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Bloom Beast COB LED Review + First 2 Patreon Goals Accomplished!!!

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Bloom Beast COB LED Review + First 2 Patreon Goals Accomplished!!!

The Bloom Beast C525 COB LED Grow Light


What's up Cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown!  Now today I'm really excited because today I'm going to be doing a review of this LED COB light that was sent to me by Bloom Beast. So huge shout-out for hooking me up with this led! So in this video I'm going to give you guys a little overview and turn it on to show you guys it's different features. It's got some pretty cool stuff that you can dial up with the light. So I'll be going over that in this video. 

And so 2nd and most importantly I want to give a huge shout-out to all of my Patrons  who donated last month to GreenBox Grown!   With those donations we were able to accomplish our first two goals both in the last month, so what that means is I now have my 360 degree camera here which I'll be filming my grows with. And I will also be starting my cloning and mother plant how to grow series.

So I will be using this cob light to be growing this mother plant as well as the clowns I'll be doing in that serious. I'll also be using this 360 camera to film That serious as well as other grow videos, so you guys will have the option to watch in the 360 viewing auction. Now is always before I get started I got to mention to check out our merch and smoke deer on the green box around website. And also don't forget to check out our patreon page if you haven't already subscribed there, we are just about to hit our third patreon goal. Which will be an upgrade from the iPhone which I'm filming on now to a real video camera for 4K filming. So if you guys haven't signed up yet, be sure to visit the link Down Below in the description, and now that You guys know what we're doing in today's video, let's get started with an overview of the bloom Beast LED grow light. 

All right guys so here is the light, and again the model is the c-525, so it's from the Sea series, so you'll see they have different models they have an A and A B series as well. So this one they say or they claim will replace a 600 watt HPS metal halide grow light. So I'm just going to be growing one plant under here but it's going to be my mother plant so it's going to be pretty big and bushy so we'll see how it does under there.  They also say that this light has a lifespan of 50000 hours, so that's pretty good as well, and I'll be giving you guys an overview of the other models at the end of this video. So as you can see here it has the 4 called lights in the corners with the many carbs in the middle, and does look more like an LED diode. And what's really cool is my favorite part about this light as it has the 3 adjustable in dimmable knobs.

 So this is actually upside down it but I will have it hanging in the grow room in the next shot. And I will turn the light on. But you'll see it has the seedlings switch right here, the veg switch and then the flowering switch. So you can use this Like from seed to harvest, you don't have to switch around the height too much you don't have to switch between low wattage lights for the seedlings to hire ones for your flowering phase. It's just one light 3 different knobs in your good did it go.  All right now let's go check it out hanging in the grow room, and I'm going to power this bad boy up!

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All right guys here we are out in the garage where I will be doing my cloning and mother plant how to grow series. This is the 10th I will be using and you can see I've got the supplies almost set up, and I'm going to be using this air Roots pot with the yellow bottom. And then of course I've got them bloom Beast cob LED hanging up in here. Got her plugged in and imma show you guys how to use it and what it looks like. So that's just to put the fans on and of course you'll start with your seedlings switch when your plants are in seedling,  And not only do you have the  different switches but they are dimmable. So this is the lowest for seedling all the way up to the highest so you can increase it as the plants grow.

 Once you are ready for vaginal keep the seedling switch on and then you'll turn the second middle dial which is the veg dial, and that will get those two Corner Cobs going. So there we go as we increase that and of course once you're in flower you'll dial that one on and that will turn on the other two cobs which are more of a red frequency.  And that's full of 3 fully turned on and you can see just how colorful that is and it's very cool light I really like this one and I am really excited to see how this one does growing my mother plant. So now let me show you guys the different models on our website that we have available.

 Alright, here we are on and all you have to do is go to the starter kits tab to and on the drop down go to grow lights. And you'll see this is the page where we have them listed. There are three different series no two different, so we've got these ones here and like the series that I have. So I have this light right here the 525 watt they have another one that's an 850w and then they've got these other ones here which are just a different model. And you'll see they just have one cob in the Middle with all the panels around it and then these are just a larger versions of the same one. Again Another huge shout-out to Bloom Beast for hooking me up with this grow light. I am really stoked to have it and very excited to try it out with my mother plant and cloning how to grow series.

 All right GreenBox Growers that concludes my review of the bloom Beast cob LED light. And again if you guys want to check it out we have it on our Store under the lighting section. If you guys enjoy the video please give it a thumbs up and comment below with your feedback, and also don't Forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel and to turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows.  As always thank you guys for watching and until next time...

 Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown


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