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NukeHeads Update: Week 4 of Flower


NukeHeads Update: Week 4 of Flower

Significant Bud Growth has Started!


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most lit cannabis growing Channel! Now today kicks off week 11 of that NukeHeads grow series. And this is officially the 4th week of flower so we are right in the heart of the flowering phase, and these buds are just developing tremendously well thus far and I am really excited because they are just going to continue doing so with these Electric Sky LEDs. So I am just going to continue giving you guys the watering schedule throughout the week and showing you guys the updates on the buds and updates on their buds and the development as well as how to take care of them and make sure they have optimal growth

. So now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video I just want to give you a quick reminder about our one-on-one grow guidance. And that is a perfect solution for you if you are looking for a little extra help to go along with these grow videos. Again this service offers you one-on-one help for myself personally over the phone each day. And gets you unlimited access to my help, so now that we got that out of the way let's get started with a day one of the week for this week 4 of flower!

Here we are back out in the garage for day 1 of the week and man the smell is absolutely billowing out of the tent now that I just turned off that carbon filter for the shoot. So you guys can see the buds are not only getting really big. But they are filling out up and down those main branches for a good distance. So that is going to be nice because not only will those buds be nice and fat up top, but they are going to connect and fill out going a good length of the branch. So that is what we want and really in part due to the great penetration of light that I'm getting with these electric Skies by the green Sunshine Company. 

So let me just give you guys, there's no water needed today for the plants, so I'm just going to be giving you guys so much close-ups on these beautiful buds and some things I would like to point out. First of all no Burns or any issues with the leaves. Perfect leaves, perfectly healthy leaves that is and no deficiencies or toxicities like I'm saying you can see they are nice and in that healthy green color. Now same thing with the pistols here, let me give you guys some close-ups. Now you can stress out the pistils growing on the buds so it is important to be very careful because if the lights get too close or it gets too hot, you will see they will start curling and Browning or burning up. 

And you know at the end they are going to turn a different color and curl in, but if it starts happening this early on in flower than is not because of maturity of the buds. It is because you are stressing them out. But as you can see what these guys is just a couple inches from  those lights. They are an Optimal Health and shape, even the guy that grew into the light is standing perfectly up. Even those pistols grew back up once I raise the light a little higher. So that is really it for today's update on the buds, you can see not only are they everywhere but they are filling out beautifully. Couldn't be more stoked coming again hopefully I will be pulling a little over a pound from these six plants total. So that is it for today's update and I will be back for a date you in 24 hours. Alright peace guys!!

What up GreenBox Growers, we are back here another 24 hours later for day 2 of the week and you can see the buds are continuing to mature really well, fattening up in all areas. And now really starting to grow down towards each other to connect at those different Bud sites. So this guy is stretching up again towards that light so I may have to raise the light a little further, we will see. We don't want it to get too close and touch it again, but right now they're still probably about I would say to half an inch and distance between the top of the buds pistols and that light. 

So you can see all of the side colas on all of the branches or all of the plants are filling out just as well as the main colors are. And let me just give you guys some nice looks at those buds up close. You can see how nice and happy the pistols are looking, they're just getting bigger and bigger each day. So today the plants were ready for their watering, I already did it but it was that third nutrient feeding of the flowering phase.  So here on the dirty dozen schedule you will see I did week 7 which is the third week of flower mix. And I just followed that at full strength and then added one teaspoon of Cal Mag here per gallon of water.

 So I gave each plant a little over a gallon again, and Also that fox farm mix so that was for the front row because of those are the fox farm plants. And then in the back row, what I did was the plutonium Bloom mix which you can see right here. And that was about a scoop and a half per gallon and then I also did one teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon of water with that. So same thing plants got a little over a gallon per plant back there of that mix. As those are the NukeHeads plants back there.

And then again in the front or the Fox Farms. So again you can see there is definitely some significant differences between the plants right now, especially compared to when you are comparing the two Grape Apes. so the Grape Ape in the front her buds are a little smaller which is the fox farm plant. When compared to the one in the back so right now I would definitely say NukeHeads are winning in terms of size of the bud grow that they are giving these plants. 

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But one thing to also consider is the nutrients and what sources were used to make them. So one plus about foxfarm is that they are all natural and organic materials that they used to make their nutrients. Now with the NukeHeads it doesn't say what ingredients are in there or where they get their ingredients so it is hard to tell if it is all organic or all-natural or if what they're putting in there is good to be adding to these plants. Now it is working in terms of getting some big bud growth growth,  but again always want to be safe and use healthy non toxic ingredients and additives for your plants. So that is it for today's update and again did that week 3 of flower nutrient feeding today and I will be back here in 24 hours for your next update. And again that will be day 3 of the week. All right peace guys!

Alright Growers we are back here for day 3 of the week and you can see all of these main branches and colas, that you can see they are forming nicely  all the way up and down and you can see how they are starting to connect. Especially with these big guys in the back, and I mean all of these branches are developing really nicely, so very stoked on that. Let me give you guys some good close-ups so you can see how they are looking. Plants aren't ready for a watering today I just wanted them yesterday anyway so that would make sense. And then I actually did a little defoliate today on the plants so I probably took a handful of leaves from each plant just to trim up some leaves that were laying on top of Bud sites or were covering up some light to those Bud sites.

So anyways, just remember that is always an ongoing thing from here on out just a little bit at a time. And you will see eventually towards the end of flower there will probably be no fan leaves left  or if so just a very few bit we left mainly just going to be sugar leaves that you will see poking out of those buds. So really going to get those buds to thicken up and fatten up really nicely doing that, just to help really increase those yields. So you can see looking really good, these big buds up top here and really all of those side colas that they have going are just looking fabulous as well.

 So just let me give you guys some more close-ups but yeah that is really it, just maintaining a good temperature and humidity level in here. It's been around 74 to 75° during the day, and then at night I'm trying to keep it around 68 to 69 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity has been right around 55% which is ideal, and you can go a little above or below that but really for flower you want to keep it around 55 just because added moisture will cause those buds  to possibly get mold growing on them. And then too dry will cause them to not really fatten up very well. So that is pretty much it for today's update, and I will be back here in 24 hours for the next day of the week.

What up Growers, we are back here for a day for the week and just continuing to get fat dense Bud growth every day. So you can see everyone is really starting to fatten up now it's not just those main colors. And you can see they are just connecting really nicely all the way from the tops down. So you can see the outline of the bud shape there, it's not finished or even really close. We've got a long ways to go in terms of development but you can kind of start to get the idea of how these buds are going to shape up and now they are really going to start fattening up with trichomes and Bud Over the next couple of weeks here.

 So this right here is the front Skittles plant getting the Fox Farm nutrients, and then in the back here is that Skittles NukeHeads plant, which although it did get kind of covered up by some of the plants so it stayed short. You can see the bud growth is going really well and that guy should give us a couple ounces at least. So pumped about that, you can see the two big main colas in the back are doing really well. Still not growing into the light since I raised it a couple days ago, and this guy has definitely stop growing in terms of vegetative growth and height. Another thing I wanted to show you guys as the trichomes, they're starting to develop on the fan leaves as well as will become the sugar leaves.

 So you can see, let me see if I can get a good shot, you can see how it looks almost Frosty on the leaves, and that is just trichomes, pure trichomes Growing on them.  And  so that is just a good sign of healthy and happy buds and a sign of what is to come, so hopefully they fill out the buds that far onto the leaves. Which would give us some massive dank buds. So here is some more good shots of the developing colas, as well as the trichomes and the frost that is just developing nicely on the leaves. 

And one thing that is really cool with really good sugar leaves which it looks like we will be getting a lot of good trim from these buds.  As like I just showed you, the trichomes are already filling out on to those fan leaves. But, what is great about that is you can use them and process them after the whole harvesting and trimming., and you can extract them or even just process them into butter and other extracts for dabs, oils, concentrates, really whatever, Edibles. So yeah, really good to keep your sugar leaves, I cover this in the trimming and harvesting videos of course. But just wanted to bring that up since it looks like we are going to get some really nice Sugar Leaf and trim from this grow.

 So no need to water the ladies today as you can see  soil is still visibly wet and moist, and let me give you guys a little bit of A zoomed-out shot just so you can see, I mean you can really tell those buds are taking over and it really doesn't look like foliage anymore just solid nugs. So that's just wanted to keep fattening up, and again still taking leaves here and there just one by one. So we are  still here on the same day and I'd actually just finished up some defoliation on the plants. So I wanted to give you guys a look because  I pulled some of the plants or one of the plants out of the tent, and I just wanted to see or show you guys how big these buds really are getting. So it is easier to see now that it is out of the tent, you can just see that they are really going to start thickening up nicely there.

 So let me also show you guys inside the tent since this face here is open, give you guys a little bit of a better look at the back plants here. This is that Skittles here in the back that kind of got towered over by the other Grape Ape. And while the main tops that are really exposed to the light or doing really well, you can see it is pretty underdeveloped on those other tops which is pretty normal just when you know that it is not getting enough light. So just did a lot of training or sorry a lot of defoliation.  So that should help a lot with that and then of course we've got the big Grape Ape in the back and let me give you guys some good shots and how big and frosty does buds are getting all ready since we are back here.

There's the side colas and then there's that big main guy getting nice and thick. And hopefully it's going to start connecting, it looks like pretty quickly here from top to bottom. You can see the first couple inches already did that so just working our way down. So yeah I just wanted to give you guys that quick look inside the tent just so you can have a different view of how things are going in there, and then also since I pulled this plant out just wanted to show you guys what that look like. All right I will be back now in 24 hours for the next day of the week. Alright Peace guys!

 We are back here 24 hours later for day 5 of the week and just continuing with some really nice Bud growth on all six of the NukeHeads plants here. Seeing really good development out of both the fox farm line up here in the front as well as the NukeHeads in the back there. But I got to say the NukeHeads is definitely winning this one so far. Both with the vegetative growth and the bud growth, and you can see just how big these guys are in the back especially when compared to their counterparts in the front.

 Still getting really good yields and results from the fox farm lineup you can see the buds are fattening up all over the place and looking really nice. The smell is tremendous as well like I said, the second I turn off that carbon filter it is just billowing out of the tent.  Again the front row is the fox farm plants and the back row is the NukeHeads lineup. Now again the only Strife I have with the NukeHeads lineup is it is not really natural sources of ingredients for the nutrients. First of all they don't really tell you what is in them, but my guess is it is not a natural source as it is a blue Powder that you are using. 

So that is the only drawback when compared to the fox farm, and again we still have you know four to five more weeks to go here for flowering. So we will see how they all turn out and we will give another comparison at the end there. So the plants were ready for their next watering today and that was their first plane pH watering since last nutrient feeding. They all got about a gallon and a half each per plant. And that is really it for today's update, still doing a little bit of defoliation each day here and there. And that is really it, so I will be back here in 24 hours for the next day of the week. All right peace guys!

It is now day 6 here in the grow room and I would say we are definitely past the early flowering phase and are now on to the mid-to-late part of the bloom phase. As you can see the buds have pretty much formed at all of the tops, will they have formed and now what they are doing is just fattening up and finishing their Bud production. So you will see the length of the colas has pretty much been to find at this point and now they are just going to continue fattening up and connecting to each other. So not too much to be doing with the plants other than monitoring temperature and humidity and making sure that that is always constant and on point. And let me give you guys some good shots and close ups on these buds.

 Now they are getting extremely Frosty you can see up close here on the leaves and even on the fan leaves, not just the sugar leaves. They are getting covered with trichomes just being close to those buds. And you can see him in just an all of them they are really starting to fatten up and connect all the way up and down there, and you can see like with this big guy right here. And all of its side colas are doing really well, and then of course with the Pineapple Chunk in the back left here, that is doing amazingly. So that's just one massive Cola right there, and it's just going to continue to fatten and thick in all the way up and down that branch.

You can see these guys are doing really well, and another thing when she obviously can't tell him the video, but the smell is so sweet right now and very potent. And like I said, the second I turn that carbon filter off it is just extremely potent and strong smelling in here. So just let me try and get this camera to focus on that nug right there. Not sure why it is giving me a hassle, let's see we can do it. 

There is a pretty good shot, you can see the trichomes developing there on the leaves coming all the way out to the tips of those leaves which is really nice. And you can see that growth is going all the way up and down the plants. So just am really nice overviews of these nugs and koalas as they fill out and you can really get a good sense of how big they are when I step back a little bit.  And just give you guys this kind of view right here. That is pretty much it again day 6 of the week, and I will be back here in another 24 hours for the last day of the week.  Alright peace guys!

 Alright Growers, we are back here for the last day of the week and these ladies were actually ready for a water and today which I already gave them. But that was their second plane pH watering since the last nutrient feeding, and it has been really hot lately so they were a little extra thirsty so I gave them about a gallon and a half per plant maybe a little bit less. But it's pretty close to that, now let me to show you guys the development of the buds as it is really changing honestly from a day-to-day basis. There is a tremendous difference I have to say and these guys from day to day. So let me get this camera to zoom or Focus I mean, sorry. So there we go, let's just get up on that bud because she is beautiful.

 Look at that, so as you can see they're getting really Frosty all the way up and down and it is just filling out tremendously from the top of that main Cola all the way down. So there is a better zoomed out look for you guys, and you can see this is just one main Cola out of a few dozen and here probably, probably like 30 to be honest. So you can see everything is doing really well we got some that are leaning a little bit just as they are getting heavier, so I may have to support them with some string but that is nothing to worry about.  

They were leaning a little extra today and still kind of our because they are a little under watered. Like I said they dried out pretty quickly here because of the hot weather so they should be standing fully backup and probably a couple hours time.  But you can see the upper parts here, really filling out nicely, these Main cola's and the trichomes are just filling up all over those sugar leaves and even reaching out onto some of those bigger fan leaves. So that is really it for today's update on the buds and again this is day 7 of week 11. So I hope you enjoy this look and update on the buds. Alright peace guys!

Alright growers, that concludes Week 11 of the NukeHeads grow series. Definitely seeing some good differences between that foxfarm dirty dozen nutrient line up when compared to the flower power package by NukeHeads.  And while there are some differences I would say that both nutrient lineups are growing the plants very well, and developing some really top-notch buds. So that is it for this week's video and I will be back shortly with week 12 of the NukeHeads Grow series. And as always thank you guys for watching two days of video, I hope you enjoyed, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown