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Banana Fig #8

Banana Fig #8 & TropiKill Strain Review


Banana Fig #8 & TropiKill Strain Review

Cannabis Cup Award Winning Strains by Fig Farms


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown! Now today I'm doing another strain review for you guys, and I just picked up these two different strains from the local dispensary, I've got my Indica dominant Banana Fig #8 right here. And then I've got my TropiKills sorry Tropikill which is sativa dominant hybrid. So I will give you guys some close-ups on these and I will also be giving you the background info on the genetics And growing info from Leafly. And then we'll get those close-ups and I'll break up a few bowls that I'll smoke so I can give you guys my review.

 Now if you guys have any strange in particular that you would like to see reviewed on this page, just send a comment below with what that is and I will be sure to pick that up or grow it myself so I can give you guys my feedback on that strain. Now as always I got to mention to check out our Merch under the Merch and Smoke section at And also don't forget to check out our link Down Below in the description to visit our patreon page to sign up for one-on-one growing advice from myself, where I’ll guide you each day of the cannabis grow so you can learn and get the best results possible. All right now that you guys know what we are doing in today's video, let's get started! 

All right grey hours to the first thing I would like to mention is actually both of these strains come from fig Farms up in NorCal I don't know if you've heard of them before, and this is actually tropical not Tropic Hills or whatever I was calling it. But I looked up their genetic information and of course it's coming from state farm so they're not going to release all of the information for what they are cloning or what they are breeding into the genetics. So I know that the banana fig number eight is partially banana kush and then the Fig number 8 part is going to come from their genetic line.

And then the tropical I believe comes from either tropical kush or tropical thunder fuck, some sort of mix of that.   so I'll give you guys a little bit of a background on Fig Farms as well as the Banana Kush which is in the banana fig. But I don't really have too much details on the rest of the genetics for these two strains.   So one thing that is really cool about fig Farms as they have won a lot of rewards I mean Awards recently for their strange. So you know it's a quality medicine and those flavors are going to be very good. So specifically the banana fig number eight actually won the NorCal Cannabis Cup this past June, so very tough competition there and shows  these are some really strong and powerful genetics, so definitely worth checking out.

 They also have another strain called Purple fig which is pretty great. And for the Banana Kush that is actually an Indica dominant hybrid and it is more of a relaxed happy and euphoric high, so I'm guessing this train will provide some similar effects there. 4 grow info it's a moderate stirring to grow, so you should have a little experience and in terms of the height of the plant it will grow without any training  it's going to be a medium height plant. But it's also a high yielding plant, and that will get 3 to 6 ounces per square meter per square foot That you're growing end. Again these stats are all coming from Leafly dot-com and they have a whole database of all these different strands reading it this info from. Flowering is a pretty quick 7 to 9 weeks and it stretches a hundred percent to 200% which is a pretty good amount. Let's see, for the Banana Kush flavors of course it is tropical and sweet, tree fruit and that big is probably going to contribute a little bit to that sweetness as well. But yeah that's pretty much it, so let's get some close-ups of these Buds and start breaking them up for a bowl.

 All right here we are up close and we've got mr. Shake excited for his bold to be packed. So let's do the close up of the tropical first, so let's see if I can get a little closer. So these are both really really dense and Frosty and you will see that once I, I'm just going to pull us out of the packet because it's probably going to be easier without that plastic reflection. Sweet very dank smell, and you can see how Frosty they really are. Okay we're going to pull some of this out damn okay.  There we go look at that, Very Frosty and it's going to taste very good I can tell already. 

All right said there we have our tropical, now let's do the banana fig number 8.   so here's the picture of it looking at it through the bag, you can tell it's really Frosty even through the plastic. I'm going to open her up just to get that initial smell.   Yeah it's guy you can definitely smell the Fig in it and it's kind of purple e, but it's more of that purply indica smell for sure.   I'm going to get a couple nugs out so you guys can get the clothes up. Yeah just packed with try comes and it just looks like it has a completely or Frost all the way around. So that on the right is the banana fig number eight and then here these nugs on the left is the tropical.   All right I'm going to break these out by hand and then pack a bowl for you guys to watch me smoke.

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 All right now I've got my little bold ready, just going to pack a little Snapper of the banana fig first. Damn not every time I break a little off you can see just a dust of try comes falling off I almost don't want to break her. Okay. I mean look at that, that's just from breaking up a couple pieces right there. Got them Sticky Fingers.   Got my little Snapper packed,  it's hard to tell but it's in there and here we go first taste of The banana fig and number 5 I mean number a I don't know why I keep saying number 5. Cheers guys!

 Very smooth oh yeah very tasty at the end their you kind of get that taste of a hint of fig kind of that purple e dank taste and this is the Indica dominant and this was also my first hit Of the day. So I can feel it immediately right in the brain and let's get this second hit. They say it’s very indica but it's not going to give you that couch feel. It's very tasty it's not super energetic High, more of a relaxing laid-back feel. Like it's time to play a little fortnight or something like that.

All right I'm going to re-pack the bowl now with a little nug of the tropical and I don't know I can't say that right. Nice okay so these nugs were both very dense, Not fluffy at all and again this one is covering my fingers with trichomes. just wanted to sativa dominant so you're supposed to get that really uplifting High I'm starting to get that head feeling going with the number 8, banana fig number 8. So there we go nice bowl, damn yeah that figures definitely coming on strong and I'm really liking that strain so far.   okay so here we go 4 Bowl number two of the Tropic killed by big farm.  Cheers Guys!

Now what's really cool as they both kind of have that fruity taste and smell, but they are very different, they're pretty but different tasting so very different fruity flavors are very cool. If you guys 1 cough there so I've got the tropical here and the banana fig 8 / 8 big farms up in NorCal and they've been winning tons of those  cannabis cups lately.  Like I said they won the NorCal Cannabis Cup with that Banana Fish number 8 but yeah both strains very good hard to say.

I'm definitely feeling that body high now that I've taken this bowl of the tropical now. but that banana fig number 8 is still coming on pretty strong so it's hard to tell the difference, but still definitely recommend both of these and you can see they're both so densely packed with trichomes and they're just Rock Solid. So definitely two thumbs up for both strains by fig Farm.

All right guys that concludes today's strain review but like I was saying earlier if you have a specific strain you want to see me review. As always if you guys enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and feel free to comment below with your feedback. Also feel free to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel and turn on those notifications for updates on my latest grows. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown