NukeHeads grow series, I'm going to show you guys my full review of these light and how well I think they worked out. So I'm going to be giving you a week-by-week update on this grow series with the NukeHeads seedlings, and you will be able to see how the plant progress throughout that time line. 

Now I personally am really stoked on how these plants came out, and I am really excited to show you guys how they came out as well. So get excited because it is really cool to see how the plants develop through a week-by-week update. I would also like to let you guys know that I have a 5% off discount as well as free shipping to the US as well as Canada on these Electric Sky LED lights, as well as any other products that you order from the green Sunshine Company website. So just use promo code GREENBOX5  like you see here on your screen when checking out, you will see there is every coupon code section where you can enter that. And then you will see the 5% discount added to your order as well as the free shipping if you are in the US or Canada. 

Now I also want to give a big shout out to my boy Yae One2151 I got the link right here to his YouTube page and he is another cannabis YouTuber who does a lot of product and smoke reviews. As well as glass and he is going to start getting into some grow video reviews as well. If you haven't already definitely go over and subscribe to his channel and check out some of his videos, because he is definitely an up-and-comer in the Cannabis community. So now that you guys know what we are doing in today's video, let's get started with the first week of having these Electric Sky LEDs up in the grow tent.

All right growing so here we are out in the garage for week one of the NukeHeads Grow Series, and this is about day 2 of having these lights in here. I actually just put them in here last night, so this is how the plants look basically right when I put them in and I have had some good growth sense. But this is about Ground Zero with where the plants are before adding the  electric sky lights. And again there are two of them and there, they are each 300 watt, the ES 300 watt and two of these together or supposed to replace a thousand watt traditional HPS grow light.

 So we will see how that goes, right now I have it at three and a half feet from the tops of the plant because that is what the company recommended starting off with, and I will be lowering it gradually as we go.   So here we are, day 1 like I was saying of the grow, and I will be back in another 7 days for the start of week too so you guys can see how much they have grown since then. Alright peace guys!

What up GreenBox Growers we are back another 7 Days Later here and this is now the week to update for you guys on this Electric Sky LED grow light review by GreenBox Grown. so I mean the last shot these guys were not even half at this size, so they are growing tremendously. And as I get closer to the plants, you will be able to see how healthy the fan leaves are, there is no nutrient deficiencies or toxicities, no Burns around the tips or the edges of the leaves, some of them are looking a little short still. And that is just because I had both of these grow lights going and you can see now I only actually have just one of them on. The reason being is because I think to was a little bit too powerful for this early on in the grow. But once they get a little bit bigger and a little bit more adaptive to This Light, I will be sure to turn the second one back on.

 So just going to give you guys some close-ups really quick to show you how good the plants are doing, especially this Grape Ape here in the back. Really stoked on how they are looking, and I have been doing a little bit of low stress training as you can see. That is how I'm getting these different tops going and then  I have also done a couple nutrients feeding schedule that I am doing. Versus the NukeHeads nutrient line up or the flower power package by NukeHeads. And then in the front here I've got the Fox Farms Dirty Dozen.

 So if you want to hop onto my other grow series which is the NukeHeads  grow series, you can see how that is going here. But this shot is really more to give you guys an update on how these guys are doing with that electric sky wideband LED. So I will be back in another 7 days to show you guys the week 3 update, and until then Happy growing!

 What up Growers and welcome back for your week 3 update on the electric sky LED grow light. So I actually, I'm not sure if I actually told you this yet in last week's update but I took out one of the LEDs and only have one of these 300 watts going at the moment because it was actually too much power with having two of them in there while the plants were smaller. But once they are large enough, and are used to this light I will throw that other one back in there. Just not for the time being.

 But anyways you guys can see how much growth they have gotten in the last 7 days, it is going crazy in here and this area right here hasn't been getting too tall. And I think that is cuz that extra LED that was in here, so I kind of adjusted that and it does seem like they did grow and how it since then, but I will be giving them a little bit more time for that. You can see all of the growth is really healthy, there's no Burns or anything like that on the plants, no deficiencies or toxicity showing up. So I'm really stoked, and the growth has been going so quickly, I'm in this life is definitely doing its thing. So I'm going to hold off on the LST and I will probably stop with the low stress training for the rest of this just because of how many tops all of these plants have.

I mean they have already filled out the whole entire footprint of the grow tent. This little corner excluded I would say, but those are going to fill out pretty quickly here. So I'll probably just going to do a couple more maybe 3 to 4 more weeks of veg and then flip them to flower. So yeah that is pretty much it for your week 3 update, I am still missing them everyday, still following the same nutrients schedule and I will be back in another 7 days for your week 4 update. Alright peace guys!

 What up GreenBox Growers, it has already been another 7 days since the last shot of this video, so we are back here for the week 4 update for the electric sky LED. So I got the second one in there and I just put it in earlier today, and that's just because of how much the tent has filled out. You will notice that the corners are a little bit lacking in terms of vegetative growth, so that is why I added the second light. You can tell the plants that are right in the middle underneath the light or the ones that are growing the biggest right now so I added that second light in there to add some more power and to get some more good growth in those corners. And I am probably going to be flowering these after another week and a half to two weeks of vegetation. So that will be very soon here and I just want to show you guys how big these plants have gotten though. it is pretty crazy the amount of explosive growth I've gone just over the last couple of weeks with these plans.

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 You can barely tell where one plant ends and the other begins, but they are six different or six individual plant in here. And like I was saying you can follow them on the NukeHeads grow series just to see more details on how I'm growing them but here is just a good update for you guys. So that is your week 4 update and I will be back in another 7 days a week 5 and hopefully pretty soon after that we will be starting the flowering process. So get excited  because things are going to start changing a lot around here!

 What up GreenBox Growers, we are now back here for the week 5 update on that Electric Sky LED.  So this is actually week 8 of The Grow, actually day 2 of week 8 and  we just flipped these plants into flower a few days ago. So we are now flowering them, also did a nice defoliation on them about 2 days before flipping them, and you will see I've got that second light back on now that they are a lot bigger and just going crazy and terms of vegetative growth. And now hopefully as well with that bud gross. So you can see that Grape Ape in the middle there she is really tall, that made Cola it is going to be exciting to see how that mean cool of forms and buds out.

And you can see this Pineapple Chunk in the back left is also getting pretty tall there so I mean all of these plants have a crazy amount of tops and with the two lights going there is coverage throughout  the entire canopy, all levels not just at the tops.  So those lower nodes are getting hit really well too, So let me give you guys a quick look underneath too. I don't know if I showed you the lollipopping I did but everything is looking really good. You can see the good light penetration all the way to the bottom so should be back here in another week with your week 6 update where we will have a nice bit of Bud growth going. You will be able to see a good amount of pistols right at the centers of the tops. We don't have that just yet here. But you will see we have a few Pistols that are starting to form at the tops, but nothing major. So I will be back here in another week for your week 6 update. alright peace.

 What's Gucci Growers we are back here for your week 6 update on the electric sky LED grow. So as you can see we are now in week 2 of flower here getting some really nice pistol growth going on at this Bud sites, lot of good development going so you can see that and you can see that there's two  back plants there those are the pineapple chunk and then the Grape Ape in the middle both from the NukeHeads  genetics line. And you can see they are just massive, almost as tall as the whole tent right now, I mean they have a few feet to go but they are about four and a half to 5 feet tall right now. So pretty big and I've got both of the electric sky lights going on right now so I'm stoked on how well they are working and you can see what is really cool is even those tall tops.

 I mean they are about 6 inches from the light maybe four, there is no light burn or stress, no damage whatsoever going on with those guys. So really happy about that and you can see how good the light penetration is because I mean I have been defoliating it throughout the weeks here but it is still coming back really thick here due to that light. But then let's come down here and you can see there's actually a good amount of light still making it down through the canopy. So that means all of that canopy is getting light penetration and is going to have some good bud growth going on.

 I will be doing more deflation throughout flower just to keep things from getting too over crowded because you can see there are leaves laying on top of each other throughout the canopy. But other than that, the growth is just outstanding, not only for vegetative growth but also now that we are in the flowering stage. I mean this is day 2 of week 2 of flower, so we are really at about 8 Days 9 days into flower here. And already seeing some good development at the bud sites and a lot of pistols coming in. Usually the transitional phase takes a little bit longer than that, so I mean early growth going on with those buds and I've got to say it is thanks to those electric sky LEDs. So I will be back in another 7 days for you next week's update, but until then Happy growing.

What up GreenBox Growers, we are back here for the week 3 of flower update of those electric sky LED lights by the green Sunshine Company. Now over all this is week 7 of the entire series here for this video and I wanted to show you now that we are past that transitional phase and into week 3 of flower you can see Bud growth is just taking off. The Pistols are getting incredibly large and they're developing pretty much all the way up and down these made tops so I mean we've got a good 3 to 4 feet of Bud sites going on down these trunks. So that's going to lead to some really big cola's and some really nice of yields.

 So really looking forward to that and you can already tell kind of the outline of where those buds are going to be filling up just by looking at these guys horizontally kind of from the side view. Now you can see the back road, these plants got really tall and almost got to the light but they are still a few inches away and they actually stopped stretching at this point. But what is really nice as you can see if I can get a good angle here, you can see the leaves are not affected by the distance they are to the light. And the buds as well as the pistols, they are not getting burned or anything like that.

 So really stoked that the lights are still giving them enough power at that distance without burning them and then still also able to reach all below the canopy and get light to all of this Bud sites as well. So that is why we are getting so much development up and down the trunk and not just at the tops of the branches. So let me just give you guys a quick look down below the canopy. You can see I've kept it really nicely maintained and do foliated down here, did a lot of thinning up top of the canopy but that was more for helping with the bud development. But you can see how much light is making it all the way down to the floor of the grow tent.

 And that is good because that means all of these branches are getting light all the way up and down. So that is pretty much it for today's update, again this is the week 7 update of that electric sky LED review. And you can see these buds are already forming nicely and we are only in three weeks, at the beginning of week 3 of flower here. So stay tuned for some more, I'm hoping we're going to get some big fat colas on these ladies and hopefully pretty quickly here. So I will be back here and another week's time for your next week's update, and until then Happy growing!

What up GreenBox Growers, we are back here for your very next update in this is actually two weeks later from the last update, so this is just the beginning of week 5 of flower for these plants and you can see the buds are doing tremendous already. They are really big, some of them are finishing a little earlier than others like these guys here. These are the Skittles plants but you can see they are doing really nicely and getting nice and thick. Over here we've got the pineapple chunk and those are doing pretty well, also starting to get really Frosty and orange hairs. And then in the middle of course the Grape Ape which really is doing the best in my opinion so far. Getting the biggest and densest buds.

 Probably going to be the biggest yielder out of this tent, so again this is week 5 of flower with these Electric Sky LEDs. And honestly they are really really amazing lights, I like so far how big and dense the buds are getting and I honestly wish I had used a scrog for this grow because the buds are leaning a little bit. Some of the branches at least because they are getting so heavy but what I think I will do next time with these electric sky lights is fewer plants with a scrog so I can open them up a little larger, and that way I can have some more control over each plant and where they grow so they are not leaning over like this. But anyways just wanted to show you guys how nice and developed as the buds are getting, probably a few more weeks here before I start flushing. And yeah that was pretty much it for this week's update and I will be back in another 7 days for your next week's update. Alright peace guys!

 What up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back a week later to the electric sky LED review. Now again this is that electric sky LED that I got hooked up with from the green Sunshine Company and these are each 300 watts. And  since it is a week later that means it is now week 6 of flower for these NukeHeads plants as well. And you can see the buds are getting super dance and very frosty and in terms of size they have really filled out really well. I mean all the way up and down the branches you can see these nugs are turning out top-shelf in terms of quality, and I am sure the potency is going to be there as well because if I get you guys a clear shot like that right there you will be able to see how densely packed these trichomes are getting.

Now this is the Grape Ape in the front here and you can tell this phenotype is a very purple one, compared to this one right here which again is another Grape Ape but again a different phenotype. Which is why it is not nearly as purple now the leaves are green on this one, while the other had purple, but if I give you guys a good enough clothes up here you will be able to see that the buds are actually have a lot of purple in them. 

So that is really nice and I would actually say this plant here is the one that is turned out the best and it's just getting the best results, not that the other plans aren't doing well. It's just that this one is some really dank looking Grape Ape plant in Bud as you can see. I mean the buds are just extremely dense and large and then Frosty with a lot of that nice purple color in there. And then a lot of those orange hairs as well. So show all the other buds fatten up really well also, you can see they're almost as big as those Grape Ape colas, just didnt get as tall and they are still just as Frosty.  And I will try to give you guys a good close-up on the plants over here, those are the Skittles and then here on the left at those are the Pineapple Chunk. 

So these ones turned out really well and you can see this guy has purple leaves in the back, the buds are not so much purple though like the grape ape. But just thought that was kind of interesting, let's see if I can get you guys that Frosty look, let's say yes so right there you guys can see some of that Frost glistening in the light but yeah I mean just very dense. I noticed that the buds are not only growing faster in the vegetative stage obviously the plants grew tremendously quickly.   But in flower, trichomes are just coming on or packing on more densely than really I've ever seen before. 

Especially for the buds that are getting close to up to okay here's a good shot. So look at that there, very frosty and very dense. The smell is tremendous I mean the second I turn that carbon filter off in here is just blowing out of the tent. And like you guys can see and hear those buds I mean that's about 4 in from that light. And I had raised it so it only gotten an inch or pretty much touching the light as you may have seen in the NukeHeads grow series, which by the way if you guys want to see the entire grow series of these plants being grown under the Elcetric Sky LEDS. 

 Definitely hop over to our NukeHeads grow, that is under the videos tab under indoor grows so definitely check that out. But anyways back to the video you can see how nice those Buds turned out and again just for an hour away from the light, no signs of burned. In fact the ones I think that got closer to the light did a lot better than the ones that were further from the light. But you can still see great results down below also. So this light get some great penetration without burning the plants or being too powerful for them, and then another nice thing is instead of wasting light by reflecting it out words, it is all straight down on top of plants. 

So it is not wasted on the walls of the grow room. So here is a little bit of a zoomed out shot so you guys can see all of the buds from a distance and I will be back here for your next update in about a week's time. I'm thinking this week is actually probably going to be the last week before I start the flush. So we are probably just a couple weeks, 2 to 3 weeks out from harvesting these plants. So very excited for that and I will definitely be doing a little smoke review on these buds just to show you guys know how they turned out from The electric sky LED. Alright Growers so that is it for today's update and I will be back here in 7 days. Alright peace!

 What up GreenBox Growers, we are actually back here a week later and I actually just started the flush for these NukeHeads plants. So yesterday was day one of the flush So we've got two more weeks to go and I will be giving you guys an update at the end of the flush as well as once we Harvest just so you guys can see what the end result looks like all trimmed up and hanging in the dry room. So like I was saying today is day two of the flush, yesterday we did the sledgehammer flush by foxfarm with that flushing agent. 

Just to get things going and now that we are pretty much at the end of The grow, all I can say about these Electric Sky LEDs is that they are absolutely amazing and more than worth the expense to get him set up. It is a little more expensive than your entry-level LEDs, but you will see if you have experience or have used those entry-level or chinese-made LEDs. You will know those do work and get the job done but once you get your grow down and perfected and you are getting your skills as a grown up, you will want to use a better quality light because you will see the difference and not only the yields you get. 

But just the density, how Frosty and how big these buds get. I mean they are just absolutely blowing me away with those colors and size and like these guys you can see over here. They are merely inches away from the lights and they are not getting burned or stressed out or damage or anything like that. So extremely Frosty and dense buds. I'm going to be using a scrog for my next grow so we get much better results in terms of yields with these lights and I will be doing more videos and grow series with these Electric Sky’s so you can see how they work. But yeah definitely recommend these lights they are absolutely amazing and again these are just two of their 300 watt electric Skies. 

So barely using any power and yet look at all of the dense nugs and Bud that I've got growing in this tent. Show me again today is day 2 of flush so I will be back at the end of flush and about 10 to 14 days to give you guys another update, then after that I'm going to show you guys once we harvest the plants and they are all trimmed up. Alright peace guys!

 What up bro are so we are actually back here about two weeks later since that last update, so we're right at the very last day of flush. I believe that  last clip started on day 1 of Flush or right around there. So what I am going to be doing is giving them their last flushing today as they are ready for another one, and then I'm going to be giving them 36 hours of Darkness just for that little bit of added resin and potency into the glands. 

So this is officially the buds and how they are going to look right up to the harvesting process and I'm going to be showing you guys what the buds look like after they are all trimmed up, so I will be back after that 36 hours of darkness and once they are all chopped down and hanging trimmed in the dryer tent, I will Be back here to show you guys a clip of that. So you guys can see exactly what kind of results to expect when using the electric sky LED grow lights. Now this is the plant that I think did the best, the Gorilla Glue in the back there you can see she's got the biggest yields and the biggest Buds and is looking absolutely magnificent.

 I will give you guys some really nice close-up she wants the ladies are chopped down and trimmed up as they are going to be looking even better at that point. But some really nice will yielders in here, again NukeHeads Genetics. the front row was getting the dirty dozen buy Fox Farm for their nutrients, and then the back 3 we're getting the NukeHeads flower power nutrient package. And I really like both nutrient lineups. I think the fox farm came out on top just because the ingredients they use with their products are much better and much cleaner, and create a much healthier product overall in the end. over all.

So nothing bad against the NukeHeads line up, they still give you really good results and I'm really excited to try all of these buds buy them. It's just that you don't know what ingredients they are using with their products, so that is the only thing that is a little iffy about it. But anyways here you guys go it is the last day of flush and again I will be back after this 36 hours of darkness when we chop them down and start the trimming/harvesting process. Alright peace Growers!

All right grammar so we are officially here for the last day of the electric sky LED review, so today ends that 36-hour dark period. And it is now time to harvest and trim the buds. So we just dropped it down that front Grape Ape plant and are about ready to Trimmer up so then I'll show you guys what that looks like, again all grown with the electric sky LED lights and this is there full on 300 watt grow light and I've got two of them in here. Very happy and stoked on the results, as you guys obviously saw throughout the weeks of this grow and now it is just time to show you guys the quality of those results.

 You can see these buds are really dense in Frosty, not only at the top of the node or of the branch, but all the way down you can see down towards the bottom the buds are smaller down here, but they are not popcorny or larfy buds. They are still very dense and very packed with trichome so they're still going to be really good but quality bud for smoking. So let me go get these buds a trimmed up and then I will show you guys the last clip of the results we got from using these LED grow lights by the green Sunshine Company, and again that is there Electric Sky wideband LED light. 

 All right GreenBox Growers, welcome to the trimming station here, got a good amount of that first Grape Ape plant trimmed up here. So I just wanted to show you guys some of those results, so first off I've got right here well let me just show you guys the quick set up  That I am running right now for trimming. So first off you will see I have four trays here and first the big guy right here which is holding all of the untrimmed branches, and then the first step of what I do is take off the popcorn Buds and put them in this tray so let me give you guys A good close up on them. Because although they are the smaller popcorn buds. They're still very dense and frosty, very good quality Bud still, Still very smokable although I'm probably going to use these to make some concentrate and extracts with.

 So let me just show you guys how Frosty they are and I don't know if you guys can tell but the buds are very purple and they do have some green in them. But for the most part very purple and very dense with trichomes. Let's see if I can get this to focus, yeah there you go you can see how Frosty and purple they are but anyways going to run these popcorn buds through the bull trimmer right here. Just to make it a little easier cuz with smaller buds it is a lot harder to trim them. And then the last tray that I have is the ones with the Bud's that are already finished being trimmed.

 So quick little close up for you on those, those are obviously are very good quality buds as well, very frosty and dense nugs. And again just as purple as those lower popcorn buds I was showing a second ago, let me just pull up one of these bigger colas for you guys, and again this Grape Ape did not produce huge colas. But they are still high, very high quality colas, very dense as you can see and covered with trichomes. And the smell is outstanding. Let me see if I can give you guys a better shot right there. So there you go, and then of course so that is pretty much going to be it for this electric sky video review.

What I will be doing after this videos another one I will be releasing is another free video which will include the drying, curing process as well and then I'm going to do a little smoke review on these buds. But to finish this groserias I first just want to do a huge shout out to the green Sunshine Supply Company for hooking me up with two of their 300 watt electric sky LEDs. Again those are there top-of-the-line LEDs in about two of them will replace about a 1200 watt HPS grow light. So that's really nice because you are barely pulling any energy or electricity from the wall and you are still putting off a tremendous amount of power and energy. 

And again it's that wide band Led so you are getting a really good spectrum of lighting for your buds. Now overall I have to say I highly recommend the electric sky LED light if you are looking to get into a more advanced grow light. Now this light will be good for a beginner or first-time grower but it is a high quality and a little more advanced LED light. So I do recommend starting off with something a little more entry-level like a Chinese  LED just because it is going to be cheaper and you are still going to be learning the basics of growing, so you don't really need a high-quality LED.

 But once you have a few grows under your belt or if you just want to start right off the bat growing top-notch cannabis. And I definitely recommend checking out the electric sky LEDs. Not only do they give off very little heat and use very little electricity, but obviously as you guys can see hear the results they give you or top notch. they're going to give you great Buds and in the video you saw some of the buds were an inch away from the light even touching the light and they showed no signs of stress or burn. 

So very easy to use these lights you are going to get really good results, and I mean again the results and the product speaks for itself. Also don't forget to stay tuned because I do have that 5% discount on these LEDs as well as free shipping.

Alright GreenBox Growers, So that officially concludes this grow light product review Of the electric sky LED. And again I want to give one more huge shout out to the green sunshine Supply Co for hooking me up with these lights, I'm really stoked on these lies in the results that I'm getting from them. So you will definitely be seeing them in some future grow series and videos that I'll be putting out. Now before I go I do want to remind you guys that I have a 5% discount on these lights as well as free shipping anywhere in the US and Canada. 

So if you want to take advantage of that offer just use the promo code right here on the screen, it is GREENBOX5. Just put that in at checkout and you will see the discount and free shipping applied. Now that concludes my weekly grow light product review, but if you guys do have any other Grow products or supplies you want to see me test out and review. Feel free to comment below with that information and product that you want to see, and I will definitely get that product and do a video on it. All right growers so that is all I have for today, but as always thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed today's video and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown



Unboxing the 600w MEIZHI LED Grow Light


Unboxing the 600w MEIZHI LED Grow Light

MEIZHI 600w LED + Stealth Grow

Grow Supplies used in Video

  1. MEIZHI LED Grow Lights for Sale:

What up cannabis Growers and welcome back for another lit product review by GreenBox Grown! today I am unboxing and reviewing the 600 watt  LED light by MEIZHI LED. And I will be giving you guys a little overview on the light, showing you the specs about it as well as a little background info on the  company itself. I'm also  going to be doing a full on groceries with this light, so you guys can see the exact kind of results you can get from it and how well  it works. Because I haven't used a messy LED light before, so this is going to be my first run with one to show you guys exactly how it works. 

Now that grows here is where I will be including that 600 watt MEIZHI LED light, is going to be my stealth grow series. Which will be released pretty soon here, and that is going to be growing for Autoflower Gorilla Glue plants. Now if you guys want to follow along with that video series to see exactly how this grow light works, just check out this link right here to sign up for our premium content section, and again that when you sign out that comes with a 2 week free trial so you can watch these videos free of charge for the first two weeks.

 Now I do have the MEIZHI LED lights listed on the GreenBox Grown store, to just visit the starter kits and supplies Tab and hit the grow lights button right under there. And you will see MEIZHI listed towards the bottom and middle of the page. All right so  now that you guys know what we are doing in two days of video review, let's get started with a quick overview of the MEIZHI LED and a little background info on the company itself.

All right guys do a quick little bit of background on the MEIZHI LED company, first of all they don't just sell LED grow lights. They also sell it grow tents, light hangers, and other supplies. And they are a Chinese bass company, so the products are a little bit on the cheaper side, great for entry-level and beginner Growers, but they are still pretty good quality. They are not just going to break down on you right away and they do all come with A 1 year warranty. So they do back up their products.

Now with that 1 Year warranty they do replace the lights within the first period Of that warranty, and then once you are past that period, they will send you free replacement parts.  So just be sure to look at the details on their warranty on their website, they do have details listed there so you can see exactly what you are getting when you purchase one of these lights. Now the MEIZHI company does offer several LED models ranging from 300 watts come all the way up to 1,200. And again this is the 600 watt led, so you can see we've got the four different LED panels. and this is from the reflector-series don't make sure that a vast majority of that light that is being sent out by the Light, penetrates the canopy of the plants. 

And is directed down on those plants so it isn't being bounced off  or being reflected in two different directions and being wasted. Another cool feature about this light is it does have two switches, you can see on the back it's got one for the vegetative stage for the flowering stage. So during veg you will just have the Veg switch on obviously and then when you are in flour you will have both switches on. Differences between these two different modes is in the veg switch, the light spectrum is going to be more of a blue color and a wider lighter color.

 Which is Optimum for the vegetative growth, and then when you flip on that flower switch, which I will be doing a little demonstration of later on and it's a video to show you guys. But you will see when you turn that on, it's going to get a lot more red and purple and color. And that is because of that light spectrum or wavelength is much better for flowering and Bud growth. Now like I said this is a 600 watt light but from the wall it is just pulling around 277 Watts so while it is still very good power that it is giving off in terms of the light and brightness.

 You will be saving and using a lot less electricity, so it's going to be nice on your energy bill. Now I have never actually used one of the MEIZHI products such as their LED or grow lights before, so this is my very first time, don't really have any reviews or recommendations on how the product works. So this is going to be a completely new experience for myself and I will be showing you guys like I said exactly how this works through my grow series.

On different forms that I have been checking up on the different growing and cannabis forms come as well as on the Amazon reviews it does have a lot of great reviews and recommendations from people there. So I do have a lot of confidence and this company so far. Now let's go get this light hung up in my stealth grow tent, which is going to be the one that I do the demonstrative series on. 

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And I will give you guys a quick demonstration on how this thing looks turned on. Now before we do that though I did want to mention that this light is available on Amazon listed at  $146, again I had it listed on my side as well and that will redirect you to that Amazon page. And again it is $146.99 I believe, so that is a really good deal for a 600 watt LED of this quality. Now the box also comes with a power cord of course and then a basic grow light hanger.

 Now I don't usually use these hangers because I like to use the adjustable pulley but if you do need a little extension to get this light lower in your tent you can just hook this up to one of those. So now I'm going to get this light hung up in the closet, and then I'm going to show you guys what that looks like.

Alright folks so here we are over where the stealth grow setup is, and I've got it all closed up just so you can see what it looks like in Disguise. But again this is my bedroom closet right here. And I've got a nice little to buy for tent set up here which is where those Gorilla Glue seedlings will be growing pretty soon here. And then you will see on the right, I've got my germination and seedling/cloning tent, which the Gorilla Glue Autos are actually in there right now, just popped above ground in their rockwool cubes.

 But over here, this is where I've got the messy LED hung up right now. So you can see it's right there completely off. So first thing I'm going to do cheer is turn on just the veg switch. So you can see I've got that right there, band there we go. And obviously you guys can see the light is just with the bed switch and it still got a little bit of that pinkish purple color. But it is also pretty white and  kind of on the blue side as well. You will see that more when I turn on that flower switch. But again very bright light giving off a great spectrum right now.  

Great footprint, you can see it is covering up all the pots on the floor space really well and it is only about I would say three or four, I would say four and a half feet off the ground. So pretty good footprint for this light, and now let's switch on that flower switch. Bam, so there you go you can see a lot more red and purple in the light. All of the pieces are now that up, we're before just some of the LEDs were. So before is probably just as blue and white LEDs, and now the red ones are on.

 So very powerful and very good light, specially for a 600 watt light that is only around $150. So there you guys go there's a little demonstration on how the MEIZHI 600 watt LED does turned on with both switches. And like I was saying I will be doing my grow series, so if you guys want to follow along and see exactly what kind of results you can get from this light. Be sure to do so!

 Alright GreeBox Growers, that concludes today's product review of the 600 watt MEIZHI LED grow light. And again I will be doing that Gorilla Glue Autoflower stealth and grow, where I demonstrate how this light works. As I will be using this led in that grow tent. And again if you want to follow along day by day with that grow series, all you got to do is visit this link right here on the screen and  sign up for our premium content section. And again when you do that it is free of charge, because it comes with a 2 week free trial!

 Now as always be sure to stay tuned to the GreenBox Grown channel, as I will be releasing more product reviews and grow updates in the coming weeks here. And as always thank you guys for watching, I really hope you enjoyed today's video, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown