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Grow Update:  Basic Indoor & Greenhouse Grows


Grow Update: Basic Indoor & Greenhouse Grows

Week 3 of Flower for the Basic Cannabis Grows!

Hello and welcome back to GreenBox Grown, for another update on the Basic Cannabis Grows. We are currently on Week 3 of Flower for this Cannabis Grow Journal there is an outdoor GreenHouse & Indoor Grow Tent that we are going to cover for it. I would also like to mention that when I say "Basic Grow" I mean there was minimal LST used through out the vegetation stage, I only gave the plants 4 weeks for vegetation, and I only topped the plants 2-3 times max.  

The reasoning for all of this is with less LST and Training, there is less shock on the plant. What this means is the plant can grow faster and you can harvest earlier. By minimizing the toppings and only using LST early on in the grow, I am able to grow a very bushy and large plant while preventing most shock. So the harvest time is still really short!

First lets check out the Greenhouse Basic Grow. In there you will see the buds are already showing some significant development while only being in the very beginning of week 3! In this tent there is 1 Coco Monkey Balls, 1 Pre-98 Bubba, and 1 Chocolate Hashberry Plant. The 2 larger plants were in vegetation for a little over 4 weeks, while the Pre-98 Bubba was only in veg for 3 weeks after clone. That is why the Bubba is so much less bushy than the other 2! You can see that even though it is a small plant, the Pre-98 Bubba is already developing 3 massive main colas which will provide a significant harvest! The other 2 plants will yield much more, however that is because they are so much larger and have had a longer time to grow. It is crazy what a difference 1 week can make!

Ok so now that you have seen the Outdoor plants, lets check out the indoor grow. There are 2 plants in here which are both crossed with double tangy, one of my all time favorite strains! These guys had around 5 weeks for vegetation, and are also on the very first day of week 3 Flower. What is really amazing about this grow, is I am only using 1 300W Mars Hydro LED, and yet the plants are still having significant growth and almost fill the entire tent up! Again, this tent falls under the Basic Grow rules, so I only provided a couple of toppings and some LST in the beginning, and that was it.

That is all I have for this update on my Indoor and Outdoor Basic Cannabis Grows, but I will be back with another update in a few weeks once these buds have had a chance to mature significantly! Until then, thank you for watching and Happy Growing!

Dylan Osborn @ GreenBox Grown


Product Review:  Various Greenhouses


Product Review: Various Greenhouses

Review of 3 different Greenhouse Brands I Recommend!

Today I discuss the different brands of Greenhouses I have been using over the last couple of years, as well as what their strengths and weaknesses are.

I cover 3 different brands which are Outsunny, OGrow, and Shelter Logic.  I offer the exact same sized greenhouses on my website store, but some brands are different because not all are offered on Amazon.  However, I have tested the brands that are available on the GreenBox Grown store so you can rest assured they are of good quality!  Instead of Outsunny, I have Homewell and instead of Shelter Logice, I have Abba.  These brands are just as good as the ones reviewed in the video, if not better.


The small sized Outsunny greenhouse is the ideal size for a first time grower, or someone who simply wants to only grow a couple of plants.  It is only 2 feet deep, making it very compact and easy for people with little outdoor space.  You can put it along the side of your house, or on a balcony area as well.  I recommend growing 1-2 photoperiod plants or 3-5 autoflowers with this greenhouse.





The second greenhouse is the medium sized OGrow, which is the same brand as what is offered on the GreenBox Grown website.  This greenhouse is the same width as the last, but has twice the depth, making it perfect for someone with less space but who wants to grow more plants.  The side window vents on this greenhouse make it really easy to create cross ventilation without letting in buds and other debris.  The door also features velcro straps for holding it up, which makes it much easier to open and close.  I recommend up to 4 photoperiod plants or up to 8 autoflowers in this sized greenhouse.



Finally, we have the large greenhouse made by Shelter Logic.  The brand I offer on my website is Abba, and in my opinion is just as high of quality and strength.  This greenhouse is by far my favorite as there is enough space for me to stand up and walk around my plants without being hunched over.  This makes growing much easier and takes out a lot of hassle.  There are 2 vents, one at each end of the greenhouse, which is perfect for creating air circulation when necessary.  I would recommend growing up to 8 photoperiod plants or 12 autoflowers in this large of a greenhouse.

Thank you for Reading and Happy Growing!

Dylan Osborn