Agent Orange SCROG Net filling out Quickly!

What up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for week 6 of vegetation to the agent orange beginner grow series! So we've already seen some good growth getting through the SCROG we put in place, which is really exciting! We have had a good effect from the defoliation, it seems like there is more growth happening just right where the tops are so that is good. We are just going to continue with our normal nutrients feeding schedule this week but we will be trying to basically guide all of the tops through the squares and hopefully we will see new growth From Below from the lower canopy come up and then we can guide that through this SCROG as well. 

So hopefully a lot is going to be happening this week! Yeah and we should be filling out the scrog net pretty quickly too, hopefully by the end of next week it will almost be completely full. So now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with day one so we can show you that new growth through the scrog net! 

Hey guys, welcome back to the Agent Orange grow series it is day one of the week.  The plants are looking really good, they have already burst through the scrog net, I already like three or four of the tops making it through. Defoliation seems to have worked as well and you can see that around the tops there is just more growth and lots of New Growth happening there. So I am very excited about that result.

 The soil is still pretty moist today so we will not be doing a watering, but we are going to be shaking our CO2 canister of course. We are going to raise our light another 5%. And then we will be doing the usual misting, so that is just going to do it just those three things for today. Let me go ahead and get that misting going, and then when you shake your CO2 canister just make sure to cover the lid. And then shake it vigorously for just a couple of seconds, here it hiss. And then that is it, ok guys we'll see you. 

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Hey guys, welcome back it is day two of the week here for the agent orange grow series! So today we are going to be doing a watering for the plants since their soil is looking pretty dry. We are going to be doing their first plain watering since the last time they had nutrients and we are going to be doing about 3/4 of a gallon to a full gallon, somewhere in there. And you will be splitting that between these two plants, and we are going to go ahead and raise the light 5% as well. So let's go ahead do that right now. So now we are at 100% on this light, and this is the CannaGrow  200 watt Cree COB  LED. 

We will probably be switching this out in a week to the 600 watt spider farmer-led. And yeah that is good for a lighting, we will go ahead and shake up the CO2 canister as well, remember to always cover the center hole when you shake it. And then there you go with the hissing! So we are going to be doing some LST today guys. As you can see there is some growth coming up through the scrog net, and that is going to be next on our agenda. And then after that we are going to do a misting as usual on the plants. So let's go ahead and start with that LST, we will do a misting and that plain watering as well and then we'll see you tomorrow for day 3.

Hey guys, welcome back to the agent orange grow series, it is day three of the week. We do not have much to do today, we are going to let the plants rest since we had some LST yesterday. And we want the plants to now grow upwards through the scrog, so we will do no low-stress training today. The soil is looking a little dry just on top so I am going to missed it really hard on the soil directly just to get it moist. And then we will also do the usual misting and then we will also shake the CO2 canisters just to get those going again. So let's get the misting started, just a quick one on top as usual. 

And then just get really in there and you will see pretty quickly that the soil looks hydrated. There we go, and just keep an eye on this you don't want your soil to dry out too much is because what you will notice as if it does, the next time you water the water will just run right through. So does just better to keep your soil a little bit hydrated throughout. And in between waterings.

 Okay so that is good there, let me shake up the CO2 canister. there we go. and she's off!  And then just to remind you guys, our cannagrow Cree COB LED is at 100% now. So we are not raising that anymore as that is as high as it can go. We will probably be changing that light out here soon for the 600 watt spider farmer-led we have. But we will cross that bridge when we get there. Okay we will see you guys tomorrow for day four!

Hey guys and welcome back to the agent orange grow series, it is the fourth day of the week and the plants are looking their usual beautiful selves! They are looking Sprite and they are growing through the scrog nicely. So today we will go ahead and do some LST with the plants, we are going to do a watering, the plants are looking thirsty as the soil is drying out. It is really happening quickly now when the plants need to get watered, it's seeming like it's every other day now. 

So that is really exciting, we are also going to shake up the CO2 canister from TNB Naturals as usual and then we will give them a quick misting.  For the water we are going to be splitting three quarters of a gallon of water between the two plants. And it is the second plain watering since our last nutrient feeding. Okay guys so we will go ahead and get all of that taken care of and then we will see you back here tomorrow for the fifth day of the week!

Hey guys, welcome back to the agent orange grow series, it is the fifth day of the week and the plants are really looking awesome guys. They're looking really really good, we already have like three tops coming through on the right plant coming through the scrog. The left plant we have one almost to all the way through. So today since we just did a water yesterday we are not going to be doing a watering today. We will just be doing a misting, no LST because we did LST yesterday and then we will shake the CO2 canister as well. 

While I do this misting, I want to remind you guys that we are maintaining a temperature range of 72F-78F and a humidity range of around 60% to 65%. So that is important, also at this stage of the grow it is important to make sure that your leaves are sort of fluttering from your fan at this stage, we really want to make sure that we are getting proper CO2 and oxygen exchange occurring at the pores of the plants really. And so by getting a good airflow over the plants leaves, it helps a lot with that. It also helps to strengthen the plants because it is a resistance against the leaves and it helps to develop strength in the stems.  Okay guys that just about does it for today, we have our CO2 tnb Naturals canister all shaken up. And that does it for today, we will see you tomorrow for day 6!

Hey guys welcome back to the agent orange grow series. It is the sixth day of the week and the plants are really thriving, they have really started to pop through this scrog as you can see the right plant has three major tops coming through. There is like one very close behind and then to not much further behind. On the left plant it is not quite there but still we have one big top going right through and another one through. And a few more tops beneath are on their way. So like I have been saying we are going to be spreading this plant out so we can get those lower tops up and to get him or even grow. 

Today because the soil is pretty dry we are going to be doing a watering, it is going to be our third plain watering since the last nutrient feeding. And we are going to be doing a whole gallon for this one. And then we are going to be of course shaking the CO2 canister and doing a misting, but before we do the misting I want to do some LST today. So we are going to be working on spreading the plant out and getting those lower tots up and growing. Okay, so we are going to go ahead and get started with that guys and then we will see you tomorrow for the last day of this week!

Hey guys welcome back, it is the last day of the week for the Agent orange grow series. As you can see we have a couple tops through the SCROG net, the plants are moving along slowly but I want to let them grow upward so today we will not do any L let them grow upward so today we will not do any LST. We did a water yesterday so no watering today, the soil is still pretty moist. 

And then we already shook up the CO2 canister but please make sure to shake up yours, your TNB Naturals CO2 canister because you really want to get that extra CO2 going with the plans, especially during the optimal hours during the day. And then we will of course do our usual misting for the plants just to maintain our humidity in here. Which we are trying to keep at 60% to 65% as always. It is good there, and then that is all we are going to do for today guys. That does it for this week and then tomorrow it is a new one, we will see you then! 

Alright GreenBox Growers, so that concludes week 6 vegetation for Cody's beginner Agent Orange Grow Series! So in this next week we are going to be looking out for those bottom tops to be coming upwards and to be actually reaching the scrog. And overall we should be seeing a more filled out scrog, we are also planning on switching our light from the 200 watt CannaGrow CRE COB LED, to the 600 watt spider farmer-led. 

And that is because as the plants have a bigger footprint or just are needing more power and greater wattage, to give them the light that they need. So we will be doing that this week and then the next week and a half to two weeks, once the scrog is really full and filled out nicely.  We should be getting ready for flower.  Yep so what is really cool about the spider farmer-led is actually that is a brand that is made by Meizhi so it is a good quality brand at an affordable price.

 And then what is also really cool as it has adjustable dials for both Bloom, for both vegetation and Bloom. So we are going to be able to introduce it into the tent without stressing the plants, we are just going to slowly increase that power like we did with the CannaGrow Light. And that pretty much sums up this week's video, so we will see you guys back here next week for week 7 of vegetation! 

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown