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Strain Review:  Smoking the LST Autoflower Bud


Strain Review: Smoking the LST Autoflower Bud

Tangerine Dream & Blue Amnesia Smoke Test


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown! Now today is a really exciting episode because I'm going to be doing my strain review on the very two strains that I recently grew in that low stress training Autoflower grow series. So I got myself a jar of the Tangerine Dream here as well as the blue Amnesia and these guys have been curing for about two weeks in these jars now and I'm actually smoke a little of each already because I did try them out after just a couple of days in the jar. 

But as you guys know weed is a lot like wine when it comes to curing as the longer you cure it for to a certain degree, the better quality is going to be. So I am really excited to try these out again as they have cured further along in the process and I am really excited to show you guys how great of results we got during that grow series. So before I get started I want to remind you guys to check out our GreenBox Grown patreon page where you can sign up for one-on-one grow guidance from myself.  

And essentially I will be personally guiding you over the phone each day telling you exactly what you need to do with your plants, to get the best results possible! And that starts at $10 a month and comes with a free trial as well so be sure to check that out on patreon under the GreenBox Grown page. Also don't forget to check out our merge and smoke you're on the green box grown website and now that you guys know what we are doing in today's video, let's get started with a little background information on these two strains here.

All right folks so I decided to bring out the second camera so I could give you guys a close up on these Buds and what I'm smoking on while I do that. And let's see here, I also got out the illadelph and I will be using that for the blue Amnesia test. I also got this new Gandalf pipe and I've only used it about one time, and that is what we will be using for the Tangerine Dream. So I'm going to give you guys some good background info. As you know I just grew both of these strains and my low stress training Autoflower series so I will give you some info as well on how they grew as well as some background and genetic information.

So I've already got some ground up in here and that is some of the Blue Dream, oh I am sorry the blue Amnesia not blue dream. So let me give you guys a couple close ups on that while I am going over the facts. so you can see there is the jar right there and this is an Indica, which actually wore on the sativa side it does have a lot of Indica in it, blue Amnesia but it is a very heavy heavy high. So here's one of the best nugs or at least one of my favorite dogs that I got out of the last grow. You can see that it has a little purple in it and these are just some really dense and extremely Frosty nugs. I think it's about 18% THC for the blue amnesia for those of you who did watch that grows series, the way it grew was really a shorter plant with big fat dense nugs.

So while it did kind of have that Indica growth where it was a shorter plant, used a lot of LST and got a lot of new tops out of it so that is how I was able to increase those yields. But it also made it possible for those nuggs to get really big because they had a lot of space to grow during that stage. All right guys show me a little background info on the blue Amnesia strain. First of all, the parents it comes from or the two strains that are mixed together for it are blueberry of course, and then amnesia. So and this is actually the Tangerine Dream that I'm showing you now here in this jar. It has about as high as 18% THC as I was saying earlier, and it is  good for growing indoors or Outdoors but it seems to be best in an indoor grow setting.

 It is 40% Indica 40% sativa in the 20% ruderalis, so it is pretty even across the board in terms of that. And then with my experience and it was about 10 weeks from seed to harvest with the Autoflower of the blue Amnesia strain here, and that was with about 3 weeks of veg and then after that it just start taking off in terms of flowering growth. Now it grew a lot of vegetative growth during the flowering stage as most amnesia's Ansari most autoflowers do. So that was really good as well.

 Alright guys so out of the to my favorite is definitely the Tangerine Dream, so let's take a look at that. So this has a really citrusy smell, this blue Amnesia is more on the Dank side it's not as citrusy it is a little sweet. But if you smell the Tangerine Dream that's inside the store you would think you are smelling some sort of like orange peel or something like that. Now the buds are not as big and bulky as the ones on the blue Amnesia plant but you can see these are more like sativa Buds and that they are smaller but still really dense and really Frosty which also means really densely covered with trichomes.

 So very happy with how both these strains came out. now with the Tangerine Dream, Barney's farm for those of you who have heard of Barneys,  they are a breeder a seed breeder from Amsterdam and they actually won the Cannabis Cup in 2010 with this Tangerine Dream strain. So this is the Autoflower version so it will be a little different from what they grew but it still comes out really well. So this train is actually a cross between three different strains. So you start off with the G13 Haze and then you mix in a little Afghani as well as some Neville's A5 Haze.

So that is how you breed the Tangerine Dream strain. Now of course if you want it to be an Autoflower you got to incorporate some ruderalis because of that is what gives the plants their autoflowering effect. Here is a good close-up of the pipe I got, it's a Gandalf pipe And you can see this here when you smoke it changes colors so that is pretty cool. So I'm going to start packing a bowl of the blue Amnesia in this illadelph bong I have here, but a couple more things on the Tangerine Dream. It is an Indica dominant plant, but the way it grows surprisingly is it is a lot more like a sativa in the way it grows as it is way taller and Link ear.

And Like I said those buds spread out a little further and instead of being huge big colas it's kind of a lot of little Dense nugs throughout the plant. still really good quality, it's just a different type of plant. Similar to the blue Amnesia, this was another one where it took about 10 weeks from seed to harvest. And then it was about 3 weeks and of the vegetative stage that is where flowering began. So again that is the autoflowering version, but it is still really quick which is nice. And then best of all the THC content can be up to 24-25% for the strain. So very strong strain more of a sativa High because of how strong it is it does hit like an indica.

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 So now I'm going to give you guys, here is my bowl that I just packed. So you can look that here and I'm not packing huge bowls Here just because it is more for that testing but still very excited on this one. I love the Tangerine Dream so far. All right cheers guys! So first off very smooth and you can taste that citrusy taste right away. There it is burnt, so you kind of get that haze taste on the way out. So immediately I can feel it right here on the front of my forehead up top as well as right above my eyes, like my eye Brown Line. I can feel it just like a really warm sensation, very relaxing and this is about my second hit of the day too so still very fresh too so that's nice.

But yeah very strong so far, and again that's the blue Amnesia so 18% THC is what it grows to around or that is what the breeder recommends. One thing I forgot to mention too, so these blue Amnesia seeds that I agree with, these came from the ministry of cannabis and then the Tangerine Dream I got from Growers choice. So both very reliable seed banks and really I'm just really stoked on the results I got from their genetics. So highly recommend Growers Choice as well as the ministry of cannabis.

Alright so I'm going to take a separate trip here and I want to show you guys the different color that Ash turns so that you can see what it looks like when it is properly flushed. So you can see it is starting to turn gray it's not quite there yet but by the time this bowl is done it will be completely grey or a white color. And that is how you can tell if your bud has been flushed properly or not. That's why I do two weeks because I really like to flush them out good. If it stays a dark color brown or blackish color that means it was not flushed properly and there are some minerals or nutrients that were left behind. 

Let me give you a good close-up this other nug right here, this is another one of those blue Amnesia nugs from the  second plant though this isn't the same plant that that first nug I smoked was from. Bam! Okay so I'm going to pour out what is left in the grinder of the blue Amnesia so we don't mix them up. Now I'm going to grind up some of this Tangerine Dream so let's find a nice little nuggie in here. This guy  right on top. I mean uh! I'm telling you it smells so good it's like picking your head into a bag of Skittles or something. It's just so citrusy and pretty it's like heaven in there.

 Alright so that is the close up for this Tangerine Dream Bud that I will grind up now in the grinder. And I will be using that Gandalf pipe, for this one. So you can just feel the thing with these I put them in the jar after they've been done hang drying I left them in there for about 2 days. And they had already felt like they finish the curing process. Now I'll still be doing it over the next couple of months but point being they weren't Airy or anything like that like poorly grown buds are or over dried buds they were just super dense. But not crispy or anything like that. Just that perfect consistency and stickiness you know it was just really good dense buds. I'm really stoked about that.

 Another thing that is pretty cool is that one of the plants has seemed to have hermied as I am finding some seeds and the grinder when I grind it up. And when you grind up that Tangerine Dream it just explodes with smell. It is amazing how strong it is when you bust the nuggs open like that. And it is so sticky it is amazing. But anyways like I was saying we are getting some seeds from one of the plants as it her meet a little bit, so I'm going to do a bag seed Ceres. Because I know a lot of you guys like to start with seeds you found in a bag you bought or just from, well I don't think anyone is getting seeds in their weed from a dispensary and if you do you should probably stop going there.

It is going to be a series I do where I grow the seeds so that those of you who are growing back so you can see how to do it properly. So I've got my bowl of the Tangerine Dream packed here and my Gandalf pipe, and now time for a little ripio. Cheers guys! Very smooth again, got that you can't really get the citrusy taste on the way out it's more like a dank taste. But still really smooth and this one I'm feeling it more on the back of my head to the top of my head but that could also be from the blue Amnesia because it did kick in a little more stronger while I was waiting to take that second hit.

Definitely feeling more in my body from the Tangerine Dream, which I did not feel as much from the blue Amnesia. So that is a good combination here as well. Let's see what else, let me take another hit so I can show you guys to that this one was properly flushed. So yeah you can see it is already turning gray, which is what you want. Now I have  like I said smoke these two strains already before I think it was once or twice. but with the blue Amnesia I noticed it was really good, I have some severe back And neck pain and I've noticed the blue Amnesia helps a lot with that.

 You know getting home after work I do work a physical job during the day. So getting home after work and having a bowl of this does help, and then laying down for maybe five or ten minutes to let the we just settle in. And relax my muscles. And then I get up and it's almost like I don't have any back pain. It does help with my  knee some too which is from a torn ACL I had a while back but I did find the Tangerine Dream is a more uplifting daytime energetic High. It is not as good for the pain relief it didn't seem to help as much for myself at least for the pain.

 But like I said it was a good high and it was very enjoyable and it was fun for having on the nice sunny day for when you're going to go hang out with your friends at the beach or something like that. So highly recommend growing both of these strains as they are really easy to grow and you're going to get top shelf results without having to you know be a top-shelf kind of grower. So let me just give you guys one last look in these lovely jars here. And I'll be doing some more strain reviews on my strains that I am growing and harvesting here as well as any strains that you guys request or want me to go get at the dispensary and try out. 

So I can do a video for you guys on that, definitely comment or send me an email about that if you want to do something. I do concentrates as well and I will be doing some hash reviews here pretty quick because I do have a bubble hash machine. So hopefully I get some good product that I can put through that and yeah that pretty much sums Up 2 Days review and I really enjoyed both of these, the Tangerine Dream and the blue Amnesia and I hope you guys enjoyed watching. alright GreenBox Growers that concludes my strain review today on the Tangerine Dream as well as the blue Amnesia here and remember these were both grown at home by Yours Truly during that Autoflower low-stress training groceries. So I hope you guys enjoyed the video, and as always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown