Week 7 of Vegetation: Final week before Flower!


What up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for week 7 of vegetation for the chemdawg beginner grow series! Showing this week we are really just going to be looking for more filling out of the SCROG and the last final stages of vegetative growth. And I hope that in 1 to two weeks we will be in flower. Yeah I mean we only have about 15% more of the SCROG left to fill, so hopefully over the course of this week we get that filled out. So now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's episode, let's get started with day one of the week!

Hey guys, what is up it is the first day of this week for the chemdawg grow series, as you can see my plants are thriving along. They are really responding well to all of the new light we have given them, all of the nutrients we have given them. And so as we get closer and closer to flower we want to start you know thinking of some things like misting lighter. We want to fill out the scrog as much as possible. 

And then today we also are going to do our third plant watering since the last nutrient feeding. We are going to shake our CO2 canister and we will do like I said a very light misting just as we are getting closer to flower. And then that does it you guys, it is a new week and we will see you tomorrow for the next day.

Hey guys, what is up and welcome back to the chemdawg grow series. It is the second day of this week and we kind of have a mixed bag of things to deal with today. So our left plant is looking really good, it is kind of slow at growing right now but it is still looking really good. And then our right plant which is taller and thriving, you can see it has some damage to leaves going on here. 

What I suspect happened here just because the left plant is growing slow and the right tall plant is showing signs of damage, is that they were liking the high power light but when we added in the second and when they grew This Tall it ended up being too much for the plants. So the plant on right because of how tall it was already, is damaged because of how close it is to that light. And then I think that left plant was lucky because it was already short enough where it could have waited damage but that is why it is staying so low. 

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Does not want to grow up Into the Danger Zone of light. So what we are going to do today is just clip off some of the leaves on the right plant that have those spots on them and are sort of of curling of the leaves. And hopefully now that we have dialed back both of the lights 25%, hopefully that makes the difference and the plants can continue upward growth as we go into flower. Today we will also of course Shake our tnb Naturals CO2 canister. 

And we will do a light watering today, is just to keep the soil from drying out too much from in between the full waterings. You do not want to over saturate your soil of course but you don't want it to dry out very much, you don't want to dry out too much in between your watering. And then lastly we will do a quick misting to cap it all off. Remember you do not want to do it too much misting now that you are getting close to flower. Okay guys that does it for today and we will see you tomorrow for a new one. 

Hey guys, what's up, welcome to day 3 for the chemdawg grow Series. Today we have a few things we have to get done. For one we have to shake our TNB Naturals CO2 canister, we have to do a little bit of LST today now that we have let the plants rest from LST. And we are going to be doing it only on the taller tops just so we can get those lower ones a chance to get up to the scrog. And then today is a watering day so it is actually time for nutrients. 

So we are going to repeat week 4 of vegetation for the nutrient cycle. That will actually be the nutrient schedule we are going to use for the rest of vegetation until flower. And we are going to be doing it at full strength for a full gallon split between the two plants. And we are going to be using 1.5 teaspoons of cal-mag per gallon of water for that mixture. And then for the rest of today's agenda we just have to do a light misting, just as we get closer to flour make it a light misting. That's it for today guys, we will see you for day four tomorrow!

Hey guys welcome back to the chemdawg grow series, it is day 4 of the week and just a pretty quick update today for you guys. Make sure to shake your CO2 canister of course, get that going early of the day just so you get the maximum benefit. We are going to do just a light watering here to keep the soil from drying out too much in between waterings. 

So go ahead and split a spray bottle worth of water between the two plants. And then do a light misting on the plants, very light remember we want to keep it light as we get close to flower now. And then just to let you guys know we did end up taking out that second light we put in on the right because we noticed it didn't really make a difference and the growth of the plants, and in fact it did seem to start causing some damage on the plant on the right. 

The left plant is just continuing to be a slow grower which is fine, but it is growing. And the right plant it just seems to be I don't know it didn't seem good for when we added that second life. So we are pulling it. Okay guys that does it for today and we will see you tomorrow for day 5! 

Hey guys what is up, welcome back to the chemdawg grow series, it's day five of the week and today we have a few things on the agenda. For one I just want to point out that it looks like the plants are responding positively to the removal of that second light, as you can see we have a very good upward growth happening.

 You can really notice it on the left plant because that one normally is just right under the scrog but today it has a few points where it is absolutely breaking through so that is awesome. And then the plant on the right always looks great but today you can tell it just looks pretty healthy, and it really doesn't have any new signs of damage, all the leaves there that are damaged are ones that were previously damaged since before yesterday so that’s good.  It looks like we have stopped the damage and we will just keep an eye on that.

 And then today we are going to go ahead and Shake our CO2 canister like always, very light misting as we are getting to flower, and then you want to do a plane watering today. It is going to be our first plain watering since the last nutrients feeding. And we are splitting a whole gallon between the two plants. And we will do a little bit of LST today since we have such good upward growth, we will just focus on the taller tops that have already come through the scrog. Alright guys we will see you tomorrow for day 6! 

Hey guys, welcome back to the chemdawg grow series. It is day 6 of this week and today we do not have a whole lot to do. First of all, Shake Your CO2 canister and remember it is ideal to do that at the beginning of the day. And then we are also going to do just minimal LST, focus on the tops that are already through the scrog and the ones that are really thick and stable. And then we will also do another watering today, this is just to keep the soil moist and between waterings.

 We do not want it to dry out too much in between waterings so this is to prevent that. We will probably do one to one-and-a-half spray bottles worth split between the two plants. And then of course we will just do a very light misting at the end of all of that. OK guys, so that does it for days 6 and then tomorrow is the last day of this week, we will see you then! 

Hey guys, what's up and welcome back to the chemdawg grow series. It is the last day of this week and to wrap it up we are first of all going to shake our CO2 canister. Remember to do that earlier in the day if you can, just gets the max benefits out of that. And then we will go ahead and do a watering today, this will be the second plain watering since our last nutrient feeding.

And then to wrap it up just do a quick misting, and remember we want to do it really light because we are getting close to flower. And then just a reminder, for the water and we are doing a full gallon split between the two plants. And then looking forward into the future, so and then next weekend we are going to be beginning to prepare the plants for flower.

 So we will want to start doing things like trimming off those damaged leaves, doing lollipopping, all of the things that will help maximize the growth of the buds specifically during flower.  So we will probably start doing all of that sometime next week. All right guys, that does it, this week is over and we will see you tomorrow for a new week! 

Ok GreenBox Growers, that officially concludes week 7 of the chemdawg beginner grow series! So in the next few days here, the first days of this coming week we are just going to be prepping the plants for flower.  And then hopefully by day four we will actually flip them into flower. Yeah so get excited because we are obviously going to be getting into the really fun part of this grow series, and until the next week's episode we just want to thank you guys for watching today's video. We really hope you enjoyed it, until next time…

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown