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Trick for Hang Drying Buds


Trick for Hang Drying Buds

Save Time Hanging your Cannabis Buds to Dry

What up cannabis Growers and welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown! not recently I just harvested my Limoncello Haze plants, for those of you who have been following along with my mother plant and cloning grow series. So in honor of that I decided I'm going to do a video to show you guys the easiest way to hang up your buds for the drying process. So I'm going to demonstrate and show you guys how to do that, it saves you a lot of time and Hassle, and it's going to make sure that they don't fall off of whatever you are hanging them from.

 Before I get started I also wanted to let you guys know that I just dropped some new clothes on my merch store. So feel free to visit and then just hit the smoke and merch Tab and under there you will see the clothing button. And I have a few of those options on the screen here for you guys, so you can get an idea of what some of the clothes we just dropped look like. I also wanted to remind you guys that we have that two-week free trial still going on, and that is to our entire Grow video library. So for 2 weeks you get full access to every Grow video we have under our premium content section. 

And to sign up for that all you have to do is visit the link right here on your screen, and hit the Subscribe button that is overlaid on those videos. And you will just have to fill out a form and that will get you signed up for that two-week free trial. And you can cancel at any time, no charge necessary. All right cannabis Growers so now that you know what we are doing and today's video, Let's head down stairs into the drawing-room so I can show you how to hang up those buds!

Alright folks, here we are out in the garage where I have the drawing room and the buds currently hanging. But first I just wanted to show you guys the new Autoflower plants that I have going, these are actually some Gorilla Glue autoflowers from Growers Choice seeds. And you can see they are actually doing really well, I've got them in the air route spots and then a few in the smart pots actually just to compare and see how they do or how they grow differently. But you can see they are really blowing up nicely, this one's flowering really well and I actually just did some to foliation on them yesterday. 

It looks like they have grown some new fan leaves already. So really really healthy and definitely going to be some good yielders from what I'm seeing so far. So let's go over here and check out at the buds. So again these are those Limoncello Haze Bud's from my mother plant and cloning grow series.  And you can see I mean in my opinion they came out looking pretty fire, pretty top notch top shelf quality.  And really solid nugs as you can see all the way through, not just at the tops but down at the bottoms as well. You can see they're still really fat.

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So going to be some really nice yielders, and also there is some really nice as you can see here there's some really nice popcorn nugs that we harvested, and we've got them drying down here so these are just about ready to go into the jars for the curing process, but anyways. Back to the purpose of this video, so hang in the buds up with a lot of people like to do. Will first of all what you are going to want to do is use the same tent that you grew in, if you don't have a free tent for a dry room. Just use the one that you grew in, take everything out that you were growing with, wipe down and clean out and vacuum out all of the debris so the grow tent is nice and clean.

And then all you have to do is set up your hang drying supplies like this, right here if you want to use a hanging rack which is always great for popcorn buds. But I don't recommend trying your main cool is on it. And there's always a drying rack makes it really easy for drying the popcorn buds, but that is not what we are here to talk about today. Today I want to show you guys my method for hanging the buds, and very simple all I use is some soft wire or some gardening tie.

And as you can see like I do with this one right here you make one and into a hook and then the other you will just wrap around whatever you are hanging the branches from. So I like to use the frame of the grow tent to hang them from and then if I have a large Harvest, I will just try as you guys can see hear some nice strong rope or string across the top and then that is what I hang the buds from Once I use that soft tie. So two ways to do it, you can either hook it around a branch or a stem that is coming off the bottom of that Cola. 

And then just tied around the branch I'm sorry just tied around the string up there or, what you can do if there is no branches to attach the hook to. All you can do or are you need to do really is tightly wrapped that gardening tie around the base of that branch, and then it'll actually hold that up. As you can see right there it is just ripping it and then you can see I've got the other end wrapped around the tie up here. I'm sorry the string. 

So I know they're saying it is that makes it really easy as you don't actually have to use any gardening tie at all if you  cut the branches down properly, so when harvesting if you make sure to leave a little scraggly branch at the bottom of that stem. It makes it really easy to just hook it over the string whatever you are  hanging the branches from. So they just hang like that and then you can see that's what I'm doing with most of these on this row here. Let me see if I can give you guys a good shot Of that back row there.

 But yeah you can see, I just left a little spur of the branch towards the bottom of the stem and then you just kind of clip it over the string that you are hanging the buds from and it does just fine I like that. So a lot of people like to use you know wire sometimes or string to hang the buds up and that will work fine for the string wire I don't recommend because that can cut and damaged the buds. But when using string, sometimes it will fray and get into the bud so you want to make sure you are going to use something like a nylon string. 

Not something that is going to be twine and can Fray into the buds is that can leave a nasty and nasty taste behind. And you just don't want any rope or string getting into the buds of course. So yeah that is just pretty much it, just using some soft tie to hang up at the buds to dry and again just tightly winding it around the base of the stem or if there is a little Branch or a Spur coming off of the bottom stem. All you have to do is create a little hook with that gardening wire it, and then hang it from that.

 And then again what's nice about the gardening wire is it is very flexible and you can put it into any sort of shape or position you want and it will hold that shape pretty well. And you will see, I mean like this guy right here that is a pretty heavy nug or cola I should say with a lot of side colas on it. And I've got it with the gardening wire or the gardening Tie just tightly-wound around the base of that stem, and then Hooked over the top with actually another branch on the other side of that hanging. So it is still up here hanging after a few days, it hasn't fallen off or loosened up or anything like that. So it is definitely working well!

All right GreenBox Growers, that concludes today's video on how to more easily hang up your buds for the drying process. And as always if you enjoyed today's video feel free to smash that thumbs up button and to leave a comment down below with your feedback. As always I want to thank you guys for watching today's video and I really hope that you enjoyed it, and until next time …

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown