2 Week Flush for OG Kush SCROG Grow Series!


What is up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for the video update we have all been waiting for. Now this is week 16 overall for the OG Kush screen of green grow series and we are going to be starting that flush today! So what that means is we are about 10 to 14 days out from being ready to harvest these plants, and what we are going to be covering in this video is that entire flushing process right up to the harvesting point. 

Now we are going to do a 48-hour dark. Right before Harvest, and that is going to be right after we finish the flushing process, but I will go over more details on that and this video. Now this is a 10 to 14-day blush so this video will cover that entire duration, it is not going to just be the first 7 Days of it. And then I would also like to mention that this is the start of week 8 of flower for these OG Kush buds oh, so we are right on schedule with that 56 day flowering schedule that the Growers Choice seed bank recommends for this strain. All right so now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's episode, let's head over to the OG Kush tent for day one of the flush!

Okay Growers so here we are at the tent for day one of the week as well as day 1 of flush. So something important to note, for the flushing process we will no longer be using the grape sweet Bud sweetener by Botanicare. So be sure to hold off on that product for the rest of your grow. We will be using the fox farm Sledgehammer flush product for flushing our lady's here. But since we did a nutrient feeding just yesterday, what I am going to do is start the flush with just plain water for the first 3 days. And then I am going to introduce at the sledgehammer flush for the rest of the flushing process. 

Show for today it is just going to be one of our small waterings. I have one gallon mixed up here with nothing in it, no bud sweetener by Botanicare and no Sledgehammer flush just yet. We are going to split that between all four of the plants and then you are going to want to continue with shaking the CO2 canisters. The lights are going to stay at the same exact height they are at right now for the rest of the grow and we will not be doing any defoliation. 

So what is really important is during the flushing process is of course you want to be using your flashes to get out any nutrient and salt buildup or any minerals that have built up in your soil. And then what that's going to do is pull out any nutrients or minerals left behind in your buds.

 Once that process is complete, you're going to have a much cleaner, smoother and healthier bud to smoke. Know another important thing for the flushing process is you still want to be very very careful with those temperature and humidity ranges. As you still want to maintain does ideal conditions and ranges. For temperature you want to be right around 72 to 74° Fahrenheit during the day and during the night around 68 to 69 degrees Fahrenheit. And then for humidity, I recommend staying right around 50 to 55% for the rest of this phase. 

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Alright Growers so I am going to go ahead and get started with this first flushing, and then of course we will give you guys some nice close ups on the buds because they are still fattening up and densening up as well.

Looking Rock Solid at this point, and they stacked up all the way down to well below that second layer of the scrog net. And extremely Frosty and Toad and looking so very excited to try these out. All right guys so I will see you back here shortly for day two of the week! 

What up growers and welcome back for day two of the week as well as day 2 of the flush. So today's update is another simple one, all we are going to be doing is feeding the plants one gallon of plain water and they get no more of the grape sweet will be mixed and. And this one gallon is going to be split between all four of the plants. 

So since we did that first plain flushing yesterday, and the day before that we had done in nutrient feeding. What I want to do is hold off on the sledgehammer flush for these first three flush waterings. The reason being is I want those nutrients to be able to go through the plants, get absorbed into them and allow the plants to actually use them before we flush everything out. 

Now that is why I am doing these three plain waterings in-between the nutrient feeding and the first sledgehammer flush, because these plain waterings will still help with starting the flush process it is just not going to be getting all of those most recent nutrients out of the water. So again today all we are doing all we are doing is one gallon of plain water, no grape sweet added in. 

That will be split between all four of the plants and then I'm going to shake up the CO2 canister and that will be it, sorry shake-up both of the CO2 canisters and that will be it. So now I'm going to go ahead and get started with that watering and then we will show you guys some nice close-ups on the buds so you can see all of these colas have a really filled out nicely. I think we are going to easily get those two pounds in our Harvest, probably a little over 2 lb by the looks of how all of these buds are developing so far. Alright guys so I'm going to go ahead and do that watery and then I will see you back here for day 3 of the week! 

Alright Growers, we are back for the third day now of the Flushing Period. So what I will be doing today is a full watering of just again plain watering. No longer mixing in that grape sweet, but what I have here is about a gallon and 3/4 mixed up for all four of the plant. 

Cuz it actually seems like they are still a little bit damp from yesterday's small watering so that is why I'm not giving them the full two gallons. Besides that we are also going to shake up the CO2 canisters of course, and then I will be giving you guys some nice bud shots while I am doing the watering. One thing I wanted to mention though so this is the third day of the flush.

 And tomorrow we will introduce the sledgehammer flush and I'll give you more details of that and not update. But after we do the sledgehammer flush, the next I would say 10 days are pretty much going to be the same exact thing a repeated over and over. So I will probably not do a video update every single day of talking because it will be just the same thing repeated over and over but I will be sure to give you guys on the last day that I do show all of the info that you need so you can do that entire flush period. 

Now once we do that fox farm Sledgehammer flush, all we are going to be doing is the plain water with nothing else mixed in.  It is going to be the two gallons one day and then the next day it will be the smaller one gallon and then the next day 2 gallons and then we will just keep repeating that process. All right guys are the buds are still fattening up every day which is nice and they are going to do that throughout the whole Flushing period. 

So we will get some more size to these ladies and now let's go take care of that third flushing of the plants and I will show you guys some clothes bud shots and then we will see you back here for a day for the week. Peace! 

Welcome back growers, it is the fourth day of the flush for these OG Kush plants. Now today is an exciting update because we are doing the fox farm Sledgehammer flush. What that is going to be is 2 teaspoons of the sledgehammer mixed up her gallon of water. I have two gallons of water here so we went ahead with four teaspoons.

 Now we are only going to do this one time and what the purpose of it is is to start breaking down all of those salts and whatever minerals were left behind in the soil as well as the plants from our nutrient feedings. Once the soil is cleaned out from that, then the plants will start eating up what nutrients and minerals have been left behind within the plant and the buds. And once that process has finished oh, that is when we have a fully flushed plant. Okay so again we are going to be doing this fox farm Sledgehammer flushing today. 

2 gallons split between all four of the plants, and we will of course continue with the shaking of our CO2 canisters. And then a few things I wanted to mention. So first off it has been pretty chilly here lately in Northern California and so because of that, and response the plants have been drinking a little slower than usual. So I just wanted to let you guys know that is a characteristic of growing cannabis plants. 

As temperature fluctuates, so will the amount of water they drink. So you will also notice that when it gets hotter out they will drink a lot faster. Now of course you want to be maintaining proper temperatures and humidity conditions within the tent, so that doesn't really affect them. But when the lights are off it is a little bit more difficult to maintain proper temperature and let you do have a heater in there. So just be sure to do that. 

Guess it just a few more things I wanted to mention, first off if you come down below here and I will give you guys some nice clothes up something this in the Montage shot but we don't have any Airy or popcorn buds that have developed down below here. Everything down below the canopy has fully developed and is very solid. The next might not be as large as the colas up top, but they are still dressed as dense and Frosty and developed. 

So it will be just as good of quality just smaller in size. Sometimes you will notice if you don't grow properly, the buds down below here will not be fully developed they will just be really leafy and airy looking. And doesn't really give you a quality smoke so a very happy on these results. Now the final thing I wanted to mention to you guys as if we take a look at the different characteristics and looks of each of these plants you will notice that each of these plants are a different phenotype from the other three plants. 

So very cool to notice that, that is one characteristic of growing from seed as you are going to have a different phenotype each seed. When you grow from clone obviously this clone so it is an exact replica of the mother plant, so it will be the same phenotype. This one for example is not, it doesn't really have any purple in the bud it does a little on the leaves but the buds ever hear on this left front plant are really almost all completely purple. 

So I will give you guys some close-up on that in the Montage shot, and now it is time to do our Sledgehammer flush. All right I will take care of that and then I will see you guys back here in 24 hours for the fifth day of flush. 

Okay we are back here now for day 5 of the flush and for today all I'm really going to be doing is giving them a plain flushing with just one gallon of water nothing mixed in. That will be split between all four of the plants and then of course we will be shaking the CO2 canisters. Now for the next 9 days, so today is day five so we have nine more days to go after this one.

 It is just going to be the same exact process and I'm going to be alternating between 1 gallon and 2 gallons of water just because they can't take the two gallons every single day. That would be a little too much. 

But it's just going to be playing water every single time. So I'm not going to be videotaping the next 8 days, I will be back for the 9th day but because of how repetitive it is I figured  instead of boring you guys to death I would just let you know how it is that same process of one gallon today, then tomorrow is 2 gallons and then the day after that one gallon you will just keep repeating that process until you get to the 9th day of the flush.

 I will give you guys some nice but shots in today's clip before we go but yeah that's pretty much it, just going to be doing our plain watering and then I will see you guys back here for the last day of the flush. All right peace!

What up Growers so  we are now back for day 14 of the flush so that means today is the very last day. So what we are going to do is first we are going to give the plants they are very last flushing, just 1 and 1/2 gallons of plain water split between all four of the plants. 

Then tonight once these lights turn off on their normal light cycle, what we are going to do is unplug the lights so they do not come back on for the next 48 hours. So that dark. Is going to give the plants a little bit of shock which will cost an extra THC in resin production, add a little fancy to the plants and then at the end of that 48 hours is when we will be chopping down and hanging are plants for the drying and curing process. 

I will be back here after that 48-hour dark. Just to show you what the plants look like right before we chop them down, and then that will be the end of this video and the start of the next video will be the very beginning of the harvesting process. So today we are just going to do that watering, that final flushing and again it is day 14 of the flush and then we will go through that two-day dark period.

 Alright guys so that concludes today's video and I'm going to go ahead and give them their flushing and then I will show you guys some nice close-ups on the buds before they go into their dark period. All right peace Growers! 

Alright Growers so it is actually the second day of the dark period now for the OG Kush ladies and I am just going to give you guys a quick update and look at how the buds are looking. Now one thing I did forget to mention in the update yesterday or in the previous update for the dark period, is you do want to make sure that temperature and humidity pretty much stay exactly the same in the tent during this dark period. 

So you don't want it to get super cold in here and you don't want it to get super hot either, and you want the humidity to stay right at around 55% to 60% for this stage, more like 55% actually. Okay Growers said that pretty much concludes today's update, in the meantime what I'm going to do is give you some close-ups on the buds and just kind of show you how they've been doing during the dark period. 

And then I will be back tomorrow in 24 hours to show you guys the plants right before we chop them down and hang them for the drying process. Now the harvesting and drying / curing will be in a separate video, so I am going to show you guys the plants in this video tomorrow and then that will in the video and the next video will pick up right where we left off, starting with chopping down these plants and hanging them up to dry. All right so let's go take a close up of look at some of these buds during the dark period, and then I will see you back here in 24 hours.  Peace! 

All right folks, we are back here 24 hours later so today is officially Harvest day. Now like I said yesterday's clip we are not going to do the Harvest in this video, that is going to be in the very next one but I did want to show you guys and give you an update on the lady's right before we do a chop.

 So this is officially the end of the flushing video and then if you just hop on over to the very next video in the series you will see we start off right where we left off here and then we start with the harvesting process. So buds are looking really good and I am very happy with the results, and I think we are going to exceed that 2 pound yield that I was expecting or hoping for it.

 And I think the quality is definitely top shelf, I gave them a really good flushing so you can see the all of the leaves have yellowed and that's a good sign that all of the nitrogen has left the plant as well as other nutrients. Now the reason that happens is once you flush out the soil, there's no more nutrients left in there and what the plant does next is it turns to its Foliage for added nutrients. 

And that is why it pulls it out of the leaves thus flushing the plant clean. You will also notice down below Under The Canopy the stems are kind of more of a yellowish color instead of so green like they were before. Same thing we flushed the plants out and so there is no nutrients left in there for the plant to eat and feed off of. So now the rest of the plant is kind of dying. So today again is the last day of the flushing and dark. And then we are going to start the Harvest. So we will see you guys back here for that video. Peace! 

Ok GreenBox Growers, so we have officially concluded the flushing and dark period phase for this OG Kush screen of green grow series! Now I am very stoked on the results that we have gotten and as you guys could see in that last clip we have gotten some really massive, dense, and frosty buds. So very top shelf quality, the smell is extremely potent and strong, a little citrusy and a little early but it is a very nice mixture.

 So as you guys are aware of that means it is now time to start the harvesting process. So we are going to conclude this video, we just want to include the flushing phase of this grow and the next video is going to be the harvesting as well as the drying and curing phase of the grow. And then we will be back with a final video which is going to review the buds once they are done with the curing process.

 We are going to give you guys some close-ups, we are going to break them up for you guys and then we will do a little smoke review as well. So if you are following along and your plants are ready for Harvest I recommend you just hop over to the very next video in the series right after you finish this one. Now before I go I just want to thank you guys for watching this update as well as the entire grow series. 

This is truly been one of my favorite grows personally to film and document, so I really hope that that showed and I really hope you guys enjoyed what you got out of this. As I mentioned I will be back shortly with the harvesting drying and curing video, so stay tuned for that and in the meantime…

 Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown