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Cannabis Growing Starter Kits for Beginners by GreenBox Grown


Cannabis Growing Starter Kits for Beginners by GreenBox Grown

A Quick Guide to our Cannabis Growing Starter Kits

Hello and welcome to the official GreenBox Grown starter kits page! Now and this video I just want to give you guys a quick rundown of our starter kits as well as what they have to offer. That way you guys will better understand what's going to fit your needs best. One thing that is really important that’s really important I share with you guys is I only use the supplies that come in the starter kits, so not only do you know that they are trustworthy  and good products. But it'll make it that much easier to follow along with my how to videos and to see how to properly use all of these items. Now the kids are design for beginners as well as first-time Growers, but they are excellent and work really well with an experienced grower also. So if you are someone that has a few grows under their belt, these are still a great option for you.

 Another thing that's really cool about her starter kits is all of the products and items come straight from Amazon, so it is a trustworthy source and you know shipping is going to be quick! Now on top of that what's really cool is because Amazon has different locations throughout the world, we will be able to ship International orders much faster because the products will be coming from a local Warehouse that is located near you. And as I already kind of answered there, we do ship worldwide.

 So for those of you who are wondering these kits are all inclusive so that means it comes with all of the supplies you need from start to  Harvest, you don't need to buy anything additional to the kit to get your gross started. Something else that is really cool about our starter kits is they are fully customizable, So you will see once you've added them to your cart on Amazon, you will be able to remove or add items based on what you want and if items are out of stock, it is really easy for you to just change them out for something that is in stock and a similar item. 

Now we do offer different types of starter kits and they come in different sizes, types of quality as well as grow Style. So you can get a small kit and medium or a large, and then we also offer kids that are set up for indoor growing, deep water culture hydroponic growing, and then also Greenhouse growing as well. So you have those options as well to choose from. and then we have a Deluxe level, a top shelf and then a private reserve. And as you go up in levels, the items that come with the starter kits get better and quality and are different upgrades and add-ons that are included as well. All right so there you have our quick overview on the different starter kits that are available on this page, and now let's go Check out a couple of those starter kids being used in action right now!

Alright folks so here we are outside where I have my grow tents and you can see I've got two of them going and you'll see right here on the left, that is actually the small private reserve set up, and then right here is the small Deluxe set up. And I've made some changes on them and added and taken out a few different supplies just for the customizing to my needs and my grow. But I only have supplies in here that are  from my website only and listed there so they're all the ones that are available to you guys as well. So right now I have a clone and mother plant series or video groceries that I'm doing in this one and then a nice photoperiod Grow going on in here.

 And I just lollipop these are few days ago actually, but  really the point of this video Is to give you guys a good shot of the different tents and what you can be doing in here so you can have an idea of what you are going to be getting if you decide to go with one of these setups. So I've actually got six photoperiod.  Plants in here and you can see they're actually pretty massive and they are filling up almost the whole footprint of the 10th. So I'm really stoked about that! And then in here I've got my nice Limoncello Haze mother plant, as well as five clones right here that I took from her about 2 or 3 weeks ago. So doing really well in here and again this is the small Deluxe set up, and I have an extra light in here. And those LEDs are non right now just because I want you guys to see the plants under the white light as it is easier to see how healthy they are.

 But you can see plenty of space even in the deluxe 2X4 tent here, and you can get a really nice yield growing and here as well. So if you are interested in seeing either of these grow series so that you can watch how these plants go from start to finish, all you have to do is head over to our premium content section and subscribe there, There is a two-week free trial going on there as well. So definitely go check that out. All right so here we are back inside and this right here is actually the deluxe clone starting kit and it is very similar to the deluxe and regular seed starting kits, just a few extra items. You can see I've got the rockwool cubes up here as well as the humidity dome. And then I've got the mat and the Rest of the supplies in here. And these are both listed on this page as well, the deluxe and regular seed and clone starting kit.

 Alright so here we are on the website on the same page that you guys are on actually with the starter kits, and you'll see we've got the three different levels starting with the lower-level which is Deluxe. Then we have the middle level which is our top shelf series and then the very top best series we have is the private reserve. Now you'll see we also have deep water culture setups for all of the different setups as well, and then we also have some Greenhouse is going on here as well, so all the things you will need for your different grow needs.  And then we also have these mini series right here and that two-by-four in there is actually a similar size to the one I just showed you out there in The garage. This one on the left ear is a little bit smaller but still very similar. And then there are the Clone and seed starting kits as I was mentioning earlier.

 Now We also have an automation package which makes it so you can completely control your tent from anywhere around the world with your smartphone so you don't have to be there to take care of the plants. And you can go on vacation. Then we also have the easy Harvest package here on the right hand side, and just like it says it makes it really easy for harvesting your plants and help speed things up. So there are the kits and to give you an example of how to put one into your Amazon cart you just click on the kit go to the kit page, read about the details and such, and then All you have to do is hit the buy on Amazon button and you'll see it shows you all the different items included. 

And sometimes like right here you'll see some of the items might be out of stock, so all you have to do to fix that is hit continue and you'll see that you can search and add something similar to your cart that does the exact same thing. Now if you go back to the green box grown website and go under the starter kits tab here you'll be able to go find that item Elsewhere on our website. But I also want to show you this is where you can customize and change around or remove / add items to your kids is right here in your Amazon shopping cart.

 So very easy to do no issues and then also the links that we have on our website, make sure that they send you to the correct Amazon story based on your country. So that way you're buying products that are going to be shipped locally and you're not going to pay for shipping from the US if you live in the UK and such.

Okay folks so there you have the quick overview of our different starter kits on the GreenBox Grown website, and if you have any questions please feel free to hit me up personally. All you have to do is click that green circle at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen right here on the GreenBox Grown website, and that will pop up a little chat where you can talk to me. So feel free to send me any questions you may have to do that chat, and it's always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown


Welcome to GreenBox Grown!:  Videos are Back Up!


Welcome to GreenBox Grown!: Videos are Back Up!

Our Grow Video Library is back up!


What's up and welcome back to GreenBox Grown, now for those of you who watch the video listed above under the watch button you will know that I have made it my personal goal to teach you guys how to easily grow top-shelf cannabis from the comfort of your home. And that is with having little to no experience whatsoever! Now in my previous video I explained that we offer how to grow videos that show you step-by-step exactly how to grow at home, through various grow series. I also offer one-on-one grow guidance where I myself personally help you over the phone via text, phone calls or even FaceTime.

 And not only will I be teaching you all of that but I will be doing it for just $24.99/mo!!! And what that includes is unlimited access 2 1 on 1 grow guidance from myself as well as a monthly subscription to our Grow Library which includes all of our step by step videos. And then finally I also offer starter kits, cannabis seeds as well as individual supplies for sale. Those starter kits come with everything you need from start to finish, so you can easily get your home grow setup and started with little to no experience at all. All right guys now that you know exactly what the GreenBox Grown website has to offer, let's talk a little bit more into detail on each one of those services.

Alright guys so here we are at the GreenBox Grown home page of our website, and the first thing I want to cover and go into more detail on is  our how to grow a video. So like I was saying it as $14.99 a month for a full subscription to the entire video library, that includes every single video that we have on here as well as the new ones which I will be uploading new ones every other day. So you can see come and not only do I have the basics in the intro to Growing type videos but I also have a lot of different Series where we start off from seed and then I walk you through a week-by-week process of the entire grow until I harvest. So first you will see I've got all of my beginner grow videos and these are to just introduce you to the basics of growing and to kind of get you started and let you know what supplies you will need, what's best, how to find you know if you want to grow outdoors or indoors, how to decide if you want to do autoflowers or feminized, and just different things like that.

 And you will see here is also where you can subscribe to those videos for the $14.99 per month. I also have these different Series so if let's say you want to do an Autoflower serious, you just scroll down there to that Autoflower series on the drop-down menu under videos and then you can see right now I've got two different series available. So I've got the basic Autoflower grow and then that low stress training Autoflower grow series. So let's check out that low stress training series, and you can see that I've got all of those different videos right here as well. So as I was saying earlier these videos are all geared towards first time and beginner Growers, so they are really simple and broken down into a step-by-step format. And that just makes it so that someone with no knowledge on how to grow can follow these and still get those top shelf results I was showing you in the earlier video.

So the next thing that I want to explain to you guys is our grow guidance, which is just a one-on-one help with myself, where I basically talk to you over the phone telling you exactly what you need to do with your plant. And we just talk back and forth and you know you guys can just send me pictures of the plant and then I will check out how they are doing and give you feedback as well as info on what you can be doing better. So to sign up for that, just visit our grow hotline page up here at the grow hotline tab of course, and then just scroll down and click the become a patron button. 

And then here it will take you to our patreon page which is where you can sign up for the grow guidance, and it starts at $10 a month, and you just hit this become a patron button here to see more details about that. But it starts at $10 a month for unlimited access to help from myself, and you can see that is right here, Vig or very important grower club. For $10 a month and that is going to give you texting unlimited texting  service from myself and that is 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So like I was saying, $24.99 If you get this as well as that Video subscription for the monthly access. And I mean for $24.99 to get one-on-one help from a grow expert as well as access to that entire video library. I've got to say that that is a really good deal. So now that you guys have seen the grow guidance, as well as the grow videos, let's go pop over and check out the different starter kits we have available.

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So I'll just go back to the green box grown website and go to the starter kits Tab, and then hit starter kits and you will see here it starts off with the Deluxe series. And then we have small medium and large of each one, and then we go down to the top shelf and then private reserve. And you will see the way these kits differ is as you move down, they get higher quality and that the products they come with are going to be better. I also offered deep water culture setups in a starter kit format. And then we also have the greenhouse setups for those of you who want to grow outdoors. Now if you just want to start with one plant, I do have the mini-series and I have an indoor as well as an outdoor version of that.

 And then of course we've got the Clone starter kits as well as the seed starter kits, and that just makes those processes a lot more easy. And then finally I do have the grow tent automation package, and this makes it so you can completely automate your so that it can be from a smartphone remotely anywhere around the world. And then I've got the easy Harvest package which does just as the title explains and makes the entire harvesting process a lot easier. now starter kits aren't the only supplies we have to offer, You'll see we have individual supplies of everything we have available, so not only can you replace things like nutrients or soil, but you can also upgrade to bigger and better products.

 We also have things for making extracts at home, so if you are interested in pressing some rosin or maybe making some bubble hash, whatever it may be, we have you covered on that as well. You can even make edibles with these different machines, like the magical butter machine, and I actually have that one at home here and it is really good. So you guys might be wondering now, all right I've got all of my growing supplies but where do I get my seeds or the plants that I will be starting with. Well we've got you covered there as well and you will see that we have several different seed banks listed here all of which I work with and highly recommend because they are the cream of the crop and have the best genetics And highest quality service available.

And what is really convenient is the seed website send them in the mail right to your house, so you don't even have to leave to get them. Now you will also see there are different kinds of seeds out there, so you will need to figure out what you are looking for and what you want to grow. But I do explain the different kinds right here on this page, so you will see there are high THC verse high-cbd seeds as well as you know Auto flower versus regular and feminized. So just check out the seed bank page here On my website if you want more details about that, and then of course I've got the seed banks listed here so that you can purchase the seeds once you are ready.

Now last but not least I do have a MERCH and Smoke Gear Page so we do have some clothing available, and it's all GreenBox Grown branded.  And then if you are in need of some smoke gear like a bong, Any kind of water pipe or concentrate tools, we've got Grinders and stuff like that. That is all listed over here as well. So you will see that we have some rolling trays and papers, different kinds of electric lighters and then I actually really like the glass that we have available. There is some really cool stuff here.

 So let me give you a quick look at that, the duck bong is pretty interesting if I may say so myself. And then finally there is also I want to show you guys that we have a Blog and this is always going to announce when the new videos are up and available. And then it will also have other details on the other things going on around GreenBox Grown such as giveaways in different contest that we may be doing.

Alright guys so there you have everything You need to know about the GreenBox Grown website, and how you can easily get your home cannabis grow started in no time. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I look forward to working with you guys one-on-one teaching you how to grow your cannabis plants at home. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown



Leafly + GreenBox Grown Talk Youtube Shutdown


Leafly + GreenBox Grown Talk Youtube Shutdown

Youtube Continues its Cannabis Purge without Reason

As some of you may or may not have heard, my GreenBox Grown Youtube Channel was recently shut down without warning and so were most other Cannabis Related Channels on the Platform.  It seems to be that Youtube will not be associated with this type of content, even though a lot of the channels that have been removed recently were there for over 5 years.  This is unfortunate for so many reasons, but most of all it is sad because of the fact that it is preventing medical patients from accessing the info that was providing them with a cure to their ailment.  

Not only has Youtube been shutting down all of these channels without warning, but they are doing it without reason as well.  I personally was informed that my videos include too much "Violence" and therefore they had to remove my channel, but for those of you who watch you know my videos are nowhere close to being violent.

 Luckily the Cannabis Community isn't going to just roll over and take it, so we have begun to fight back!  Today Leafly released an article investigating what is going on, and I am very proud to say they included GreenBox Grown in the discussion.   While it is unfortunate circumstance, I am excited to be at the forefront of this issue as I know I can truly help to make a difference.  

To read the full article by Leafly, just visit the link below.  As always, thank you for reading and in the meantime...

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown


GreenBox Grown is Now Live on Patreon!  (Help Support the Grow Hotline & How-to Videos)


GreenBox Grown is Now Live on Patreon! (Help Support the Grow Hotline & How-to Videos)

GreenBox Grown X Patreon

    What's up cannabis growers and welcome to GreenBox Grown, the only source you need for all of your at-home cannabis growing information.  Now for those of you who don't already know my name is Dylan and over the last year I have been building this community of new and beginner cannabis growers who have been learning how to grow their own supply at home.  And what I've been doing is help guiding them along the way during this journey of their first grow, making sure that their results are top shelf and that they don't have any issues along the way.  I've been doing this through several different sources, first of which is my growing hotline.  

    And what that is is a phone number you can call into or text with any questions about your personal cannabis grow and I will personally respond to that as soon as possible with information on how to fix any issues you are having with your plants, as well as instructions on how to exactly do that.  Another way I've been helping new cannabis growers is through my free online videos which consist of how to grow videos where I diagram and show exactly how I grow my plants at home through several different methods.  And then I also have videos that are on strain reviews and product reviews like this Rosin Press here, which is great for home use.  

    Finally, I've been helping new cannabis growers with my cannabis growing starter kits.  And I have several different series of those that come in small, medium and large.  But unfortunately since I'm selling those as an affiliate I make a very small percentage on each sale that I make.  So it isn't enough to be able to sustain the hotline and these grow videos, as this community of new growers continues to get larger and larger. That is why I'm here on Patreon asking for your guys help in donations to sign up for my page so that I can keep this grow hotline going, as well as create new and amazing grow videos and content for you guys to watch and learn from.  

    Now, as I mentioned, your donations will be really helpful for making more awesome content and how to grow videos.  But the main area where it's going to help is in me being able to expand the grow hotline and keep that going as I get more and more questions everyday.  And now that the inquiries are increasing tremendously each day it is becoming more and more impossible for me to handle all of the calls and texts that are coming in.  In fact, a lot of them are going unanswered because I just don't have the time to get back to everybody.  With your donations I will be able to hire more help so that I cannot only handle more calls and texts but we can get back to you in a much faster response time.      

Now, as you can see in my description below, I've included an example how to grow video so you can see what my content is like.  But if you want to see more examples, just go to and visit the videos tab.  I also have a bunch of different subscriptions and donation levels which you can see at the side of this page and they start with the cheaper ones which include early access to my videos and other how to content, and then go up to one-on-one meetings and calls from the hotline, as well as Facetime or Skype chats during the month.  So be sure to check that out, and be sure to visit for more details on what we have to offer.  And in the meantime, thank you for watching.  And as always…


Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown



How to Properly Stake your Cannabis Plants for Support


How to Properly Stake your Cannabis Plants for Support

Stake Your Cannabis Plants for Support & Optimal Growth!


Hello and welcome back for another Episode of GreenBox Grown! Today I will be showing you how to stake your Cannabis Plants properly for optimal growth and bud development. It is important to understand that there are many different ways to stake your plants as well as a lot of different types of stakes. All methods and materials work, just remember to be gentle and careful with the plants and to not put them in a stressful position.  

There are 2 main reasons you will need to stake your plant. The first is your plant may be leaning or falling over from the main trunk and in that case you will want to stake it back to the upright position. I usually use metal stakes, which come in different lengths, and the have a loop at the end for hooking branches. I will hook one of these stakes the the midway point of the cannabis plants main trunk and will position it to be upright. Not only is this important because it prevents the plant from toppling over, but it relieves a lot of stress from the root zone and allows the plant to grow at a faster rate!

The second reason you will need to stake a plant is because individual branches may be falling over or too have to be supported by the main part of the plant. A lot of times this happens when buds become to heavy and the branches can no longer support them. All you need to do in this case is take your stake and loop the end around the droopy branch. Then stand the branch back up with the stake and you are good to go! I like to either stick the bottom of the stake on the floor of the grow room so it is standing up right, or for more support I will put it in the dirt of the pot. If you follow this method, be sure to only put the stake in around the edges of the pot so you do not damage any of the roots. This is very important!

Another point I like to bring up when discussing plant staking, is spacing. If you have to stake up several plants in a specific area, try to space them out instead of bunching them up. This will allow them to absorb more light and grow larger buds. If you bunch them up, they can begin to rot and spread mold which could result in a complete ending of your crop! Staking your droopy buds is also important because if you don't and they get too heavy, the branch can snap and break which could also lead to infection and the end of your crop.

Overall, staking your cannabis plants can be a really handy technique for keeping a healthy grow. That is why it is important to follow the techniques outlined above and to never let your heavy branches hang for too long.

Thank you for reading and Happy Growing!

Dylan Osborn @ GreenBox Grown